Bump men to upload the bad whole gun girl film, the girl to do slut humiliation. Take you from this event to see why the female expression of lust, will be considered unclean?

In 10/12,bump, the man helped to upload a movie about a bad girl on the Youtube channel. In the film, they from the dating software about the girls out, playing "educate the women of the chaos," the name of "smashing Pie" metaphor "Yan-shot" way, the girl to humiliate the slut.

The so-called slut humiliation, that is, the value of women and chastity link, when women's behavior is not consistent with chastity expectations, such as talking about sexual or physical, consensual sexual behavior, wearing inconsistent with the expectations of others, it is regarded as "unclean", "lewd", verbal or physical attack.

In Taiwan, there are many slut humiliation vocabulary, such as sluts, bitches, buses, North Kong incense burner, prostitutes, casual, easy, etc. In addition to verbal humiliation, the network has also developed new forms of slut humiliation in recent years: the online distribution of female nude photos of revenge-based pornography. Slut humiliation develops to extremes and is a physical assault on women, such as sexual assault and murder.

From the absurd international news, look back to today's Taiwan: "bump men help" the movie of the evil-gun women in the society is crazy--so far there are still people who think they are qualified to punish women's sexual autonomy. "

Please let the woman take back her body autonomy.

In the society where women are being belittled as sex objects, when women master their own sexual and physical needs and become subject from the object, they cause anxiety and malice in some people, as mentioned earlier: Women's values are often linked to chastity levels.

"The value of a girl is positively correlated with her virginity index, and the more virtuous the girls are, the more valuable they are, like those who are not virtuous," Yang said in a Ted speech. What kind of treatment would that cheap girl have? These girls she herself is not good to treat herself, she herself has so spoiled herself, so how the other people collapsed she just happened. Not virtuous girl, whether she was sexually assaulted, humiliated, scolded slut, scolded prostitute or harassed, because she was wrong first, not the perpetrator was wrong, the girls themselves were wrong first. (Recommended reading: Yang: "Dear girl, you have to take back your body, lust, rights.")

"First, I want to be able to eliminate the lethality of the word slut. Because too many people scold me slut, I am very uncomfortable, I ran to look up the dictionary, want to understand what this word means, there is no misunderstanding, good, I look up the dictionary. But the more I look at the more I think things are strange, the word is really blind, it is really special to regulate women, specifically to humiliate women a very vague word. 」

Woman fan author Fan "Bump men to help film The Bad whole gun girl?" Not allowed to challenge the dignity of the male, let society flooded the old slut humiliation , called: "Each of us have their own not willing to face the shortcomings, scars, inferiority and anxiety, through hurting others, humiliating others, denying others, perhaps you can find a common sense with you, to achieve comfort and ease, thought to find justice, Find salvation, but after all you are deceiving yourself. 」

From this event, we expect that the public will no longer regard women's body and lust as infidelity, and women can stand up and face their own bodies and desires, because each of us has the right and freedom to master our own body.

In-depth discussion of this event >> the girl's gun deserved to be evil? We want to say to the Bump man, "「 my lust, I am the Lord."