Time is not enough, is all people will encounter the subject, in fact, in addition to time management, pressure management is also very important! Women eight pictures take you to work efficiently!

"I wish I had 48 hours a day!" "Do you often have this idea?" Always feel that time is not enough, racking your brains to learn the way of time management. Or do you often feel that you are doing your favorite job and are always overwhelmed by busy business?

In addition to thinking about how to improve your abilities, you should also learn how to manage stress. In foreign countries, many companies have not talked about time management, rather than "time management", "stress management" is more suitable for modern people.

Provide you with eight tips to get your work done and find work fun again. People look at you as if you are working, but you are playing!

Your day begins with challenging difficulties

One day task must have difficulty, you can choose in the morning, the hardest thing to finish, relieve the pressure of the day!

Whole wheat/Oatmeal toast to help you think clearly

Ingestion of coarse grains such as whole-wheat toast, oatmeal toast can help memory, but also promote thinking and attention (but like the digestive system disease, poor gastrointestinal function of the people, to be taken! )

Task bulk, centralized processing

conference calls, meetings and other things, often scattered in the morning and evening? As much as possible to concentrate on a period of time to complete tasks, the task of large, to avoid sudden task to increase the pressure.

Set up your time to do not disturb

Think you can't afford to be tempted? See colleagues in the chat, can not help but to gather a foot, hear a friend is calling you, can not help flying past. If you think the environment will distract you, please set up your "Do Not Disturb time", make clear that you need to concentrate, reduce the pressure of the environment.

Flexibility to adjust your work rhythm

Don't let the difficult task disturb your mood for a day! Although mentioned earlier, the difficult task to focus on the morning to solve. But if the task can not be changed, are concentrated in the afternoon, then in the morning to arrange some manageable, easy business, so that their mood, work rhythm to maintain flexibility.

Exercise help time use more in place

Exercise may take time, but if you want to manage stress properly, you have to get into the habit of exercising, which can help you make the most of the rest of your time.

Don't suppress the anxiety, accept it.

If you really feel stressed, don't suppress it! Having anxiety and boredom is unavoidable, try to suck up, accept and understand your emotions.

Set your on& off period

Do not need to tighten the day, to set their own time for breathing, chatting with friends for a day, to see some interesting sites, but also harmless oh!

All right! Do you remember the eight tips above for you? Learn to manage their own pressure, not only to improve work efficiency, but also a kind of understanding of themselves, love their own way Oh!

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