For the rest of my life, I want to read a poem for you. 10 IG selection of love poems, let you rediscover the heart of the throb.

Love may be like a poem, condensed, condensed, full of the poet's life of tenderness and love, a short sentence, enough to shake the soul. So, you always love to read poetry in the night, just like all the love is gently peeled off, pour out, soft wrapped naked you, filling the body of every want loving cells. (Recommended reading: reading poems for you | Love doesn't fool you, because love knows that life is hard enough )

You say, you are not reading poetry, but poetry is reading you.

For you, a selection of 10 love poems from the American IG poet Perry (@perrypoetry), he has a whisper of a lover's kiss, and one who is frustrated alone, but each of them speaks of a firm belief in the relationship.

Choose Poetry to talk About love, a few numbers enough.

The end of the world, I have nothing but love

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When my last day comes, I hope I ' ve left nothing but love

When the end comes, I don't need anything but love.

If there is an affectionate confession, it may be this: I do not care about death, but if the naïve come, I only hope to bring love, because I know that love has you.

If I could hold you, I would surrender

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You ' re just a reminder that sometimes losing is better than winning.

Your presence reminds me that sometimes it's better to lose than to win.

There is a love called surrender, we have experienced, love your day, my loss is actually obtained.

When you feel the same way about me

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When you felt the same, everything changed.

When you feel the same, everything is not the same.

We hug each other, feel all the vomit entanglement, the moment the soul tremble, the world has changed.

It's never a mistake to meet you

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I ' ve made a lot of mistake. You'll never be one of them.

I will never have you in my mistakes.

Perhaps we have done wrong, perhaps we do not have to imagine the outcome of two people, whether it is good or bad, you are always the most beautiful decision I have ever made.

I don't believe in hope, unless I hope it's you.

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If tomorrow brings new Hope, I hope it brings you.

If tomorrow will bring hope, I hope that person is you.

I always hope for the future, and I know that hope will have you, we stand together and look in the same direction.

We are so fit

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Souls don ' t speak, yet ours spoke fluently.

The soul cannot speak, but our souls can.

Clearly the soul does not speak, why do people believe that the soul is connected? I understand, perhaps the so-called spiritual connection, is when you sad, I can feel your sadness, want to accompany you to cry with you, and when you are happy, I think the world is good, nothing can be more happy than to see your smile.

With you, there is not a word between the lips

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Just is with me, we'll figure out the details later.

Stay with me, and we'll talk later.

Why does love need reason? As long as the madness, as long as the feeling, as long as this moment, when we meet, we first love each other, let the future become the future.

The best time is that we don't take each other

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I wish time had better timing for you and me.

I want time to be kind to us.

In such a good weather, such a good time to meet, I would like to stand on our side, after all, we do not negative.

There's always a place in your heart

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Even if I had none left, I ' d make space for you.

Even if I have nothing, I will leave room for you.

Sometimes it feels like no one in the whole universe is standing here with me. At that time, as long as you think of a corner of my heart, you suddenly feel the courage to contend with the universe.

Every time I see you, it feels so strong

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You'll always be the feeling I felt too much.

You always make me feel strong.

I do not know what is a steady love. Two people together, not because see each other's every little thing, each expression has a strong throb? This feeling will last forever.

Maybe for the rest of my life, but give all the affection to the verse and wait for someone to read it. Choose a poem to take away, give you want to offer the object of confession, wish we all can in the best season, meet that can let oneself always feel strong person. (Recommended reading: love, is his future with you )