Women are obsessed with writing, inviting you to write down the weight of the text with a handwritten temperature. Life is a long journey, accompany you the longest person, after all, is your own.

Women are obsessed with writing, write down words that you believe and touch deep inside.
The text has the power, the handwriting has the temperature, for you selects the woman to be fascinated by handwriting IG five quotations,
Hope to bring you more affirmation of yourself, the courage to face the world.


You have to experience your own selfishness before you can let go of your selfishness.

--Zheng Yinong


Life is really to please who, but also only the most important of their own.

--Sister's crazy quotations


I learned later that I could never change the way people think,
But you can adjust your mind, do not lose to negative ideas.

--Watanabe straight Beauty


I always thought I was ordinary, but I was reminded
You are very important to me, that's enough.

--Cheer Chen


In order to find the right person,
I choose the best I have left.

--Single Diary

Women's obsession with writing and recruiting

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