Interview "Dim Kingdom" Author Chen Zhaoru, from the angle of the barrier to talk about sex, found that this is not just between the legs of the matter, but also intimate relations, gentle touch, happiness and other basic rights of the pursuit.

Vic's second boyfriend and she is also a limb, she does not care, just to two people before the "preparatory action" a little complaint: "Do you know how much trouble to go to bed?" The light waits for him to take out all the brackets, for a long time! "Look at my smile almost faint, she continued to overweight:" But Ah, he will be ..., do the east of the West, super, super sincere. "(in a slight)
"Wait a minute, you're not going to go to bed for the first time, are you?" "I interrupted her.
"Of course, what else would you do?" This keenness elder sister, want to chat or watch a movie, ordinary day can do, Yolai home only one purpose good? It's troublesome to clean the house! 」

This is Chen Zhao, such as "The Quiet Kingdom" in the book, Respondents Vic (pseudonym) of the forthright, spicy and humorous, so that the people's eyes, subversion of obstacles to the sad imagination, more eye-bright: sex can be so sassou to talk about, generous to do.

"Quiet Kingdom" cards on, is because the obstacle is regarded as "asexual" existence, the desire is suppressed to the dark angle. A serious discussion of the "Dark Kingdom" of the disabled is like a light that hits all the fears that derive from the avoidance of talk. Chen Zhao such as the story of the writer, like inviting readers to pick up the flashlight, to see the desire is not dirty, the desire is very clean.

Dirty, nothing more than to push the sexual discussion to the dark corner of power violence.

Her last book, Silence: The collective sexual assault of a special school in Taiwan, talks about how power violence acquiesced in sexual violence. Chen Zhao such as in-depth investigation Tainan Kai-Cong School Large-scale campus sexual assault, data collection stage, surprised found nothing to report, stepping into the scene, investigation, visit, a clue pieced together the context of the incident. At that time, South Korean writer Kong adapted Gwangju Deaf School sexual invasion of the novel "Melting Pot" film aggressively, people are surprised that Taiwan has the same situation. The publication of a book, like a crack in the open, let the public's eyes be taken in.

It is also roughly at the same time, through interviews with the experience of the disabled, to understand the heart of their pain-the body, desire and sex avoided.

"In order to take care of convenience, all have short hair, sleep bunkhouse, collective changing, collective bathing, in order to avoid touching desire, never seriously advocate sex education." She mentioned that Taiwan's education system, social welfare agencies and public opinion, the people who see the obstacles as asexual, or the existence of sex, "What happens to sex?" Just open one eye and close one eye. 」

For a long time, people with disabilities have caused improper physical contact, strong bullying and violent behavior because of sexual impulse, so as to avoid sexual assault and remove sex device, etc. always exist.
-"The Country of Darkness", page 09.

"Silence" and "quiet country" two books are both sex and body autonomy, people's response to the two books is very different, "silence" to promote active discussion, "quiet country" echoes relatively few. Chen Zhaoru speculated that perhaps people read "silence", seeing not sex, but violence. When it comes to talking about sex positively, the whole society is quiet again.

However, there are also a group of disabled people and relatives, facing the public speechless, breaking the silence, with humor and hearty talk about their own sexual experience. Only said, is enough to cut the dark, so that we see their bodies, and then suddenly thinking, exploratory nature and happiness is the thing, who taught us to be shy, hide.

Before you put on a shameful label, ask why you are ashamed.

About the shame of the discussion, have to mention the "quiet country" first group debut of the cute characters, Li Ya and the cat crying patients son renesola.

ReneSola is a 28-year-old adult with an IQ of 4 or 5 years old, unable to eat and toilet on his own. But he has a mild personality and is easy to concentrate on anything, as long as he learns a skill and often repeats it over and over again. For example, when he learned to undress for a while, he always took off.

