Women are obsessed with writing, inviting you to write down the weight of the text with a handwritten temperature. To be what kind of person, live a beautiful life, you can decide for yourself.

Women are obsessed with writing, write down words that you believe and touch deep inside.

The text has the power, the handwriting has the temperature, for you to select the woman to be fascinated by the handwriting IG five stickers.

Hey, is everything all right this week?

All along, the "self-confidence", "do oneself", "love oneself" the practice topic, all must from the heart solid grow the strength only then, understood that you will experience many uncertainties and hesitates retreat before the courage grows. Hey! Don't give up so quickly, there are a lot of people with you, and you walk together on the road of practice.

For you to select Five, from the inner growth of the courage of the quotations, let us put the strength and attention back to their own body, understand this road, women are fascinated with you.

What are #1 doing?

Life will never wait for me, I still take life to wait for you, why? ⠀

  • Write: @yachingyang yang "Dear Girl"
  • Image: Hsuan (Human cat)

#2 I can't change others, but I can adjust myself

But I learned later that I could never change the way others think, but I can adjust my mind and not lose to negative thoughts. After these adjustment of mentality, there is indeed a change. ⠀

I can decide for myself what #3 to be.

What I was made of, not I can decide. But what kind of person I want to be, yes.

#4 I only please the most important person--myself

Life is really to please, but also only the most important of their own.

#5 Beautiful is the advantage, the ability to live beautiful

The ability to live beautifully is mostly not innate, but is picked up along the way in life.

  • Write: @shu. Yun Shu ⠀
  • Source: @womany "Dear Girl" Yang ⠀

Women's obsession with writing and recruiting

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