Women fan editor and author for you to choose Films, write film critics also write life stories, see the miniature life under the lens. Women are obsessed with Netflix, and this October saw the gay life experience in the album embracing more inclusive societies.

This October, is plump, pluralistic, many social issues through the festival to jump on our daily.

October 11 International girls ' Day, the world attaches great importance to girls ' education, the history of the multi-female model, but also let girls outline the process of dreams, understand that they are born with infinite potential; October 11 International Day of the Ark, we look forward to the community has a more inclusive heart, a more friendly dialogue produced, let out the Ark is not tweaked secrets , so that the diversity of the other groups, want to love can be bold love, if you want to accompany a life, also can settle a family.

October 28, 2018 is the annual Taiwan Gay Parade Day, women fans and Netflix cooperation, especially for you to select five albums, through self-identification, class discrimination and the different angle of life experience of comrades, see how the protagonist encounter setbacks, and in frustration grow up, step by step to find the strength to support themselves.

"Dear White": We are in a period of self-identity crisis and post-racial discrimination

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The album focuses on the story of a group of non-white students in the Ivy League schools where white students gather. In addition to the political issues that lurk in the size of life, there are dramatic romances, self-identity crises, the hidden truths of post-racial discrimination, and the tensions between the various races. (Recommended reading:"For you to pick a piece" bad things that good people do!) Escape from the town of life: When politics is right for a show )

When you laugh or belittle us, you are enforcing an existing system. The policeman stared at the Negro with guns everywhere, but he could not see that it was a person.

"Dear White"

Through the heroine Samantha, in the university Host network radio show "Dear White" hands, in the album she in an outspoken style, play their own voice, for the black ethnic groups to fight for equality, detonated the campus of public opinion craze. But at the same time, she has a white father, white boyfriend, this trip for the black people to fight for the rights and interests of the process, is also a step-by-step Samantha understand their own identity, to find their own course.

Another protagonist--he is a black, not only because of the delicate image of the black society to the "male" expectations, his gay identity more to face the more discriminatory vision, multiple problems in the white society is more difficult to face.

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If you are interested in discussing the fairness and justice of the social class, if you feel yourself, there is a social framework that is pressing you out of breath, if you want to learn more about the gay life experience, in this album, as the role of the axis of development, can trigger you more thinking oriented.

"Steadfast New Life": Dear mother, I think I will love a woman someday

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This album tells the story of a newly divorced Cuban-American single mother, Penelope, who lived with her older mother and adolescent children in daily life. The same thing, because generations and life experience different, three generations each have their own views, in the process of tolerance and understanding each other, understand the good family.

When I think of love, I think that one day I will fall in love with women.

"Steadfast New Life"

The album also makes it easier for viewers to see the issues of gay rights and adolescent sex education. Single mother Penelope, one day accidentally found daughter Alliana in watching adult films, after some talk, controversy, Alliana decided to go out to the mother. (Recommended reading:"relationship Diary" "Blue Is the Warmest Color", the climax is the shape of the sea )

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At first the daughter is gay this matter, let Penelope unbearable, but with two people sit down frank each other, communication ideas, Penelope began to learn to use a softer posture to understand the daughter, in addition to let the audience see, as a comrade will meet the real life course, but also bring gay issues into the family discussion, No longer makes gay issues a taboo topic at home, allowing parents and children to explore gender trends in a more open and trusting way.

"Diguesi: A New generation": people will always find reason to laugh at you, you just live your life well

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Remake from the Canadian Youth Classic album, describing the life of high school students in Diguesi, facing abortion, school bullying, domestic violence, cultural shock, sexual assault and other dilemmas, how to face and deal with, is a classic campus theme. One of the gay partners, Myers and Tristan, who had been the most important beings in each other's lives, was gradually drifting away until two people began to meet again at school and started a series of tangled stories with the girls around them.

If people want to laugh at you, always find a reason, you are too rich, too poor, too fat, too thin, so ah, live your life is good.

"Diguesi: A New Generation"

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Teenagers are often the moment when we start groping for a gender identity, and if you've ever been confused on the path to gender identity, maybe you can make it through the album, occasionally confusing to your former partner, trying to figure out your own process, finding some sense of co-operation, and having the power to support yourself.

Hannah's last words: Sometimes we hide secrets from others in order to protect them.

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Teenage Hannah suddenly cut her wrist and killed herself to make her friends shocked. It wasn't long before Hannah's best friend, Clay, received a series of tapes she had recorded before she died, and Hanna himself stated why he was committing suicide, and the 13 reasons behind it, what was the truth behind it?

I think sometimes we don't intentionally hide secrets from some people, but to protect them.

"Hanna's Last Words"

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Hanna's 13 Last words, like bombs bombing the campus of each of the alleged parties, with the campus bullying as the main axis, extended to explore those we think of unintentional, harmless malicious, may actually, in the lives of others to cause indelible pain. In addition, the album also arranged another role-Tony, through his identity as a comrade, let the album in addition to talk about bullying, but also put the gay issues hot and spicy into the growth of teenagers. To explore gender identity, in our adult process, this is a natural thing.

"The hottest women's prison": All we can do is seize the moment and make the most of it.

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At the start of the first season, the heroine Piper was imprisoned for years after being a teenager, for the same sex lover's mistake.

In college, when he met gay people and fell in love, she was fascinated by the luxury of stimulating life. Many times she was asked by her partner to carry a suitcase that did not belong to her customs, and Piper, despite her doubts, still did it.

Everyone wants to go back to the past. Go back to the moment when everything is still there and all is not out of control--to return to the right path before they make the wrong decision. But this is impossible, all we can do is grasp the present and make full use of it.

"The hottest women's prison"

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Unmasked thus imprisoned, her life from 180 degrees to change, into a never experienced the alternative society, prisons have more to the same-sex partners, but also because of their own slender sensitive, produced a variety of conflicts, lies, betrayal, sweetness and acquaintance. She studied hard to survive in prison, adjust her temper, learn to love and be loved, establish same-sex relationships with others, and in the process, through the disclosure of conflict and lies, more understanding of themselves.

Five albums, from the adolescent gender identity, across race, national social discrimination, and then to the doubts and acceptance of the gay identity, we in the album saw The real life, along with the characters in the play, confused, crying and laughing, let these in the daily issues appear, find your expression, convey concern.