How do you choose Valentine's gifts?How do you find the gift of love that belongs to both of you?

We've ordered seven sweet love songs for you, seven dating methods, together with a variety of people's festivals, renewing the memorable memories of the two lovers, finding the most suitable Valentine's representatives from love stories to make gifts more than just an object, and a continuation of love memories.

Go Sweet Little Travel

“ Singing out loud, breaths
I really want to think, I want to travel with you “

--- Weixuan Travel >

How long haven't two people traveled together?Take advantage of this time of the day to show the warm-blooded walk away from the noise of the city, and to slow down the city's footsteps and take a bath in the sun, savoring flowers and flowers, hugging the most natural and true happiness, and using the smell of invigoratest vanilla to give your love a new life!

Valentine: JumpFromPaper (Recommended for group: groping the fish pack + ) herb oils candles

is to be left unattended at home

“ rented a few videos on the commute, and you have a romantic theatre on the couch.
When you have a hard time thinking about your face, there will be “
--- Europe and Western & Tsai Soon-tou.

Who says Valentine's Day must go out of love?It doesn't matter where it goes, it doesn't matter, it's stuck with him, and it's not so funny, you know, it's a pair of pants, and you don't have to do anything about it, so as long as it's in the same atmosphere, it's like blueberry , and it's sweet and it's not.

Lovers: BloomsDesign-Lovers
/ Sniff Christmas Limo Candles Candles

Window shopping is a city lover

“ Think of the city as the city of the street, turning into an uninhabited coast
Don't talk too much, don't ruin it. “
--- Chung Keng & Chen-chung & Chen Hui-lin

Your love is so precious that it's worth a lavish dinner, a late movie, more like sparkling diamond like a beloved one who wants two people to walk together in the City .

Lovers' ious choice: Lucien Fashion Shell HEARTS Series /
Sniff, Slowdown Sweet Candy Candles

Share Dinner for Love Walk

“ Two people share each other's feelings, and only you know me the most.
brow, your dimple, the best of “ heart “

Hsu Che-pui

Even as usual, you can have a little bit of a difference, put on a shoulder small dress , cut carrot , stew beef, share your love dinner, or walk around in a nearby park, and talk about the bottom of your heart.If you don't want a big meal, don't have a brand name bag, as long as you have him around, it's the simplest of happiness.

Lovers: womany shop White Rabbit Carrot Carrot Group / CLOTHPOINT
Shoulder Shoulder Shoulder

sweating sweating and forever young

“ I'm leading your hand running, trying to remember your smile seriously, and you're afraid you're running into other people's embrace “
--- Chen Shan-nai & Chen Jianqi “

T-shirt , which is comfortable with the same style and is comfortable with summer days, will not drink red wine tonight and drink only a large amount of sports drink, and then take a shower of cold water, like this and the , bothering .If you have a hooking around with him, you have to stay with each other, and to keep your love and your life running.

Valentine's choice: novize Beethoven's lover group / Stars shatter and beautifying screen

Feeling very close to each other

“ Use your good morning to have dinner with me, remember to have a memory full of memory
I look forward to the stars in the blizzle, hearing the boarson talking to Vega “
--- Lin Yichen < lonesome Northern Hemisphere >

He wasn't there, he was lonely, but he didn't feel lonely because he felt that love.It's just that sometimes, it's really going to be good to think about him, and you can only keep deeper breathing and tell yourself: he's coming back.With a pair of necklaces on each other, the symbols are so similar and so different that only the other side is their dear complements the other half .

Lovers' By Yan Election: Alex & Chloe Complementary lover group and his pyramids

is still a few steps to reach love

“ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “

and to him, if there is a dubious ambiguity and sometimes the happiest lover, sometimes he can only be quietly waiting for him.In this particular day, don't shy, use a flanked candy a big round of skirt , invite him to dance, and join him in irrigating the patio chicken egg flower , waiting for the fragrance that you love in your summer day!

lover choice: CLOTHPOINT Large Circle Dress / Library Brass Candy earring

00. {\fscx75\fscy75\1cHFF8000 - Late at night, the two men warm up for love

“ so drown, I find it hard to resist, such a distance is so close, you taste like this, you take my breath “
--- Zhuo Wenxuan < Score >

favors himself and loves him.At this moment, it is only the same as the one and the other. Lighting the most hot heart of each other , and the strong love of affection doesn't know how to say it.Then let's express it with action!And put on a Grace romance that makes him irresistilable, embracing the present sex, and let him know that it is not just adorable women, but is more sexy and sexy.

Selected: deer light caring tree light / 6126 black lace sexy short magma

The Five Methods of Extension of the Love Period
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