Women are fascinated by the tree hole, through the reader in the relationship IG question and answer, we explore the multi-intimate relationship, may not be able to give the standard solution side, but can accompany you confused.

Shakespeare once said that love is just a madness.

We have all for love madness, is also only our crazy people understand, let a person crazy affection under, is a sincere sincerity.

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Relationship Tree Cave, invite you to seated

Women are obsessed with relationships, but you always have the ability to love.

We open the relationship tree hole, invite you to deliver your feelings, and vent your doubts through the weekly time-limited dynamic questions on the IG account of the women's obsession.

The inquiry of intimacy, we cannot give the standard solution, but can accompany you confused, we are eager to become you tell the tree hole, let you in the outline of their own intimate relationship, not so painful.