Handsome lady, take you to see the real world is really a woman, her name is Anita Mui.

I feel that life has come once just fine, wonderful live once is enough, next time don't come, really not fun. A person's life should be a little angel or bird, you can fly freely fly! --Anita Mui

Pop music, the West has Madonna, the East has Anita Mui. In 2003, Anita Mui died of cervical cancer, aged 40 years old, she launched more than 30 records, performances about 40 films, the music Film Awards countless, is the Hong Kong golden age of one of the representative figures. She has published Japanese albums in four languages, from Japan Red to Asia. She is also one of the few popular stars in the drama who cross the gender role.

Photo source | "Chuandaofangzi" stills

The 15 anniversary of the death, people now back to talk about Anita Mui, I remember her is Hong Kong music elder sister Big, the focus is from her love history began to talk about her past boyfriend, as well as her and Leslie like sibling relationship, then often speechless, and stay here, do not know Anita Mui more worthy to tell the story, in fact many.

19 years old to be famous early? She's been honing the stage for 13.

Anita Mui was very young and famous, 18-year-old Anita Mui from the singing competition, the same year singing the cartoon "Dr. IQ" theme song opened a reputation. In the coming year, the 19-year-old Hong Kong girl ventured into Japan to take part in the Tokyo Music Festival with the Japanese version of "Surrender My Heart", claiming the "Asia Special Award" and "Tokyo TV Award". Also in this year, the launch of the second album "Red Anita Mui", hit 5 platinum record sales, the top ten hits in the year, since this one shot.

They thought she was red and fast, in fact, before the birth of the genius myth, she had honed the 13-from the age of four and a half, Anita Mui had already stood on the stage to face the audience.

Anita Mui was born poor, his father died prematurely, the mother with four children founded "Kam Xia musical troupe", her childhood in the size of the dance hall, lounge, Street, Hong Kong Lai Garden, singing performance to earn a small income, avoid starvation. At that time in Hong Kong, singing is discriminated against the occupation, Anita Mui in school was bullying, everyone bully her is "showgirl". The school did not accept her, she had to drop out of school in the first grade.

There was a reporter asked her, young when walking singing taste of the world, the most uncomfortable how to kaixie yourself, do you drink, fall things, crazy shopping? She smiled and answered frankly, "the way you say it, I have tried it, it is ineffective." The most effective, in fact, just sit down, face the wall, static thinking has been. 」

Emotional vent, or to honestly self-face, she is very young to understand that the future is a barren or infinite possibilities, to rely on action. She said one of the most regretful decisions she had ever made was to sign up for a singing contest when she was 17 years old. With her experienced performer, she changed to a larger stage and audience, and soon drew to Insight's eyes.

"The most correct thing to do is to join the rookie, Haha, really!" My childhood dream is a big stage (stage), is completely my own, all the admission to listen to the song people are to listen to me, sometimes sleep at night fantasy, but also laugh to laughing. It was because I took part in the competition that I was given a chance to practice my dream by this opportunity. The dream of the heart really can be realized, not too many people do get, so I have no regrets! -Anita Mui

Bring a woman to sing desire: I just want to be a bad girl!

He put his body tightly on me, and I started kissing me from the eyebrows.
The breath of my ears ironing hot all I forget is the reason why
He warms me up with both hands, like a strong drink.
I know what he's going to do, but I'm not going to go far night begging for a tug of war.
Why do I tell I why night will cause taboo decomposition cause lady Anli also want to become bad
Why, tell me, why can't you do this? I swear I'm too bad this night
--〈 Bad Girl Anita Mui

In the 80 's, the West had a Madonna-scrolling body Revolution, and the Orient had Anita's feminine desires.

Picture Source |"Bad Girl" album

1986, her album Main Song (Bad Girl) launched, sexy songs and lyrics, instantaneous caused guard people rebound, was banned. Conservatives listen to the shouting: "Teach bad Boy (child)!" Translated into Taiwan, it is a variety of "How to teach children" criticism and advice.

However, women readily sing their desires, do not have to be bored to be sex toys, is really liberating, there is educational significance. Her momentum was unstoppable, and the record hit a record 720,000 Hong Kong sales. Also in December, at the Hong Kong Coliseum in Yu Hong, the first solo concert was held in 15 games, a solo concert by the youngest female singer in the Red Pavilion and a record of the largest number of games.

A clear conscience, the right thing, no need to explain, is to go forward. Two years later, "Bad girl" singing style further evolution, "Like Fire Tango" and "Blaze Red Lip" two albums, Anita Mui continued to women's sexy provoke conservative society, and set the red Hall to hold the highest number of concerts record, known as "Mei 28" and "Mei 30", meaning she even open 28 and 30 concerts.

Challenge gender boundaries, who says women can't play man roles?

Anita Mui's artistic energy is multi-faceted and she is equally prominent in the film industry. In 1987, she won the Golden Horse Award, the Hong Kong Film Awards and the best actress crown of the Asia-Pacific festival by starring in the "Rouge buckle". "Rouge buckle" in, the opening first there is a scene of gender costume play. Anita Mui plays a performer of prostitutes, in front of guests crossdress bottoms singing, Leslie played 12 less for its fascination.

Later, the directors were also attracted by Anita Mui's feminine and masculine atmosphere, often allowing her to cross the gender boundary in the film. Film critic Chen Yu Ting , 1990 years of film "Chuandaofangzi Son", Anita Mui dressed as a man in uniform, also in the play to seduce women. In 2000, in the film "Zhongwuyan", she takes on the role of man, playing fatuous, the king, travel around the harem between the beauties.

