University Professor Ford (Christine Blasey Ford) has accused the U.S. Justice nominee Cavanaugh (Brett Kavanaugh) of sexual assault, social heat, and a mass movement in the streets to support Ford.

Taiwan time, September 27 evening 10, the major international media platforms, have posted a woman dressed in a dark blue suit, raised her right hand in the court, solemn declaration of the photos. The lens turned to court outside, the crowd gathered in the building, the streets, their mouths with black tape, wrote: "Believe Christine Blasey ford", and high hands, silent than the gesture of the hand, the palm also with a black singular pen, greatly write down: We believe her. "

Who is Christine Blasey Ford? Why did the crowd go to the streets for Christine Blasey Ford?

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In the back of my hippocampus, it is their laughter that cannot be wiped out.

This community heated up with the mass movement, resulting from the University Professor Ford (Christine Blasey Ford) accused the U.S. Justice nominee Cavanaugh (Brett Kavanaugh) sexual assault.

U.S. time 27th 10 o'clock in the morning, the accused Cavanaugh attempted sexual assault Professor Ford (Christine Blasey Ford) attended the United States Senate hearings, to accept the members of the Judicial Committee questions.

Before the hearing began, Ford lifted his right hand and declared himself the following, the truth, the whole truth, and only the truth.

Ford made its first public appearance after 11 days of publicly Cavanaugh allegations of sexual assault. She confessed that she was here, not what she wanted, she was actually very frightened, these days she also suffered death threats, and even affected the family, forced to move. But she argues that it is her civic responsibility to stand up and accuse the American Justice nominee Cavanaugh, who has to do so.

According to Vanityfair , Ford began to describe the process of her alleged attack during the hearing, and Ford's voice trembled and said:

In the evening, I walked up a narrow staircase from the living room to the second floor, using the bathroom. When I reached the top of the stairs, I was pushed from behind to a bedroom. I don't see who pushed me.

Cavanaugh and Mark went into the bedroom and then locked the door. Music is playing in the bedroom. After they entered the room, they opened the music louder. I was pushed to bed and Cavanaugh on me. He began to move upstream in my body with his hands, and to linger over my body.

I shouted, hoping someone downstairs could hear and try to leave him, but he weighed heavily. Cavanaugh touched me and tried to take off my clothes, but he was too drunk to take off. Because I'm wearing a swimsuit. I'm sure he'll rape me. I began to try to cry for help.

When I did this, Cavanaugh put his hand on my mouth and stopped me from shouting. This experience has become a big shadow of my future. At that time, I was very difficult to breathe, I thought Cavanaugh would accidentally kill me.

Both Cavanaugh and Mark laughed very happily during the attack. They seem to have enjoyed themselves very much.

Mark seems to have some contradictions, sometimes urging Cavanaugh, and will tell him to stop. On several occasions, I had eye contact with Mark and thought he might try to help me, but he didn't.

During the hearing, Senator Patrick Leahy asked Ford to recall her strongest memory of the incident, as she described: "In the hippocampus, the indelible laughter--the noisy laughter between the two of people, how they tortured me to have fun." 」

Ford said that in 36 years, he was accused of the attempted sexual assault, because President Trump chose Cavanaugh as the United States Supreme Court nominee, and she early in July with Congressman Anna Aichoux (D-CA) raised this issue, but she worried about the public identity, will affect herself and her family. (Recommended reading: Why are sexually assaulted victims unable to resist?) The world is telling a woman: you're sexually assaulted, you deserve it.

As Cavanaugh became more likely to become a judge of the U.S. Supreme Court, Ford felt even more anxious, prompting her to tell the truth at this moment.

Survivor, going through two damage.

On the day of the hearing, many crowds gathered around the Capitol, and did not write, "I believe Christine Blasey Ford and #MeToo" pins.

They watched the hearings live on their mobile phones, most of them in black, some with tape and a sign in their hands saying "Thank you for your bravery" and "Thank you for your speech."

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"I walked into the gym in my building, full of women," Melinda Byerly, founder of Timeshare CMO, a digital marketing company, wrote on his community website. Halfway through my run, I stopped and fell to my knees, for my 8-year-old, Dr. Ford, 15, for all of us. I am not alone, we comfort each other. I can't cry anymore. I was so angry. 」

According to Vox , a demonstrator from California State Oakland, said, "These are happening, causing sexual assault survivors to experience two degrees of damage." We have been telling (the senator) that we need the justice of the Supreme Court, that he must be a fair and decent man. If the scandal is a television album, the Kavanaugh position should have been withdrawn. "However, our present political reality--more ridiculous than television," she continued. 」

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The report pointed out that in the streets they met another group of law students from Georgetown University, some of whom decided not to come to the scene in class, "the whole process only confirms the stigma and victimization that women have to face in their own presence," "sabiya Ahamed said, holding a slogan in her hand, It says: What happened? (Recommended reading: participate in filming Lady Gaga's confession of the campus sexual Assault: "Society Please stop blaming victims of sexual assault")

"That's how I feel now," she smiled, pointing her finger at her own slogan.

Thank you for having the guts to stand up for America.

Theguardian noted that the incident was reminiscent of the 1991, when the Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas (Clarence Thomas) in the process of nomination confirmation, former colleague Anita Hill (Anita Hill) stepped up to accuse Thomas of sexual harassment. She firmly conveyed testimony that there were millions of Americans watching across the country. However, Anita Hill was questioned by the men at the hearing, which led to a social movement that eventually made the 1992 election a "Year of women", when the number of women in the U.S. Senate increased by a factor.

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2018-Today, Senator Dian Fanstan Dianne Feinstein, "Our institutions have made no progress in treating women who have come forward, and many times women's memories and reputations have been questioned," she continued. "Essentially, they were judged, and was forced to defend itself, and often suffered again in the process. 」

At the hearing, California Democrat Senator Camarajaris tried to assure Ford that "you have not been judged, thank you for having the courage to come forward." Senator Harris also thanked Ford for coming forward to the United States, telling him to look at Ford and say firmly: "I believe you." 」