The 14th time between D&i strategy! Diversity and Inclusion (D&I), which are executed by many foreign enterprises, are seldom discussed in Taiwan. Do you also like to use Hashtag? See how Twitter is leveraging this feature to drive diversity

Do you remember what kind of post you last posted on Twitter, and what volume labels (Hashtag) were used? On Twitter, thousands of labels are used every day. From the global burn-out of the MeToo movement in October 2017, only on October 15, #MeToo appeared 200,000 times on Twitter, followed by slogans such as #Timesup, #BelieveWomen, and #BelieveSurvivors. (Recommended reading: Play your influence!) "Time" the Man of the Year the Silence Breakers: #MeToo movement, for sexual assault victims Voice )

"Volume label" becomes a force that brings together voices from all over the world to make the changes come true.

The reason why Twitter can be a community of diverse voices stems from the diversity of its internal components.

According to Twitter's 2017-year diversification report, the overall proportion of women in the world accounted for 38.4%, the leadership accounted for 32.5%, technology and non-technology were 17.3%, 53.7%, compared with 2016 growth of about 1-2%.

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As for racial diversity, it is shown as follows:

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Let's take a look at what Twitter has done about diversity:

In 2017, Twitter appointed Candi Castleberry Singleton as vice president. Since she took office, she spent a lot of time negotiating d&i strategies with leaders and employees around the world, and finally decided to adopt a multi-blend concept that was different from the past-integrating strategies into the Twitter community. So Twitter develops the ICD strategy (intersectionality, Culture and Diversity), which is expected to create positive and positive changes by accelerating dialogue, creating deeper links between people, and encouraging multiple interactions.

Twitter's flexible use of volume labels (Hashtag), launched #GrowTogether activities to encourage employees around the world to use labels, promising to accelerate workplace diversity together. Through day-to-day practice and policy implementation, Twitter hopes to create and continue to promote multi-dimensional integration in all aspects of the work.

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To be completely implemented, Twitter also launched the "Listening Tour" to learn about the unique culture of the local divisions, encouraging every employee to bring their real self to work, while thinking about what Twitter can do to accommodate everyone's character.

In addition to driving #GrowTogether, Twitter has embraced its "social platform" features, launched issues on Twitter, partnered with institutions, and built more meta-workplace environments.

Issues, calling for global attention to diversity

Twitter launches on the platform like #HereWeAre,#SheInspiresMe,#HispanicHeritageMonth,# Prideishappening , as a tool to strengthen social links, also promotes important topics such as scientific and technological women, Lgbtqia rights, and Afro-descendant history through community forces. These initiatives can also be a driving force for initiating social movements.

Organize and cooperate to assemble all the forces

Twitter and non-profit organizations such as Girls who Code,Code2040 Cooperation, participate in large-scale recruitment will Adcolor,Afrotech, more in The women who Code Connect Conference was held at headquarters in 2017, looking to create opportunities for recruiting multiple talents through these collaborative links.

Audience planning, tentacles in-depth education

Twitter launched a different Technology talent development program for various audiences, such as #EarlyBird program to recruit African and Latino students interested in information technology, and #TechProud for LGBTQIA sophomore; #Develophers Is for the sophomore girl.

From the foregoing strategy, Twitter is in fact a clever combination of corporate services and d&i strategy, not only can establish a diversified, open, inclusive corporate image, but also from outside, to strengthen the staff's personal characteristics and group emotional links.

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Looking back at the other companies we discussed earlier, Twitter is truly unique, and we can continue to focus on its 2018 diversification report in the long run as to what benefits these strategies will bring.

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