But since the beginning of joining the intelligence community, there is a problem that has been deeply troubling me, and what exactly is ?Because Nat is a clean fetishism in itself, see dirt and dirt, it's not right!How exactly does filthy cell phone screen "ever be able to restore it just as it just bought a new sample ?"

But with a variety of biofictiality, I don't like the traditional dull, the innate character of the flower "and the" I, " which is a little bit of a storytelling, unfit to be able to be used by the traditional cleaning cloth!At this point, the Pikka Pikka I'm going to take a look at it, and I'm going to open it. … … .

(The following pictures can be directly connected to the selling market after the selection!

At first sight, he saw him as a handkerbor, and wrapped beautifully and beautifully designed, and didn't expect it to be used for wiping!At one point, there was a little need to use it!

The entire effect of wiping is dumbfounded!It's really very clean, so it turns out that its brand stories are quite interesting!As early as in the year 2000, Lexus, a famous Japanese company, developed its own elements to make a final process, and in 2000 many big brands began working with them across the border to roll out their joint products.

most amazing thing about this is that it uses Japanese exclusively licensed technology, the world's finer fiber cleaning cloth, and even Japan Photographic Association has unanimously recommended it. No wonder it can clean up my baby 3C merchandise and eyeglasses. It's clean and enough. It's a kind of "cloth" that shouldn't be underestimated!

My phone and pen power were saved again, and it was like a new one!(See the entire big heart of the pop-up screen)

There are quite a lot of colors, each of which has its own unique style. It's like a little editor who likes this Pikka Giry Collection – by Julina's design, adorable colors and patterns, so that each time you pull out your glasses, you'll be in a good mood.

The original Pikka Giry Collection series is a design that combines the best of women in many industries, so that each of the wipes has its own personality, and a serious woman is of course the most beautiful!

Can you use life style like this to make you use a life like this? I think this kind of brand spirit and combination is very creative!

In an instant, wiping also became a fashion lifestyle.

Of course there are so many little flowers, each one of them is very much wanted!(Suddenly I don't know how to choose) and the theme style of the rabbit and dragon.

In addition, it has a pretty good cleaning force, and it is therefore very cool to hear that there are many girls in Japan who will use it as a clean shampoo.If a reader has used it, share it with us!

In addition to the lovely "Cute Cobb" series, Pikka Pikka also has a vegetarian optics, like me, a clean and low-key reader. It's very practical.

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