Interview Hsu Valen, after four years to bring back "Bloom Bloom" a series, pass life every bloom, only for return to their roots and beginner's mind, in this process gradually understand, life in the transition is also a process of brewing perfect.

"There is a deepest secret that no one knows.
This is the root cause of the tree of life.
Buds in the bud the sky outside the sky
It is towering over the soul can look up to the heart can hide
This is the miracle of making the stars eternal.

--〈 I carry your Heart, American poet E. Cummings

After four years, Hsu Valen brought back "blooming Bloom" a series, album imagery from the American poet Cummings's verse, the transmission of life every time the bloom, are to return to their roots and beginner's mind.

1996, "If the Cloud Know" album, the entire Taiwan sold broken 2.2 million, lay the status of Hsu Valen, 1999, she began to change the genre, to develop the other possibilities of the Yun-style singing; 2005, life through the work of emotional transition, she is not hesitate to throw herself to New York for a year, feeling emotions, experience gaps, Slowly find yourself; in 2009, the 14th album, Love, was released. Travel One kilometer, try the album producer, the HSU Valen independent lyric music and rock style of the side, presented in front of the world.

These years, she lived more wanton, constantly turn to play creative, try new genre, I looked at the HSU Valen, talking about doing music, the eyes always have a strong belief, "if I have been persistent in the year sold millions of albums in the scene, I have no way to progress." Times are changing, I feel that I am a wandering between the madness and reason between the people, jumping off the tradition, to play music has crazy ideas, is the most important. "Hsu Valen Music Road, from the moment of bloom, 20 years past, she is constantly anchoring her own process, understand what is the meaning of bloom."

Bloom is the interest, is the cycle, is when you no longer explore the meaning of existence, every step of the road, after each kind of pain, seen every landscape, has become the purpose of life.

Accepting "Transitions" is also a process of brewing perfection.

The new album "Bloom Bloom" the process of transmission efforts, eventually will return to the original intention, for Hsu Valen, beginner's mind, is to do one thing, the heart has a love.

"When I was a child, I did not have much thought about singing, just happy singing, music on the road, to keep the original happy, enthusiastic heart, I think it is not simple things." To do music, early for me is relatively simple singing interpretation, in recent years to make some changes, I also participate in the process of making music, both roles have a harvest, I also enjoy. Interpretation of the interpretation of the sincerity, creation has a happy creation, I am curious, the face of music, the identity of the conversion, gave her how nutrients?

"Slowly, I was in the process of making music, finding a mean gesture, and I began to understand that events had a natural budding process and learned to accept the perfect moment. 」

For example, in 2009, the process of trying to release a record on her own was a challenge and learning from a singer who simply interprets the song, to compose the music, to lead the album to convey the idea. She understood that life in addition to the passion for things, but also to find a balance of enthusiasm and reality of the mean posture, in the state of constant imbalance and stability, persistent belief, to see light desire. (Recommended reading: Interview Zhongqi: If you really want to do something, you should let it happen )

In 99, Hsu Valen because of the record company changes, originally expected to hold the concert so suspended, many years past, this commitment to the fans she firmly remember, but also want to, one day, the concert to do a good job back, "I enjoy the process of the concert, with fans immersed in music, but because everyone's life experience is different, There are different feelings when listening to the song. "Different moved, gathered in the same time and space, like Hsu Valen with music to accompany us through different stages of life, a song to characterize a time and space, a few years of madness and touched."

Because of life turbulence, and caused by the rub shoulders, looking back for the appointment and constantly strive for their own, this miss, is not a rare? "We have many different stages of life, each stage has something worth staying and letting go," this thing is very mysterious, we call it "practice", put down the practice, can really feel.

"I think the interesting part of life is that there's always something new going on. Once, single for a long time, I slowly feel a person is actually very good, when I no longer to persistent feelings, accept the present state of their own, I met my husband. Therefore, all things, are one side, both good and bad coexist. 」

After career change, emotional experience, Hsu Valen slowly learn, now seemingly "turning", in fact, is a process of brewing perfect.