Photo source | "Chuandaofangzi" stills

Anita Mui is a heterosexual woman, she has a variety of gender temperament, expanding people's imagination of straight women. She is still one of the most popular female actors in the Chinese film circles that can flow between genders. For the characters who play different sexes, sexual tendencies, gender temperament, she is open-minded, attentively interpretation, very influential, many costume queen also take her as an idol.

Photo Source | "Rouge buckle" stills

Her masculinity is also shown in the fight for equity. In 2001, Anita Mui was elected the first female president of the Hong Kong Association of entertainers because she often fought for the interests of Hong Kong entertainers, and a year later, "Carina Lau nude leaked photos", the Hong Kong "East Weekly" cover published Carina Lau was kidnapped by the underworld and forced to take pictures. Anita Mui immediately and Tony Leung, Leslie and other people organized to "Trine" as the number of strokes, launched a parade, called on the masses to boycott and denounced the "East Weekly."

Sister Mei She is a symbol of the power of life, I always remember her to Carina Lau topless incident, she can always teach us these young juniors a lot of reason. --Zhang Ziyi

Anita Mui is a never-say-die girl, her confidence is strong, ambition is big, so she will use their ability to fight for what they deserve, this is undoubtedly I admire. --Leslie Cheung

Lady Anita Mui: I'm not the one who speaks with a foreign passport.

In 1989, Anita Mui was awarded the Best actress of Hong Kong Film Awards by Rouge Buckle, and in the same year, 64 events erupted in China. Anita MUI is actively involved in the activism initiative and has contributed to the Canary campaign , inviting the Hong Kong pro-democracy activists to the United States and Canada to raise funds for overseas pro-democracy groups. She also refused to work in China, and even resigned from Stanley Kwan's "Ruan Lingyu", which she had built for her.

More than 10 years in the past, China's reform and opening up, flourishing, many stars began to refuse to comment on the 64 incident, but Anita Mui is still "loyal to the Democratic movement." She was heroic, said such a sentence: "If I support the 64 side of the halfway, will be good to waste all the things I have done, now give up, even chance are not." 」

In front of the trap, she never give up, said is a bet, "I have already taken the Canadian passport (passport), a year or two will go to live." Before 64, I will actively go to apply for residency, but after 64, I think well clearly, I do not go. I'm not the kind of person who dares to stand up and speak with a passport. I tried to 97, during this period, I will still stay in Hong Kong, try my best, so that I can not regret this life. 」

After 64, I thought clearly, I don't want to go to Canada. I'm not the kind of person who dares to stand up and speak with a passport.


2004 Anita Mui's funeral, not only the Hong Kong superstar to mourn, 64 student movement leader Kaixi also attended. Anita Mui, known as the daughter of Hong Kong, always contributes to justice, and many Hong Kong people lament that she has left Hong Kong, but it is still different. She is still in the Hong Kong, do not know what will be?

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Once someone asked me, Anita Mui, if you choose, would you rather be a happy ordinary person, or a more shiny star? I would like to choose to be a happy and ordinary honest person. But of course, when I choose this line, I have to go all out to do my best, so this is my own choice. But sometimes it is very contradictory, if one day, I leave this stage, leave this music, leave this entertainment circle, and really how many people will think of me? Do you remember Anita Mui's character? I do not want you to promise, I only hope that in one evening after dinner, open the window, looking up at the stars, when you see one of the stars, you will think of a once well-known name, a once for you to bring less joy friend, her name is Anita Mui.
--1995.4.14-28: "A Beautiful Echo Concert" Anita Mui

Take a little MUI heroism on the road!

About love, she said ...

I still have a vision for love, perhaps it is silly, but also endless. But I have experienced, fell and stood up, repeatedly defeated, only hope that the future better. Otherwise, what else can be! If it's hard and unhappy and living, then I hope to wake up every day hopeful.


The media asked her to be afraid of the old, she said:

Many people ask me, Anita Mui, are you afraid of old age? As long as I am old, in my memory still have a lot of rich things to my aftertaste, then I am not afraid of, if asked me afraid of the appearance of aging, I think all women are afraid, but it will not be too difficult to get through, the days are sad and too much.


I am not afraid of the old, I hope I will have their own ability to take care of themselves, live to sixty or seventy years old, but not after 70 years of age, because then may need to take care of others, I do not want to trouble people.


In the face of uncomfortable times, she has confessed to humor:

The chance of crying is much more than laughter, and sometimes crying is emotional fluctuations, I will feel a little helpless. I seldom cry in front of others, more time to cry at home. Sometimes I can be sentimental, a play has made me cry seven times. The most recent cry is the most powerful is: I do not know if you have seen the "Ghost eye", I am afraid to cry in the theater is too ugly like, so I rent a dish home to see, "Ghost eye" This set of play makes me cry to woo ...


If you ask me that period of time the most sad? I want to tell you, I really do not know, really do not understand, the past things I will not remember so clear, whether good or bad, do not remember, life is very short, happy process is the most important.


Facing death, she said:

What can I bring into a coffin if I ask for the day when I am old? I can be sure that only the same, is the truth.


I feel that life has come once just fine, wonderful live once is enough, next time don't come, really not fun. I think that the next life of people should be a small angel, or birds, you can fly freely fly!