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I met Julie before I came to the women's internship.

To be exact, it is not true to see the other side, but to piece together the appearance of Julie from the text. I actually is "elder sister's Crazy Quotations" the faithful fan, the loss of the graduation, the interpersonal relations between the helpless, the elder sister each sentence, is like to see through your helplessness, tells you the light is eternal, tells you the world does not have the real trivial matter, only you have the ability to be big, each article, has the free unruly self-regulation,

I read and read, thinking, what would a person who would write such a thing look like? is to rub the momentum of red lips, a long hair plate, work can be organized appearance, is occasionally wayward like, wearing sunglasses, white T-shirt with cloth shoes, pull a suitcase without planning on the trip, as you want to live life.

To the days when women are obsessed with internships, I often see Julie speaking and working at a team meeting, which confirms my imagination.

On the day of the interview, Julie just opened the meeting, rushed to clean up everything, went to the interview point to sit down, my heart a pull, began a little nervous. Did not think of Julie openings, kind as big sister, talk about women fans, talk about life, sentence with insight, the whole afternoon, as if listening to "elder sister's Crazy Quotations" of the live lectures. (Recommended reading:"elder sister's Crazy Quotations" by mouth who will not? Elder sister's experience is not to speak out )

Self-luminous, wearing gold and silver can not compare

Julie and the woman fans encounter, perhaps is so just, a wait for the opportunity to change, a given stage. Last year's first global women's Influence Forum, the year I love my day, is driven by Julie and the team.

Feet on heels, professional black suit with red lips, Julie came to the woman fan before, is also to stay in marketing PR industry. As a passion for the challenge of the activity, can combine the interests of work, every day North central South office activities, she enjoyed. But the pursuit of every stage of life is different. In spite of satisfying the present life, she began to think, can life have more possibilities?

Perhaps it is often standing in the media activities, see the competition contestants, for the dream effort and the appearance of light, let her very envy. Also, the sky gave her a chance.

Julie to the TV and women to cooperate with, and Wei Xuan has a further understanding, when Shi Xuan with her to talk to women fans annual event "I love my Day", invited Julie joined together: "We can stand in the heart of Taipei, tell the world:" I just love my own look! Do yourself the most beautiful, do their own most real! "(Read more:525 I love my free day straight hit: Love your own five keywords, you will always be your own full version )

The question of life seems to be to find an outlet, she thought, a place where life experiences have greater influence. So she joined the woman fans, hoping to use their love and good activities, to exert influence.

How does she feel the difference between the past and the current event? She smiled and said: "Now (do activities) is also tired Ah!" But all very tired, why not choose to glow tired? 」

She thought that people because of believe one thing to try, the light of the body, wearing gold and silver can not be compared. Because of the belief that women are fascinated, I believe everyone is important, everyone should become their own, Julie stood on the stage of women fans, added to each other's light.

Now, Julie also wants to tell a woman, through every activity, that everyone can shine in their fields.

believe that "real" can create links

Julie in the marketing of public relations industry for many years, to run the experience of countless, long-term, she also has a consistent belief in their own activities.

"Is true. She says the real-life activities do not have to be designed to be very heart-walking details, or how much pomp. Sometimes, it is serious to greet the participants, carefully designed activities, so that everyone to communicate, this is true.

Whether it's a monthly puzzle reunion, an annual event I love my day, or the upcoming second global women's Influence Forum (Gwis), Julie insists on being "real", never falling.

"The reality of facing people is not to be replaced." "Science and technology progress quickly, break the geographical boundaries, but also to draw the line between people, people and people more and more difficult to gather together." Julie laughs that he is old-fashioned, and likes to face each other, so women are fascinated by creating opportunities, holding a fan-pink reunion, Salon talk, letting online readers show up and re-stringing each other's links.

She described the feeling as inconceivable: Before the reader participated in the activity, because of nervousness, the expression is cool, after the participation, and other participants familiar with the life as if. She said: "If the activity can make the participants touched and generate energy, I think that is the greatest achievement of the people who do the activity." 」

The universe, the reader can be because of the same beliefs, and in the women are fascinated by the link, after the end of the event, we take these links back to their lives, perhaps in the future, because these links meet again.

This is a more romantic thing.

For Julie, this is also the charm of the event. Therefore, once a month, once a year together, women fans are very cherished, very important. In addition to being real, Julie insists on the quality of the event and asks each time: "Is it fun?" Would you like to join me? 」

"A three-hour event will take one months to get the job done. If spend so much time, to do oneself do not want to participate in activity, I want to suffer 30 days alas! "julie laugh, side as if to the table.

Make things bigger, you can create influence.

will be held in November, the Global Women's Influence Forum (Gwis), but also to undertake the true spirit of the last year to continue the first, looking forward to the woman fan readers moved.

Julie talks about the gwis of the heart, from the people of the single imagination of success: Why stand on the stage, can only be a suit, shopping malls on the people? Why can they only listen to their talk about the great deeds of greatness?

"To be true, otherwise there is no link." "Don't tell much of a story, don't say what you have done." Gwis Ask the speaker to talk about the challenges they encounter every day, how they experience collapse, and finally overcome. She believes that only by conveying the most authentic emotions to the participants can a link be created with the participants.

Julie chatted last year's speaker Agnes Chan Miling, she was a singer, took the education doctor, also served as a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador, in status, Agnes Chan miling do not need for money, to increase awareness to participate in Gwis, she simply want to share, life this road encounter struggle, understanding, and then affect more people. (Extended reading:"Straight hit" I believe I am important!) Global Women's Influence Forum: influence is to strive for greater faith than you.

And women fans want to tell you through Gwis that every one of you is important, never underestimate yourself. Everyone can make an impact.

Julie jokes at that time will open "elder sister's Crazy Quotations" column, on the one hand is to challenge to oneself, on the one hand is to think, oneself just walk these road, can experience share, perhaps reader read, can agitate different idea, create influence again. I listened to the nod, recalling how the sayings of the Mad 22-year-old confused me, even with my equally helpless readers.

There is no real little thing in the world, but you have the ability to make it bigger. If you believe that running is good for your body and your mood, keep running and you will be influenced by people around the day and start to focus on your health. If you insist on using an environmentally friendly straw, you will be affected by the time, and the people who are next to you are also going to be concerned about the environment.

To lead by example is influence, work is also influence, never despise yourself, do not look down on what you do.

In the end, I asked Julie to give a woman a word, she thought about it, and began to talk about the uniqueness of women's obsession. Unlike other media, women are obsessed with doing many things, starting with the reader at the core, so they stand very close to the reader. "Good activities, no one to participate is useless." So I think readers are like a part of a woman's obsession. 」

"So it is, to go with us!" 」

I smiled, always feel this sentence is very Julie, Frank sincere, perhaps also hid some proud jiao?