Interview Shei, she deeply believe that action must come from self-consciousness, when you are willing to start from their own, you can let change fermentation, spread into the mainstream.

The fate of Shei and women fans is so deep.

The last time Shei received a woman fan interview, is 2016 years. I read over and over the past interview her article, countless times imagined, such a woman, with a ponytail, a handsome and full of suits, the epoch-make came into.

However, that day, saw her a short black hair, large white shirt and jeans, obviously from the last trip to come over, but not the slightest flurried, a touch of shallow smile hanging in the corners of the mouth, Shen stable introverted breath, as if the time slowly gathered together, I try to think of her and 16 Shei impression of overlapping, but not the same. (Recommended reading: regrets more than the perfect memory points!) Interview Shei: "How many goddesses?" I am Myself ")

That moment I understand, she is Shei, but is not unwilling only to stay in the past Shei.

No matter where you start, believe that you can change

Taiwan International Women's Film Festival 25 anniversary, find Shei to do the introduction of people. Female Shadow said, Shei as a female artist, good at waiting, patience, always will the story tempered before the scene, action thinking and the female shadow coincide. But on the day of the interview, she smiled and said she was more like a follower.

Looking back on the past, Shei did not have strong female consciousness from childhood, but grew up under the educational norms of the society. The real beginning of the "female body" is aware of the university after the art of exposure. A growing girl, walking on the road by the old uncle with strange eyes, the feeling of being offended, let her gradually know what is the power of the wrong, and how women in the society has the values, endlessly forcing themselves, live into the look of society.

It is also because of the investment in art, once co-director, screenwriter, and even contact with the female shadow workers, let her feel their every inch thinking, re-construction, arrangement. Shei began to realize that the person who lived was the priority of social values, not what they wanted.

And the female shadow created not only the form of the film festival, but also the gradual spread of the atmosphere. She said that this atmosphere, can let women should be aware of the rise. Shei changed a turn, the tone of self-confidence firm, "if I have grown to such a degree, can re-change the thinking logic, in fact, everyone can change." 」

Who is not the focus, but walk on the road no one will feel wrong for the body

"Change" simple word, not muddy, there is broken kettle stepping means. Shei, who seemed to be determined, was frustrated by the social mainstream values--a mature, magnetic, low voice--and did not get too many major roles for her at the age of more than 20.

However, Shei is a person who will wait. She is dormant, she is sneaking, the idea turns, believes oneself is prepares for the age ripe.

Although now the film and television, will still be limited to the role of a single appearance, such as young girls on the youth lively, the mother of the gentle tolerance, female supervisor is the gale enforcement. But the society does not turn, oneself cannot turn? "When we try to change something outside, I really care about it, or myself." "She slowed down and word me:" As soon as one person starts to change and two people start to change, the thing starts to ferment and it becomes mainstream. 」

As soon as one person starts to change and two people start to change, the thing starts to ferment and it becomes mainstream.


and first of all, you have to believe in yourself from the bottom of your heart, believe that women have their own unique, imagine women can have thousands of appearance.

Shei understand the constraints of women in society, because they are also coming. For example, how many girls are anxious and self-abased about being fat and skinny, and she cares about the size of her breasts.

She used to cross the United States to participate in Gucci party, was criticized the body of the incident as an example, Watanabe straight beauty in IG response:

"I thought it was a good time to be able to enjoy fashion in what size, and I didn't think that my photos still blew up a world-class curse in Gucci's official Instagram, and everyone was amazed by my charm. But I have only 2% skills have been fascinated by so many people, in the future there are more opportunities to feel my charm Oh! 」

Watanabe straight United States high EQ answer, won the Netizen appreciates. But there are also people in the bottom of the question: If today let you have Watanabe straight beautiful figure, would you like?

Shei after reading the question, I froze, caught in contemplative. She laughed and said that it was the same reaction at the beginning, "But what I think next is that I won't be reluctant." But do I have her strong mind to bear the discrimination she has suffered? "You can certainly have thousands of imaginations for yourself, but in the imagination, you will have to face a variety of social judgments." The firm belief is that we have to temper it.

As for the process of finding myself, I think we and Shei have traveled through magazines, surfing the web, taking notes of all the "Five ways to be an elegant French woman", "The Japanese girl's Winter Wear Code". This imitation, from the outermost makeup to behavior, thinking mode. But who wouldn't? Starting from imitation, in fact, there is no relationship. I and Shei laugh, like the girl deep in the heart for years of secret, suddenly be dissected.