There is a section of the book describing the two to the convenience store shopping, neighbors reaction to her son will undress, neat polite explanation, son no malicious, but neighbors puzzlement, just know the other side to "undress" and "sexual violence" Lenovo together, quickly explained: "My son just learned to undress, and so he learned new things, You won't take it off again. 」

Tense, many times from lack of communication. Yucheng also has sexual desire, neat attitude frankly, son at home watching TV, Turn magazine, play toys, not every day masturbating, but often someone asked her: "If you don't care, he will" do "too much? 」

"Yu didn't hurt anyone, why did they not have the pleasure of having sex?" said Liz. I think they should ask themselves. 」

It is natural for the body to have desires and impulses. Learning how to get along with the body, how to coexist peacefully with desire, how to delight, respect the body of others, and not make others uncomfortable are all things that "body and sex" teach us.

However, adults talk about "sex", often exposed to awkward, fearful, ashamed expression, these attitudes from small plastic people to the cognition of sex: Have not learned sex, we first learn to their own body ashamed, learn to use a variety of roundabout nickname refers to the sexual organs, suggesting that with these organs related things, are not to be said.

such as the "Harry Potter" fable, "cannot say" itself will create a great dark and chaotic, dark space, violence and unequal power relations, can be hidden in which grow, mixed with the sexual violence. A positive, forthright and clear approach to sex, thus possessing the power to disrupt the dark, is also an important way to prevent sexual violence and trauma generation.

Shining light into the passions of your body is not only a course for the disabled, but also a lesson for those who are non-disabled to learn. In one sentence, "The body is a map to explore", it is necessary to understand the characteristics of each organ in order to get along well with the body, to coexist with desire, and to embark on an interesting journey. 」

Sex, Sex and the rank of the National family

According to the Ministry of the Interior, 9.46% per cent of men who chose cross-border marriages were disabled, while the total number of male disabled persons accounted for only 5.29% per cent of the male population, and the proportion of men with disabilities (and from South-East Asian countries) was quite high.
-"The Country of Darkness", page 104.

Zhaohuo mentions, not just data, that such marriages have seen many of them: the man's intention is to breed, 24-hour care, and the woman is expecting to come to Taiwan from poverty. The book also describes a common scenario: the obstacle male follows the mother, behind the mother, followed by the other low-low external matching.

Barriers to male demand, through the existing marriage system, may be "outsourced" to Third world women. And the obstacles to women?

Talk about the external distribution, the brain naturally surfaced in Southeast Asian women. Marriages and cross-border marriage markets have not always been female-oriented. In Taiwan, obstacles women in the marriage environment is more difficult, they face all kinds of cynicism, from the "You can go to the second floor to say," to belittle other women's "rather let the son to marry foreign workers, can not marry a wheelchair." 」

Limited by the law, Hand Angels have limited services to women with disabilities, such as invasive sexual acts against others, which may violate Taiwanese law.

The book mentions that the hand Angel has been open for nearly three years before receiving a female application. The book in the name of the beauty of the applicant, afterwards wrote: "By the service, there is a man really hold me, he will talk, will laugh, will move, will kiss me, this is not a pornographic film or a massage stick as cold, not feel the actor's temperature ⋯⋯""I am 45 years old, a full night of the average woman 25 years, why AH I really have no words to ask the heavens. 」

"Sex" is not necessarily between two legs, it is a kind of interpersonal relationship, but also the desire for gentle touch, intimacy.
The Handbook of sexual policies and procedures, published by the American Society of Mentally handicapped citizens, points out that sex is part of everyone's life, that people with intellectual disabilities have emotional needs, and that they have the right to privacy, love and love, development of feelings and friendships, learning security, marriage and childbirth.
-"The Country of Darkness", page 61.

Think carefully, lust resources have their place, according to the physique, sex, race, money sort. A poor female handicap, located at the lowest and most marginal position. We all have the desire to be intimate with others, and this desire is normal, but the society tells them, "You don't even have the qualifications to desire." Sort of power is dirty, dirty is not desire, their desire is very painful.

