The 16th time between d&i strategy! Diversity and Inclusion (D&I), which are executed by many foreign enterprises, are seldom discussed in Taiwan. Women fans invited to the Microsoft Women in tech event, now for you to organize the highlights of the event, learn how Microsoft to build d&i workplace, nurturing women science and technology talent

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October 18, women fans invited to join WinHEC 2018 Taipei--women in Tech, understand the status of Taiwan's science and technology women, and how Microsoft to build d&i the workplace, nurturing women science and technology talent. (Recommended reading:WinHEC 2018 Taipei first push women in tech: science and technology women will become industrial power )

This event also invited Erin Chapple, senior vice president of Microsoft Global Cloud and AI Division and Microsoft Global female community leader, to share the spirit of diversity (diversity and inclusion). In her opening speech, she talked about a person who wants to be valuable, and the most important thing is to really know who you are, to find the things you love, and to continue to work on this path. Ultimately, it will lead you to success, because you can clearly identify what you want and what you don't need.

In understanding your own process, you can constantly ask yourself: "What kind of things will make me full of motivation?" What kind of action will make people around you want to work with me? What changes can I bring to the business? 」

What Erin Chapple share is the concept of multi-dimensional integration-to bring the individual potential of employees into full play.

Women in tech activities, I was most impressed, and Erin Chapple said the words: "Life without lines." Although women in the science and technology industry is still a minority, if the heart of the direction, it should be the courage to pursue, all of the mind, Change can come from yourself.

Women are obsessed with your three-point Microsoft women in Tech's exciting content to share with you.

Creating a multi-blend workplace environment

In Microsoft for more than 20 years, Erin Chapple has always attached great importance to women's affairs, as well as links with people. The Women's Leadership Committee (Women Leadership Council), founded in 2003, is seen as an important example of the Microsoft women's community. But when it comes to creating a community, she laughs that she initially wanted to learn about other leading women's work experience at Microsoft and to get strength or advice from them, so she volunteered to invite people to lunch. Gradually, more and more women were involved and formed a committee of women leaders. Erin Chapple says these processes are natural and simple, and reflect the needs of women in the community. Creating a female community is easy, and it can start with lunch.

Today, the Women's leadership committee has a total of hundreds of participants, while Microsoft offers time and space to share the experience of women.

At the same time, Microsoft is committed to promoting employee training, improving the unconscious bias of employees on top and bottom, and setting out 10 inclusive code of conduct (Inclusive behaviors):

  • Examine your assumptions (experiment your hypothesis)
  • Make a habit of asking questions (form the habit of asking questions)
  • Ensure all voices is heard (make sure all sounds are heard)
  • Listen carefully to the person speaking until they feel understood (listen carefully to others until they feel understood)
  • Address misunderstandings and resolve disagreements (resolve misunderstandings and disagreements)
  • If you had a strong reaction to someone and ask yourself why (if you react strongly to someone, ask yourself why)
  • Include and seek input from people with a wide variety of backgrounds (accommodating other people's diverse backgrounds and learning)
  • Take action to reduce stressful situations (act to reduce stress)
  • Understand every person's contribution (understanding everyone's contribution)
  • Be brave (to be brave)

These guidelines encourage employees to experiment, ask questions, and make the voices of people of different genders, races, and sexual orientation heard. This creates a community and workplace environment that helps Microsoft women to express their ideas bravely and develop careers at Microsoft.

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The role of women in career and family transformation

Career women's role in work and family change, there will always be "unable to reconcile" doubts. Erin Chapple, for example, was worried about her new job, and she did not want to miss every moment of her family's growth because of the increased workload. But Erin Chapple also wanted to accept different challenges, so she began to adjust her mind and find ways to work with her.

  • Know yourself (Knowing yourself): Clarify your strengths and short board, what should be done, what should not be done.
  • Build a relationship (Building Network): After you know yourself, try to build relationships with others and support each other's short boards. It is also a community relationship that Erin Chapple has always attached importance to, and she believes women should support women and become each other's aid.

Erin Chapple believes that work is a part of life, there is no so-called working family two choose one, you need to clarify their ability and can not, at the same time establish community relations, seek support (whether it is to share leadership experience, give spiritual encouragement), find a way to get along with the work, let it naturally covered in life. When you can master your strengths and passions, you can reach your potential. Your family and career will be where you get energy and momentum.

Microsoft to take action to call attention to diversity

In Taiwan's education system, science and engineering are still dominated by men, Chen Yunong, assistant professor of Taiwan University of Technology and Research, said that in fact, science and engineering need not only mathematical ability, but also creative and idea application, but because of the current situation of education environment, when the female mathematics is not good enough, often not encouraged to read the Science and engineering Department, This has also allowed many women to abandon the pursuit of the day.

Yang Dihua, deputy general manager of Microsoft Research and Development Office in Taiwan, believes that women usually bear the invisible pressure, urging themselves to work harder to prove that boys and girls achievement is the same, but in recent years, she gradually understand that the only person to face the end of their own, there is no need to live in other people's values, women should find their own good, And there are passionate areas to play, do not need to force themselves "must do better than men", or "must prove that girls can also".

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"What you have to do is Your true self, and then see that this thing you do is like, open unhappy, is not worthy of their own." "Yang Dihua want to encourage women, brave to go their own way, not because of the eyes of others to give up."

Chen Yunong wants everyone to realize that assessing a person should be based on ability, not gender.

Microsoft spares no effort to drive a multi-workplace environment. Yang Dihua hopes that through this women in Tech's activities, Microsoft is implementing the multi-d&i policy, women's training activities, such as Coding Angels for female students, Ada Fair Science and Technology Women's Forum, School Cooperation information Education Week ... , inviting the industry to participate and work for diversity.

Next week, we'll take a closer look at what Microsoft is doing to drive d&i.