She believes that this process of imitation is absolutely necessary, by imitation, we slowly find ourselves. But finding the ego is also a subtraction process. You pick up along the road, put all kinds of things into the bag, and finally slowly know how to use subtraction, to sift out the most suitable for their own things. The most important thing is to consciously "find yourself" in every groping and trying, rather than being controlled by words or other people's comments.

However, when everyone finds the most comfortable look, it is not "you" who becomes "who". Shei slowly said: "Is walking on the road, no woman will think her body is not right." 」

I'm Shei, I'm talking about the issue because I care.

With regard to change, Shei believed that it must start from itself to spread like ripples. I mean, is that a kind of influence? And she shook her head.

As a public figure, she knows that deeds is bound to affect someone, but rather than "because Shei does it, so I do it", she wants everyone to know the reason behind the incident: why does it need to be cared for? Why is it important? "Action has to be self-conscious. I'm not a teacher and I say, "You do it now!" "That's not the way it should be." 」

Do not become a waving flag of the fighter, not burdened with the burden of struggle for rights, but "I am Shei, I am an actor, I want to talk about this issue."

The film, perhaps, is the medium to spread the issue. Shei and I chatted about her as a child, has been deeply for the Rene Performance, Sylvia of the Guide play style touches. She slowed down and began to trace the scene of a long, long time in her mind: Rene from the bottom of the street, after the door, moving forward, the lens followed her.

That scene, let Shei have said not to be moved.

"The meaning of the film is the same as the stage play, not for Shini." The average person is looking at moments that you don't understand at some point. And then at that moment, your tears fell off. "At some point in time, you can't find a reason, you can't say anything." All works of art, just to get a moment of the nerves in people's brains?

Shei this time as a female image of the introduction of people, in addition to the brilliant National film, but also recommended to you two documentary: "Never Lost Pain", "imprisoned woman." In the same vein, she hopes that the audience will be able to further reflect on the women's issues mentioned in the film after watching the film because of their interest. (Recommended reading: To the spiritual climax!) Women's Shadow curator: The female shadow, is a downright female mania )

I asked, why choose a documentary? She looked out of the window, and then quickly withdrew, slowly opening, as if the narration in the documentary was so solemn: "We are too easy to escape, (cannot bear) to see the cruel side is exposed." 」

Although the documentary is re-interpreted by the Director, it is still a record of real events, and the public needs to see a living person, what kind of life he has, what kind of things he encounters. There is no excuse to tell the audience that this is an act, it's fake. The documentary statement of violence is true.

Shei brought up a cross-sex film he had seen before-"boy Don't Cry", adapted from the real story, the heroine can not accept their own physical sex, moved to the new house, as a male re-life. But after being seen through the daughter, was raped by two male friends.

At that time the scene of rape, let Shei completely unable to bear emotion. At the end of the movie, she had a day's time to talk to a male friend. But how to imagine that fear, oneself also only a day dare not touch male. What about the real-world kid? How long does it take him to get out of the haze?

Shei whispered, just take a step, to see, to think.

Let us care, so concern, start thinking, and finally action. She is convinced that because she can change, the public can change because of concern.

Every inch of the skin of the pain, has achieved Shei

The 25 anniversary of the female shadow, in addition to uphold the "women makes wave" spirit, this year to the "25 Anniversary" as the title, a small number of past bits. I've been staring at Shei's drama list fantasy, the art circle has been swinging for years, if it's for her own exhibition, then what's the condition?

Shei heard my question, smiled and shouted that the problem is too wide! But in the next second, she was immersed in the curatorial world: "I am very serious about how I want to move, but I only think of the entrance to the exhibition ... the entrance is one of my brain tomography, and then there is the X-ray of my whole skeleton." 」

I asked why, her knuckles carefully cooperate with the rhythm of speech, knocked a few, said if you can, want to Shei every year brain, to do the cerebral tomography, to see their more than 20 years of thinking process, brain changes, and then the entrance will have a whole row of Shei brain Evolution history. As for the whole body X-ray scan, it is the record of her as an actress, each bone, every inch of skin damage. Perhaps there will be more wounds in the future, but as a memory, it is a real imprint of actor Shei's career. (Recommended reading: live Richard Iii.!) The Shei in Shakespeare's play: highbrow, it's not Shakespeare .

Speaking of "a whole row of brain Evolution history", Shei words full of lofty sentiments, there is a smile: "To serve the demon" in this is a man body, a life long to wear lipstick ordinary, "celebration" said fluent in Taiwan language, the personality of the betel nut Sisch, "Tea says he" in the momentum Gao Zhang Elder sister ... As if this retrospective is about to happen.

I look at her and think, no matter what time of the brain fault, Shei will only go forward, constantly change the evolution it?