Love in the series of trilogy behind, there is director Richard Ling Colette true love story, in the film, he gave his young love, another can be a period of time to the end.

In the summer of 1995, Celine and Jessie met and sailed to Vienna on the European train, and they did not know, since then fate entangled. Love is in the blink of an eyes 18 years, witnessing the dawn, sunset and midnight, after the love of the bloom, Tea says he and freshmen, understand the hint but few, convinced that one day enough to the romantic life.

One day is the rest of your life. The love story behind the Dawn of Love also validates this thought.

Director Linklater film is intended to restore the scene, he can not control the reality, but in the movie, he could give his young love, another can be a period of time to wait for the end.

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It was the fall of 1989, the girl called Amy Lehrhaupt, Linklater and she ran into a toy shop. That year, Linklater 29 years old, just finished his second film, "Urban Ronin", to Philadelphia visit sister, Cool Philadelphia, he and 20-year-old Amy spent the night ramble on, never had the same feeling in life.

"We chatted from the middle of the night to six o'clock in the morning, the town was wandering, flirting, doing all the things I would never do now." "They talk about science, about art, about movies, about music, from midnight to dawn, and he says to her," I'm going to make a movie about this, "she smiled and asked," which is this? " "This, at this moment, takes place between the two of us," he answered affectionately. 」

At midnight they chatted, they kissed, they did not want to be parted; they exchanged telephones, imagined the future, but never met again. Linklater really began to film, in the "Love in the Dawn," the overhead of the parallel universe-we do not leave the phone, perhaps do not have to gamble, perhaps we can wholeheartedly miss tonight, perhaps do not have to bow before fate, perhaps the time will be good to us, there is another later.

"Love at daybreak Dawn" real incredible, Night magic of Vienna city, the screen of the audience of the deer crashed, love can be so, you each expression is a long shot picture. Linklater, will Amy see the film while she's filming? Will she know it's our story? The movie sells, but Linklater never waits for Amy to appear. Where she was, he could not find it, and the film became a suspense.

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Time flies forward, nine years later, he took two songs, "Love at sunset in Paris," the first scene, is the book of Jessica, the crowd has his reluctant to forget the gentle eyes, in the past these years, Jesse and Celine have to love again, only to meet only remembered reluctant. Linklater borrowed Jessie's mouth, said his secret, "everyone is the sum of their own life experience, creation is also inevitable to take advantage of life experience." "Jesse waited until Celine, deliberately missed the flight, willing to life chaos, Linklater didn't wait for Amy."

Until 2012, the third song, "Love in the middle of the night in Greece," he was told by Amy's friends that Amy had died in a motorcycle accident, her death that year was 1994 May-just a few weeks before "Love at dawn" decided to shoot.

She will not know, that Philadelphia cool night, not only for their boys and girls important, but also to enlighten a film director of the Spread of space-time Love series, light a crowd of love and longing for.

That missed love, gave the world a common language of love. We look forward to the world there is always a willing to jump car for him to ramble about the night people, there is always a person who has not seen, goodbye still heart, always have an imperfect but real person, love complex you, love the old after you, after life disaster, 20 years later still holding your hand.

One day is the rest of your life. The moment in Philadelphia that night, in the film became the scene of repeated experience, like love, Love is too close to eternity.

Photo: "Love at dawn" movie Stills

If there is any miracle in the world, it must be to try to understand someone and share the joys and sorrows, I know, it is almost impossible to succeed. But who really cares? The answer must be in the experiment.

"Love at Daybreak"