The out-in-Taiwan program, launched by international photographer Leslie Kee, invited 150 comrades to take part in the filming, when women were invited to the interview, and we met 17 people who talked about their thoughts about love, home, marriage, and Pingquan.

Malala once said: A piece of paper, a pencil, a teacher, can change the world. For me, a button, a picture, a smile, can change the world.

Photographer Leslie Kee

In the 2015, beginning with a patriarchal Japanese society, photographer Leslie Kee launched a project "out in japan", a theme for the LGBT community, for the first time on the GAP in Harajuku, a black-and-white photograph, with the protagonist in the photo, in a nutshell to illustrate his role as a LGBT Group of life experiences, let the world see the true, strong and vulnerable LGBT communities.

In 2018, following the launch of "out in singapore", on October 21, 2018, photographer Leslie Kee came to Taiwan to prepare the "out in taiwan" plan, which he mentioned in an interview: "If you want to come out, you don't know where to start , we give you a platform to put your name, your photos, your stories, and share them with the world. This photography project is very different for me, and I can use this way to use my perspective to unlock the shackles of these people, their hearts and souls. 」

Woman fan This time also special with Jed Video cooperation, exclusive to "out in taiwan" photography project scene, interview participants, process we talk about LGBT community, talk about the November 24 Pingquan vote, also talk about love, home and marriage imagination.

Chi Jiawei: If you lose, it's not the end of the world.

Chi Jiawei, gay affirmative movement, Taiwan same-sex marriage in the case of the claimant. In 1986, he came to the Taipei District Court Notary Office to request a notarized marriage with another male refused, after dozens of years, continued for gay and marriage equality, and led to May 2017, the judge published the interpretation of the word "No. 748", declaring that civil law does not guarantee that same-sex marriage is unconstitutional, this is a major milestone on the affirmative road. (Recommended reading:42 years of the same wedding long-distance running!) Chi Jiawei: "I don't need it myself, but I'm desperate for someone else")

The Chi Jiawei appeared in the "out in taiwan" photography program, also in order to allow Taiwan to increase exposure opportunities in the international, to voice the gay rights. In response to the Pingquan vote of November 24, he wanted to say to everyone, "after the release of the No. 748 judiciary last year, some anti-Christian Christians thought it was the end of the world." If we lose the anti-referendum, I hope they will not think it is the end of the world again, because the earth is still turning. Marriage equality is very natural, normal, general behavior, do not treat it as a scourge. 」

Regardless of religion, non-religion, we all talk about the word love, love can not divide the national borders regardless of the color race, but why to divide the gender? This is very absurd.

Chi Jiawei

Marriage equality, is to allow the public to love a family, Chi Jiawei also mention, we hope that the home is a happy warm environment, but many LGBT people, is growing in the parents of discrimination, homophobic families, so they have been under great pressure, he called for not due to the misunderstanding of the previous generation of deviation, and caused a pity. Whether a heterosexual child or a homosexual child's family, can be full of happiness.

Mioboya: Marriage is like fried chicken chops, some people like people don't like

Mioboya, a Taiwanese political figure, has long been concerned about gender equality and is also a participant in the Taiwanese gay movement. In the past, Taipei Open Gay partner notes, Miao Boya publicly affirmed the North city government, also said in the future may find time and girlfriend together to note, to action to support the public concern about gay rights and interests.

This time at the scene of "out in taiwan" to see the seedlings, he said hello to us, asked why he would like to participate in this filming plan, he is the honor of his own: "This is a very meaningful plan, through the power of photos and images to let the world see the real comrades, it is a great honor to participate in this project." 」

Recent LGBT group Hot discussion of the topic of Pingquan, Amiao on the marriage gave a very special insight, he mentioned, some people say marriage is the tomb of love, he personally has not tried, but marriage is like fried chicken steak, some people like some people do not like, but anyway we should not use sexual orientation to distinguish, heterosexual can eat chicken steak, Homosexuality can not, we should all have the right to choose!

I believe that in this community of citizens, everyone should be able to have a family when he wants to get married.

Miao Boya

During the visit, I asked Amiao to give a few comments on affirmative action, and he opening remark ask me, "How long have I been?" Because I talked about it for half an hour yesterday. "I asked him to play at random, his full collar, looking into the lens without a word, said:

In fact, the "11/24 will determine the fate of Taiwan, in addition to the very important Tokyo Olympic correction referendum, there are five other cases, is related to marriage equality and sexual education. If you really believe that in this country, all citizens should be treated equally, if you sincerely believe that the next generation has the right to be educated, the next generation has the right to learn the correct and adequate gender education in school, please remember to cast a very important public vote.

In particular, 18-20-year-old friends, this is your first time to exercise the right to vote. November 24, the 14th, 15 voted to agree, 10th, 11, 12 vote disagree, 13th case, about the Tokyo Olympic rectification, if you want, you can also cast a big agreement Oh! 」

Zengjia: LGBT People, everyone is very unique

Jolin was invited to the concert guests, Zengjia core teachers in their own will be full 51 years of age, decided to carry out transgender surgery, weighed identity card on the "Zeng" renamed "Zengjia Core", brave to do back to himself. (Recommended reading: interview Zengjia Core: "If you look at my body, can you also listen to my soul?" ")

That day, I was in the room full of participants, I saw a mother with her own daughter, in the dialogue with Zengjia core teacher. I quietly wait in the side, listening to the edge of the Zengjia life experience, while looking at the daughter said: "So you do not want to be a boy after the girls, are not related to, Mother love you." "The girl ate half the banana in her mouth and made a grimace," the mother quipped, "Don't spit it out, I hear very much."