Why write the story of a person who is not a handicap?

Chen Zhao If not the obstacle, pain is not their own pain, why to write, her tone is very light, said that she is very annoying to talk about justice, never do justice Demon, write, in fact, is very simple, is to see, no way not action.

She was in the media to write a review, writing for a long time more and more nothingness, "like in the Dazzle skill, can not change anything, and like arrogant to guide others." The more she writes, the more she understands that it's not where she wants to stand. So she made a decision, completely out of the press, into the fashion media, because "do not want to make their own social changes in the appetite to ruin." 」

She is interested in fashion, because fashion is the social collective desire of the times of the image. However, fashion media and fashion research is different, that year, she held the lipstick color and trend, physically and mentally exhausted, "for a year, on the resignation." She said that it was not a deliberate decision at all, and did not think about the next step, but felt that she was unfit for the job.

After leaving, suddenly a lot of time, friend director Cai Chonglong find her oil syndrome (note 1) 30 years of special edition, case budget, not find people, she on friendship help. It was not the work that I had planned, but it had a great effect on her.

Oil is her young sensation of social events, good thousands of people eat contaminated rice bran oil, poisoning 30几 years, the poison in the body more and more serious, but no one to smell ask. After the case, she spent months figuring out the context, one by one interviews with the victims, and a real story.

Real has its power to accidentally push for change, and her cooperation with Cai Chonglong indirectly contributed to the passage of the Oil Victims Relief Act. Karma Ji Hui participated in the 30 special issue of oil, where she finally found the right way to make her voice.

"But change is not a thing for me alone." "To tell the truth is her responsibility, but to change the road, not a person to go through." Some reporters read her new book, "The Dark Kingdom", forcing her to point out a solution, referring to this is the responsible approach. She said she was disappointed and frowned, "I think it's a strange expectation for the author." My answer is not important, I do not expect others to read my book, and then follow my guidance to start action, I hope that people can start to think. Start thinking, just fine. 」

She was strict about thinking, and without discussion, as long as the single correct answer was her lazy mouth. However, the book a turn, will find Chen Zhao such as in fact knife mouth, tofu heart, the book at the end of the basic size of the Nordic countries wrote the practice. Want a way to solve it? Not just a kind of, she put the real experience, domestic and foreign data are good, a few dishes have been cooking pot on the table.

Concentrate on your efforts to tell the story, "The Faint kingdom" do not want to criticize the advice. Because reading, you will find that the "quiet kingdom" said, the original is not only the obstacles, but also in the face of physical desire, feel the obstacles, feel ashamed, feel the pain of us, all the story.

Since this is the case, let's think of a way to be happy, okay?

Note 1: Oil from rice bran oil poisoning , also known as polychlorinated biphenyls poisoning , occurred in Japan and Taiwan in 1968 and 1979 because of the consumption of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) contaminated Rice bran oil and poisoning . At that time, the whole central area of more than 2000 victims, Huiming Blind School There are hundreds of teachers and students, the victims face black sores ( chlorine acne ) and other skin lesions, and even the immune system imbalance, in particular, the toxic oil in the "polychlorinated biphenyls" can not be excreted in the body, 35 years still "coexistence with the drug", but also inherited to the The Health Care Services Ordinance of the oil patients was passed by the legislative court on January 22, 2015.

Editorial PostScript:

Chen Zhao Not a good interview, she doesn't like to talk about herself. "I am very difficult to visit, I know. "She laughed. She confessed that the most wanted to say, the most need to tell the story, all in the book said.

All the problems appear a little bit "do other people's thought guidance" taste, she all resisted. In the noisy times, she quietly listens to, collects the story the person. Quiet, to hear the interesting, not yet told stories. Speak less, tone lightly, perhaps because she wants to listen to other people's voice more, and continue to listen.