Women fans August Team content, interview woman fan designer Merci, to see her attention to the gender of the heart, hope to contribute to the impact of their own power. If you want to read the best team interview in the future, you are welcome to join A companion program .

A person walks quickly, a group of people go far, know the woman is fascinated you know, this sentence, we often hang on the mouth.

Gender is a big proposition, women are fascinated with grandhotel Pupp art, so that the daily life of gender appearance, but also for those who take for granted discrimination development, the process has obstacles to ups and downs. Although the road is winding, the goal is lofty, wants to untie the frame too many, but the hope sees the freedom is too beautiful, therefore we walk ceaselessly, the step is firm.

In July 2018, the "companion plan" was born in order to let our feet step out of the footsteps of greater ripples, through the cooperation with more gender groups, to lead a network of gender resources, so that influence not only from the text, more practical action.

Women fan Team Zhi August, interview "with the company plan" head and woman fan designer Merci, her obsession with gender issues, design does not take care of the user's gentleness, all from her very important life core: let all, can get happiness of the desire.

My core pursuit is to make everyone happy.

Merci in my eyes, very energetic, love learning, always smiling. Sometimes the report is shared, the blunt topic can be drawn by her vivid illustrations, become approachable. In the woman fan Merci role is the designer, but in my eyes, she is not only a designer, more like the existence of a stable team-a step after a persistent effort, in others waving the flag shouting, she tried to find revolutionary method, apart jumped down to do.

In 2017, the judge and the constitution of the marriage release, the civil law unconstitutional, the same year October Merci hand her for women fans design rainbow slogan, walking in the front of the gay parade procession, another holding the rainbow flag hand, firmly and regularly shake; 2018 anti-group launch of Love House referendum, Merci The first time you ask a woman in a team group what action is next.

In every gender event or initiative, you can always see Merci's energetic figure, which starts with the process of her first knowledge of women's obsession.

"In 2014, France passed same-sex marriage, I was very concerned about this issue, but very little news, I found the Internet search data to find women fans, the content is very clear and easy to understand, at that time as a reader of the perspective of women fans, just feel not easy. "The vast network of the sea, because of the gender of women fans of the shore, I am curious, very few people talk about same-sex marriage, why Merci on this issue so care?" (Extended reading: The triumph of gay rights!) France through the same-sex marriage and Adoption Act behind the Tears )

"In fact, I was a volunteer at the partner League, in the initiative process will feel very difficult, blunt sex information, pull up the public awareness of gender threshold," working together for a few years, I do not know Merci was a companion to volunteer, novelty asked her to join the motive, she pushed the glasses, hands overlap on the thigh, pour body said, "I joined the partner Union, It's because of my sister. 」

If a twin grows up, what is your life like? For Merci, from childhood to adolescence, there is a sister who has the same age as himself, and what is inevitable is a field comparison.

"I hated my sister when I was a child, she did everything better than me, the exam will never win her." Up to that year, she went out of the ark, she told me that year admitted to everyone's envy of the girls ' school, but she dared not to read, she was afraid to read their own may really like girls, "into" homosexuality. 」

Later only understand, sister in the exam effort, but want to through a thing, prove that they can "like a normal" do well, let family proud. When it comes to my sister's anxiety about her own sexuality, Merci eyes only distressed, if there is more correct gender education, there is more voice talk about the possibility of gender diversity, sister can less pain a little, live more free?

Another impact Merci life, is her classmate three years of physiological male girlfriends.

High school three years, this girlfriend and Merci without words, he is a very delicate and gentle boy, but often in life suffered some small malicious, like, classmates laugh at his feminine, guess he is a girl heart and comrade body, but girlfriends always to others speculation remain silent. Until the senior graduation trip, the night is very dark, lined with faint lights, girlfriends and Merci confessed their comrades, said, "found the trust of the people, want to tell you the secret." "Because of the gender framework, the important people in life, how to live a good pain."

It's starting to understand gender, starting with the pain of gender, and trying to untie the pain.

After recognizing women's obsession, Merci is eager to give strength to a multi-gender voice through the identity of a designer, "as a designer, hoping to contribute to a change in the media and direct access to users." The gender is communicated to the user in a very simple way, and I've been thinking about the design of a woman's fan. Finally we return to the warmth and the truth, I only hope that because of my design, for the user to bring some warmth, if can then cause thinking or have influence on them, it is good. 」

Burning in the bottom of my heart, driving the value of their lives, Merci in the past few years gradually saw the outline, "I think my core pursuit, is to hope that everyone can be happy!" As long as I feel a person because of not free and unfortunate, feel very pain, want to give strength to change it. 」

When you feel out of tune, we want you to come and see the possibilities of diversity

To remove the freedom of others, to listen to the great, but if you see the frame, you can have the opportunity to explore the possibilities for life, we hope to give a little strength, let you imagine your own "freedom", what is the appearance.