The Zengjia teacher was invited to participate in the "out in taiwan" photography program, he thought this plan is very meaningful, so that we can further understand the sex minority friends, in fact, are very diverse, everyone has their own unique place. Through the appearance of the LGBT community, so that the public to see the rights of sexual minorities, Zengjia at the age of 51 years of practice.

It is the most important thing to have a good upbringing for future generations, our children, regardless of sex, whether men or women can have a family.

Zengjia Core

For the upcoming Pingquan, Zengjia-core teacher also called for: "Please vote for the 14th and 15, this is for the future of our next generation, whether it is the marriage rights or gender equality education, in fact, everyone has an impact, let everyone benefit." Gender equality education allows our children to know how to protect themselves and respect others. 」

Zhong Mingxuan: You can not support it, but you can't say it's wrong.

Zhong Mingxuan in the past because the song "suffering" burst red, after the public out of the ark, all the way to the school suffered bullying, but still fearless to do their own.

He mentioned that the purpose of participating in the "out in taiwan" was very simple and simply wanted to make a voice for the comrades. In response to the issue of Pingquan, he domineering a word to everyone to vote well, "there will be opposition in the world, you can not support, but you cannot say that this behavior is not right, because everyone has his position." Anyway, I think Taiwan will be legal, do not need to talk too much nonsense. October 27 Comrade Parade Everyone must attend, this is the last time before the wedding parade, you know what I mean? 」

During the interview, listening to each LGBT group of friends to share their own growth process encountered setbacks and repression, for gay rights and interests on the road, occasionally frustrating, but I can always in their faces and talk with a glimpse of the persistence and hope. Also found that society has a lot of oppression of LGBT people, but these oppression, also let them learn to understand others more tolerant, understanding of the meaning of love.

I think that love is more than like a bit deeper things, so it is very difficult to fathom, to feel. Because everyone's definition is different, what do you think of love? Look at yourself.

Zhong Mingxuan

Steamed bread: A referendum should not be used to determine how people are to be classified

Steamed bread, is the marriage equality platform of the entire Taiwan organization management Co-ordinator, currently 28 years old, rental housing in Taipei, she said, she is a keen member of the social movement.

Before taking part in the "out in taiwan" photography program, she had already noticed the dazzling wind of the photography program in Japan, this time to participate in the filming program in addition to the efforts of the LGBT community, steamed bun as an organization member of the Big Marriage equality platform, also want to say something to the Pingquan of November 24:

I think that a referendum is an act that should exist, but it should not be used to determine how people are to be classified.

Steamed bread

"Love family referendum three cases have passed, we can only try to publicize what the real meaning of the three cases, I hope you face all the political related things, detailed understanding of the topic and content, with their own point of view to think, and then to vote."

In the 10th, 11 and 12 cases of the Love house referendum, the vote disagrees, it itself will be heterosexual and homosexual into two races, but we are the same people, will eat and drink will have fun also to pay taxes. As for sex education, I also think it is not a bad thing, if parents do not know how to teach or always in a vague way to educate children, this will let the child in other channels to obtain incorrect information.

So sex education in the school is actually the best protective net, in advance to let your child access to the correct information. 」

Finally, we aim at marriage equality, please steamed bread with us to share her to the "home", she was sensitive to mention: "Home is no matter the emotions, everyone can bear the safe haven, regardless of the concept of a different, is to contain all your things in the security area, this is my home's imagination." "When we talk about having a family, we also want to invite you to think together, what is the meaning and core value of" Home "for you?

Bart: God doesn't create a soul he doesn't approve of.

Bart's job is to be a choreographer, often using his own expertise on the web, sharing gay experiences on the Youtube channel and appealing to the public to focus on the LGBT community.

Seeing the concept of a photographic plan, he felt that it was a meaningful thing to be involved: "This is a very powerful organizer, looking for all kinds of LGBT people, including the cruel Son, the blind, all ages and professions, I think this is very meaningful, but also want to voice the topic of marriage equality." 」

In response to the November 24 affirmative surrender, I asked Bart what he wanted to say to the camera. He first shouted: "Don't talk about it!" Everybody knows what to vote for. ~"and then Orthophoto looked at the camera and said," I think there is no question of religion, I am an atheist, but I believe that if there is God, God is not wrong, as you say God is perfect, he does not create a wrong gender of his disapproval of the soul, I hope you will not be in the name of God, the truth of hate. I also hope that I can get married in the future. "(Recommended reading: Warmest parade!) The Christian community apologized to the LGBTQ community: "I'm sorry, God loves you, so are we")

' Even though we all say that marriage is the tomb of Love, it's also a chance for gays to have a taste of marriage, ' said Bart. A humorous remark also reveals the true situation of LGBT communities.

Six of respondents, from their own life experience, share the daily, as well as the current social framework of the inclusion of gay and bitter music. This allows the world to focus on the importance of this Pingquan to the LGBT community.

In order for the LGBT community to be able to practice the desire to start a family early, it does allow them to enjoy the legal protection of the State and exercise their rights as citizens. We would like to call on everyone, get up and act, November 24 return to your domicile, against the 10th, 11, 12 voted not to agree, 14th, 15 of the case voted to agree, expect our society can let love people, can have "choice right", peace of mind.