Miss Movement, Miss Sports, not to please who, in order to please themselves, longing for a warm sweating body. After boxing began to feel their fragility and strong, only to find that the tough actually from the soft.

From the last season onwards, I practiced boxing.

Talk to a friend, he does not believe, pick eyebrow ask me, can you boxing? I laugh back, boxing is able and can not, but more importantly, is to and do not. Tie the rope, wear boxing gloves, on the ring, see Boxing, Flash Boxing, Dodge, attack, you are to fight with the flesh, only you can protect yourself, you have to take care of yourself.

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I used to think that boxing was probably the sport I missed. I always thought that boxing offensive is particularly strong, than the fist weight, in order to win, is to knock down each other, lies in the strength of the show, in a limited time, to prove that they are stronger than the opponent, to fight a death, the victory.

Beginning to practice boxing this season, but found that boxing is different from what I think. Just practice twisting the waist out fist, step steady, practiced for a whole season, already covered with sweat. Most of the time to practice is to fight, one person to hold the target, one punch. The fist has the quick slow, the foot has the Xuyouzhi slow, the fist has the heavy light, a word wants to stabilize, in the bullets, remembers to watch the fist, remembers the breath breathes. Boxing, I often breathe, only to find that breathing needs to be reminded, if you always hold the breath, how to take yourself to the distance?

Boxing is like the future of the type, all now immediately past, all the future is coming, in seconds, how to shoot, how to move forward, how to retreat, how to suck, how offensive and defensive, how to coordinate the body, how to stabilize the center of gravity, have learned. I'm like a toddler, starting from the beginning and understanding my body in a whole new perspective. (Recommended reading:"Miss Sports" rock climbing taught me, the flexibility to find their own way )

Boxing is a combination of movements, straight punches, hooks, punches, running muscles, opening the senses, focusing on the goal, all aspects of the care of themselves. That looks after oneself, has the bettering, also has the acceptance, bettering oneself to challenge cannot, accepts the body to belong to own speed, even is the challenge also has the love inside.

The more I fight, the more I feel that boxing cares, in fact, is the rhythm, is the pranayama, is the coordination organization, is the elastic transformation.

Often boxing, I will be warned by the coach, I a punch, the pace is stiff, only the upper body in motion, lower body did not keep up, but this punch is not only the responsibility of the fist, the whole bodies to help, this boxing is the result of physical collaboration. Step steady, but to be flexible, this punch has to survive, stable and dexterous, broke and flexible, ready to strain, out of the heart has rhythm, want to next is the pursuit or defense.

A person in the ring, so there are many States, that State is always in response to change.

When I was playing boxing, I seriously felt that I was powerful. But the power is not to win others, but to evolve. Boxing is the body and the heart of the strong, the strength of the body from the experience of suffering, the spirit of the strong from the setbacks, that strong inside there is soft, flexible, and accept, you in the boxing, see your strongest and weakest appearance, know the body always with you, to experience all kinds of hardships, you finally learn to thank it, to love it

I think the beauty of boxing is here, so is life.