"How" series Come! Life is a lot of questions, women are obsessed with you to find ways. How to open an efficient meeting, I believe that the workers are very concerned about the matter, today to share with you women fans, as well as the secret of the meeting of foreign enterprises!

When it comes to meeting this party, you may have these ideas: time consuming, often inconclusive, affecting your next work itinerary, and wondering why you are going to have this meeting.

It is believed that many people have encountered such problems. When meetings fail to work effectively, more than 10 meetings a week can be a stumbling block to delaying progress. How about the solution? Of course it is! Next, let's share how the women's fans are meeting effectively, and what kind of meeting secrets foreign companies such as American Express, Facebook, and the British Virgin Group have, to flip the impression of the meeting!

Before the meeting--Give me the meeting process, or I won't sit in the boardroom.

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When the chairman asked, "Does anyone want to comment?" "When the stage is often silent, the great reason is that there is no sense of participation. I have nothing to do with this matter, I have no one to listen to, anyway, I can't catch the point from beginning to end. The OS welled up in the meeting arises. Therefore, the Chairman should include a three-point message when sending notice of the meeting:

Purpose of the meeting

All meetings must have a clear purpose, or a problem to be solved. This does not only help the meeting to be more directional, but also to attract participants to let them know "why do I have to line up the work to attend this meeting?" 」

And Christopher Frank, vice President of American Express (American Express), says you need to be able to describe your purpose in five English words. He also mentioned in the journal Forbes that you have a clear idea of the information you want to communicate in order to ensure that everyone is moving in the same direction.

Conference Process

The conference process is like a compass that gives a clear direction to the conversation. Qualcare Alliance Network CEO Annette Catino said in an interview: "Give me the conference process, or I won't sit in the conference room." Because if I don't know why I'm here, and you don't know why you're here, there's no reason to have a meeting. 」

Facebook's coo--Sandberg, Sheryl Sandberg, insists that there is a meeting process to ensure that all projects are casing discussed. Of course, the conference process is also resilient, and you don't have to list it all, but you have to include the purpose.

Choice of meeting Location

--richard Branson, founder of the British Virgin Group (Virgin), believes that innovative spaces can inspire innovative ideas, such as coffee shops, to create new ideas. If it is a more confidential content, in the kitchen table, living room, any corner can be. The occasional departure from the conference room and PPT can also make the brain clearer.

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Meeting--efficient discussion, summary of actions

After the advance notice is completed, it is necessary to formally enter the meeting. How do we open an efficient, concrete-action meeting?

Start on time

Have you ever had such an experience? Sitting in the meeting room for half an hour, just waiting for all the staff to get there. An hour of meetings, if you have 5 people, you occupy the other person for a total of 4 hours to meet. Everyone's time is precious, even if they are in high places, they should respect each other. We all understand that there is always an unexpected situation, but if the meeting table 8 points, the 8-point sitting position, on time to start the meeting.

Of course, if the attendees are ready, it's good to start the meeting in advance!

Let's start with the conclusion

Omit the meaningless quote! Let the conclusion go ahead and discuss further details and solutions. Many people take the time to describe the event, but the best way to make the meeting work is to start with a conclusion, which takes time to practice. It is recommended that you make a simple draft before the meeting to help you clarify your conclusions and context.

How to Speak

Numbers speak, numbers speak, numbers speak! We often have a habit, is to use the adjective description: This performance has a very large growth, hit rate decreased a lot, how much growth? How much lower? In women fans, it is very important to use numbers to speak, because the data can accurately establish mutual consensus. If you encounter an inability to quantify, use a description that allows each other to achieve consensus.

Action Summary

Stay for 3-5 minutes at the end of the meeting to discuss the next step, which must include: who is responsible for the matter and when it will be completed. Take action as a summary to make this meeting meaningful. You can ask all participants to use such a statement: "What time do I have to finish doing something (who would do?)" and train yourself to be clear about what to do next, after an efficient discussion.

The same field as: How to make the meeting record

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The spirit of meeting minutes is to allow people who are not at the meeting to receive the key quickly, and participants can also record quick memories after meetings. Next, share with you a few ways to do the Minutes:

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Excerpt Highlights

You don't need to make a verbatim draft, and keep a record of what everyone says. But when it comes to meeting minutes, you should include the following points: time and place of the meeting, target purpose, specific action, estimated time of completion. You can also flexibly add other projects, in short, the purpose of meeting minutes is to let the participants do follow-up.

Content specific

As mentioned above, the use of numbers to speak, in the minutes of the meeting, also reduce the use of adjectives, such as "very good, very good, very low", or adverbs "fast, as soon as possible." You do not need to put in personal observation, write in an objective angle.

Completed within 24 hours

Stay productive and ACT! At the meeting, you can make the meeting minutes as quickly as possible, and after the meeting, give yourself 5-10 minutes to organize the content. If you can't take the time to tidy up after the meeting, be sure to finish it within 24 hours, maintain the rhythm and heat of the discussion (and don't rely too much on your memory!). )。 That's the point of organizing the Minutes. (Recommended reading: poor memory?) Stay up late and have a good night's sleep)

Stay in sync

There are many ways to do meeting records, someone used to Word, someone accustomed to using the cloud file, no matter what kind of you, after the meeting record, not to send everyone is OK, it is best to ask everyone to see the document, whether there is a need to amend the place, on the one hand to ensure that everyone has received the document, on the one hand can Look at the statement is not smooth, logical pass, let the future meeting record do better!

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Meetings are a group of people assembling, exchanging ideas, brainstorming, and creating a change process. So a meeting, should be to let everyone enjoy it, and give a sense of mission, we do not want to make the meeting a mere formality, hurry to note the above content, in the next meeting, practice together!