Single diary, write tempting's single mind. Some miss, will be in a special form to return to your life, experience love and love, you decided to prepare yourself, stand a gentle person.

These days, the weather is cool, mood, the wind blowing, the body of the memory of the dust, wake up, you think they are still there, and did not walk away. A person walking in the street, as if leaves, not a little stepping on the ground feeling, where there is no matter, the original love and lovelorn will let people fly up, just landing time, there is no one willing to catch your differences.

Flurried Check the stars, ask Tang teacher, have Mercury retrograde? Or which two stars are hedging? There seems to be no, the stars in harmony, only you fight with yourself, may be in the body of the season, will be so untimely miss. (Extended reading: after breaking up, don't force yourself to miss again )

Untimely, you in the happy date dinner scene, silently falls the hopeless tears, the untimely, your sad comes very late, only you forgot the season change, the love good-natured season, you have already missed each other's seasons.

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It is reasonable to suspect that you are ill, the type of X-ray can not be checked out, your daily life is not strange, but you have a lot less desire to live, and began to not know how to sleep and wake up time. You start to fear every night before bedtime, you have to close your eyes, you fear in the most unable to restrain the time, the subconscious mind tells you, you miss most of WHO. You may also hate waking up, waking up with nothing to look forward to, all you want is gone.

You are afraid to re-know yourself, you have been the most hated, have become the present you. Uncontrolled, hidden, dark, incompetent, cowardly, not lovable, and ran out of breath. The dark side of the moon, behind the door locked, all the past you refuse to deal with, you are unable to cope with, all return to life. Just see, you are exhausted, you have to seriously to the outside world for help. (Extended reading: sadness can be very warm: heal the daily practice of lovelorn )

This is how you are weak and humble, friends say you are they have seen the strongest person, will be better, you rely on and hate this sentence. You just want to, your strong can not be used to disguise yourself?

People say that to live a good day, you have to forget the people who are better. This is good, just forget later, you do not know what is valuable in that day. Love is true, you give it all away, and you lose yourself completely. The process is very hard. It's true. You think of love is wonderful, you can sublimation and torture into this way, recently you often look in the mirror people, do not recognize yourself, how you can be miserable like this.

After the breakup of all are abandoned son, no one catches, black and black landing, pit scar scar, find a way home. You think, you too, you have to give birth to the navigation from your own body, navigation is not in his hand. No matter, walk slowly can, you have been in your own way forward.

The road is too long and lonely, you said to a friend, very afraid of their own life, will never be happy. Friends tell you a beautiful saying, all the missed season, will be in the right way, back to your life, leaving a little memory. (Extended reading: about miss: We love too early, understand too late )

Your love season, and you do not, you go through the seasons change, stand as a more gentle person, gently for themselves in the memory of the bullets. Perhaps, forget the better person, is to remember, and you can be good to yourself, exhausted to treat yourself.

Well, you're willing to believe that.

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