With Heera boyfriend threatened to publish two human love film, triggered 270,000 netizens signed solidarity with the Lotus. And the whole story reflects South Korea's disregard for intimate violence.

9/13 early in the morning, South Korean actress with Heera boyfriend Tri Jongvan find the police, accusing his girlfriend because of dissatisfaction with his breakup, and violence against him, there may be a charge of the charges for injury. A three-degree pull out of the law with her boyfriend reconciliation, but all useless. In a few days, she disclosed to South Korea's largest entertainment media Dispatch her own diagnosis, as well as multiple bruises, explaining that it was not only a unilateral attack.

To 10/4 Media released a section with Heera to the boyfriend kneeling elevator monitor screen, exposing her many reasons for the extrajudicial settlement-boyfriend with two sex films as blackmail, intimidation to the media to explode material, ruined her acting career. Then Heera also confessed that he was afraid of being threatened by his boyfriend.

"Obviously (the film) have been deleted ... I was afraid." 」

Seoul Jiangnan Police station is also in number 19th, to the court for injury, threats of suspicion of a heera boyfriend's detention order, but the court found that the reason is insufficient, there is no evidence that he had leaked the film, and dismissed the detention order.

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270,000 netizens ' solidarity with Jose

The incident was the last straw that sparked anger in South Korean women.

South Korean women on the judicial gender inequality, has endured to the limit, from Spycam (using pinhole cameras candid women, and then sold to pornographic sites), until the Korean women to spread naked male models were caught in the incident [Note 1], South Korea's judicial repeatedly punished women, with men. So the tension of the threat of intimate violence, there are 270,000 netizens signed, hoping to punish people like Tri Jongvan sex offenders.

Nearly 270,000 netizens on the website of the Blue Tile Joint petition, asked to re-heera boyfriend's behavior. Pictures | screenshot of Blue Tile station website

South Korean women also launched the social movement "inconvenient Courage" (also translated: uncomfortable courage), also held a protest in 10/6, tens of thousands of people gathered at the Seoul City Hui-shi station, demanding the judiciary punish these candid women, sex films to threaten female offenders. Dressed in red, they held up the slogan: "Don't cry alone, we will be your strength", "because it is a woman sentenced, because it is a man so suspended."

Photo | Inconvenient Courage Twitter

Photo | Inconvenient Courage Twitter

Photo | Inconvenient Courage Twitter

The Heera incident will cause women to be so angry, reflecting the fact that South Korea ignores the intimate relationship violence. Why would a heera prefer to ask his boyfriend to settle out of law four times, rather than to tell the truth in the first time? Why is it obvious that she is the deepest victim of the relationship, but to endure the pain of being beaten by a close lover, even in the heart of the injury, kneeling in the elevator mouth, begging boyfriend do not publish the film?

Because she knew the sex film after the release, the injury will not be only the pain of the flesh, but people to her various lambasting. We can even imagine that the network on the one side laughed at her stupidity, saying "who told her not to Love", "do not shoot it will be all right", another crazy movie. And the whole thing is heartbreaking: The man is constantly making injuries, but he is not sorry, he even took the initiative to sue the police for atrocities. But a girl is hurt, but unwilling, can't and dare not to help outsiders, she is more likely not to realize that she is suffering from intimate relationship violence, just reflect and review oneself is not too stupid, do not know how to protect themselves.

But the truth is, she's not stupid, and every one of us could be a pull. (Recommended reading: Intimate relationship violence!) Refusing revenge: No one has the right to distribute your private photos.

Two of people in love based on trust, happiness, shooting intimate images, no one will think that in the future, this film, will become the former lover to threaten their own means. Looking around, you may be surrounded by people who are suffering from intimacy violence, or you are alone in pain.

What can we do in the face of intimate relationship violence?

What is Love? It should be two people in a position of equality, in the case of self-retention, creating emotional links. When you feel your emotions, your actions are pinned down, you can't express your thoughts, or you feel a clear power dominated relationship, such as inability to say no to the other, verbal bullying, or physical violence, you may be in intimate relationship violence.

We should all have a sense of the right intimacy and the possibility of a more egalitarian and democratic relationship. In love, we are still a pair of equal people.

If you are also intimidated to spread nude photos/Sex images, please don't get yourself to blame, it's not your fault. You can ask your family and friends for help, and use more external resources, such as mentoring groups, foundation-assisted assistance, or Women's gender-toolbox resources, which provide a rescue channel for Women's Foundation or the Taiwan Riot Alliance.

At the same time, women fans are eager to be your strength to accompany you through these difficulties.