We look forward to this society, no longer to "girls to protect themselves" as the slogan, limit women to express the freedom of lust. Let's hear the voice of the reader about the female incident of the evil whole.

Bump men to help the women after the incident, in the last night, they uploaded an apology film, the same community caused the hot debate. Bump man explained that the purpose of the film is to let women know that "the gun is dangerous, to protect themselves," and the evil film did not clearly convey these purposes, they feel sorry. It was also stressed that the film was "very meaningful". (Recommended reading: men to make films, bad whole gun girls?) Not allow to challenge the dignity of the male, let society be flooded with outdated slut humiliation )

Why is it that, until now, there will be a banner that "girls should protect themselves" to limit the freedom of women to express their passions? If there are more cases of sexual assault in society, why should the "education" be the victim, rather than the "education" offender?

About lust, about the body, it should be free and proud. Let's listen to the community's voice in this event:

Images | Women's fans IG screenshot

These are voices from the forefront of the community. The first voice believes that no one can limit women's pursuit of sexual pleasure, while the second voice does not agree with the action, but believes that women's physical autonomy must be respected, as well as a third voice, in the hope that women can act and tear off the label. In any case, we all believe and expect that this incident will arouse the public's attention to the female body, and in the future, there will be no further acts of intimidation or aggression. (Recommended reading: halfway decent of feminism!) Liberation Sister Fan: "The liberation of not only lust, but also the freedom of all")

And this group of women fans of the reader, gathered in the statement, the IG declaration. We want to say to this society: "My body is my pride, my lust I am the Lord, I am proud to being myself!"

Also invite each of you, stand out and join us in responding to the declaration of Pride!

Images | Women's fans IG screenshot