Loss of life instinct, I am in the process of drifting back to find myself

Hsu Valen went on to talk about his debut as a singer, her first job. When she was away from New York, she was going through a long-distance relationship, learning to get along with herself in a strange city, "I found myself living in a protected mode." After things happened, one day I went to the supermarket to buy things, walking on the road, deeply felt that they are "a person", that feeling very strange, only to find that I have never know how to get along with themselves. 」

The original life pulled out work and feelings, the rest is a large gap, can accompany to rely on, only their own. Never in the past have a good conversation with themselves, suddenly have a large period of solitude, let her re-understand themselves.

I found that I had lost the instinct of my life in these years. People are single to this world, have the ability to take care of themselves, I have been dependent on others, did not give themselves the opportunity to learn.

Hsu Valen

With their own process, like baby toddler, understand their ability and can not, accompany the occasional fragile, fall into the process, learn to be strong, prop up their own.

"I think I was lucky to find this state at the age of 30 and I decided to put down my job and went to New York in 2005. Looking back now, I still feel very brave at that time. "At that time, people around to persuade, this is not a good time to run away, afraid to come back no one remembers you," if I left the day, was forgotten by the public, then forget it! My presence may not be worth being remembered by the market. When life meets a cross, feeling lost, do not know where to go, I think I need to face that confusion. 」

This Hsu Valen "Bloom of Blooming" album, the first wave of the main ("Strong Asia") is also hoped to pass to the audience to summon the power of the inner Self, practice and self-inner dialogue, learn to love themselves, is 30 years old that year, Hsu Valen grateful for his experience of the lucky, "Life plan always catch up, since life can not be expected We have to be honest with our hearts on the ground. The moment of hard work, do not leave a regret, if the results are not good? Learn to accept it, accept it and let it go. "It is too heavy to live with regret and regret in life."

Hsu Valen through the 20, 30 or 40-year-old stage, every moment in her is to cherish, "accept each stage of the different state, frustration may inevitably, but I will not be influenced by the factors of their own music to make the freedom and confidence, there is no at that stage, do I want to convey the faith and message, for me is more important things." 」

20, 30, 40 years old, all posture

Social values, often framed by our imagination of age.

So many people's life axis, should explore the 20-year-old, anxious to locate themselves, more than the confusion of the nameless, 30-year-old, worried about marriage, finally mature 40-year-old, but because of the social framework, slow to step forward to pursue the ideal of longing.

Hsu Valen want to look back to the past, said to himself, but also hope to bless you, enjoy each posture of life stage.

"I want to say to 20-year-old myself, remember that crazy courage, once colts the tiger, did not think too much as a singer, has been doing love." "At that time Hsu Valen in the folk restaurant singing, record companies fancy her to find her sign, she said she didn't think too much, under 19 years old decided to sign up as a singer, anyway, it is a lifetime of life try. After the completion of the language, she chose the song "Hay Fever" to 20-year-old you, I hope you remember that fearless, chasing love of the foolish.

"Hay Fever" is a song that describes the process of finding a mature relationship, and I think 20 is not afraid to try. All failures and experiences are meaningful, but you have to go through them to learn.

Hsu Valen

At the age of 30, it happened to be her departure to New York that period of time, Hsu Valen not hesitate to choose the "" "This song, remind oneself also want to with 30-year-old you said, put down is to take a longer road, learn to love yourself, accompany oneself actually never too late.

40-year-old, is Hsu Valen is now experiencing the stage of life, she said that she is satisfied with the state of mind now, can be very comfortable to enjoy the present self, accept their own state, "whether perfect or not, to feel their energy in each state, feel and thank the energy to lead themselves to the place." I want to give you a song for the 40-year-old reader tonight. 」

"This song describes their own dialogue with their process, we have gone through youth, middle age into old age, looking back at the efforts of the way, you feel that you still continue to move forward, even if the process has a fall, this life, or for their favorite things, constantly running. 」

The so-called Life, is a song for their own singing of life, everyone's tone, playing speed are different, do not because of others, suspect that they have been persistent love things. When we find the subject of our own life, the gossip, lost and lost of others on the road become a digression, do not belong to also can not hinder you to achieve your value.

Flowers are always on the way to bloom, and let us find inner drums, indomitable, chasing hearts desire.