Women are obsessed with online content, going offline, and we believe that real contact with the reader, sharing life experiences, is another way of loosening the framework: if you see a way of life beyond social limits, maybe you can start thinking about how you want to live.

This offline activity, which is in contact with the reader, is the head of the ",merci Alumni Association, once a month. Asked what was the most impressive, she recalled, "the most profound is the first game held in Tainan, asked the reader to share their life story, a single mother said that she was single after how to start a new relationship, although life has changed and setbacks, but she is happy now." I was thinking, this is not the life I have experienced, but this person, shiny. 」

Getting energy in other people's life stories is often the real feeling of Merci's contact with offline readers.

Sharing the process of each other, we also know ourselves, see the limitations of life, but also the vitality of breaking through the limits, "another story is a eight-year marriage, determined to leave the reader, she said, because the woman fan, she knows that she does not have to be limited by the imagination of society." Even if it is over 30 years old, does not want to marry, does not have the child or divorced, feels oneself to be excluded from the 30-year-old community, the woman fan lets her see lives the possibility of different life. (Recommended reading: write to 30 years old: Complete life should not be just a marriage certificate )

Another reader-the story of small B, also let Merci understand the direction of their own efforts and women, may not be able to completely remove the freedom of others, but do walk on the road to untie, which is always let Merci proud and satisfied one thing:

If you feel that you are a bit out of tune, we want you to come, walk into us, see the diversity of life, and define your own possibilities.

The following is the story of the designer Merci with you, small B:

A utopian distance, you can slowly arrive

Because want to let more people see the possibility of life, do not want to let someone's life course, must hide in the corner to weep, cannot be true oneself, the woman fan invites you to join "The companion plan", continues to promote the gender influence, practices our aspiration. (Recommended reading: to user book 02: Hey, come with us, okay? )

For Merci, the person in charge of the plan, the process of promoting the plan inevitably setbacks, what is the vision to support her to continue? Merci looked at me slightly smiling, revealing the lovely Tiger tooth, from the difficulty point, "joins the companion plan the fan, actually is uses the action support us to create the gender-friendly ecology circle." The challenge of the program is that women are obsessed with the spirit of media that wants to spread the message of gender, and we want readers to be able to read our articles without paying for it, so a companion program is not a form of regular pay-wall. The second subversion of the paid membership system is the "altruistic" perspective, through the payment of support, fans will help us to build more gender resources network, but such resources, not limited to paid members to enjoy, to the value of altruism to share out, so that resources are widely used by those who need it. 」

"Therefore, the effectiveness of the plan, the change is not a moment, not fireworks, but I hope that the plan can be long-lasting, and then we go together to that piece, we yearn for freedom is not bound by the sea inside." "merci said this, there is tenderness in the eyes," in the past, the public may find it hard to talk about gender, but now the social atmosphere is gradually noticing this piece, we also want to vigorously promote gender, the gender community to bring about change. " 」

With a gender in mind, Merci has a vision for the plan and hopes for himself, "I want to take care of the partners who are in the company of every companion, and be able to follow a woman's heart, to open up more people's gender enlightenment in a subtle way." "The companion program is an experiment to overturn Taiwan's payment method, and it is also an invitation to a person who cares about sex and a call to make a change." Process also need to explore, but we will hold on to the vision of perseverance, the details of the flexibility of the mood, one step at a foot walk.

From the powder reunion to a companion plan, the task of Merci often has no precedent to follow, can rely on only their own slowly groping. I just imagine the pressure is very big, difficult, but I never see these anxieties in the Merci, the task encountered difficulties, setbacks, she did not wait in situ remorse, but immediately find the direction of progress, the spirit full of road.

I can not help secretly ask Merci, the process has not produced negative energy, want to escape or give up? "The process of course is very difficult, but also very collapse,"merci side laugh at me to make the face of the crash, the mouth ripped open, it seems really painful, "but if because I did, accumulated a number of experience, so that after the people to do less eat a little bitter, less experience a bit of collapse, then I do it! 」

It is the most fascinating and precious place that I think Merci is the most charming and most valuable of all the people that I care about doing anything. Interview Finally, I asked Merci to join a companion program you say paragraph, we come from different rivers, because women are obsessed with condensation, hope the confluence of the Sea, is the utopia we want to go together:

"We have to go to the distance is very utopian, just to gently treat themselves and others is very difficult, to fully practice the path of gender equality may be long, but I still look forward to the day can see, in this world, regardless of the majority or minority groups, are no longer regarded as a" different "group, everyone can equal, Have the freedom to strive for happiness. 」

Though it is a utopian distance and aspiration, with you walking, we will slowly arrive.