Tonight, let the woman fascinated by the selection of quotations to you warm, accompany your loneliness, before bed to say goodnight to you.

Women are fascinated by good night quotations and believe in the power of each word. For your selection of five star quotations, hope you know, become their own road, there are twists and turns, there are thorns, but we hold the love and faith, go decently.


The cycle of all things, the last is to return to themselves, everyone should bear and enjoy their own choices.

Tiffany Ning

"Everyone's growing up is constantly looking for themselves. For two or three years I've been looking for what I really like. The last choice is your heart, your heart will tell you what to do. 」

"The decisions made in the past are not necessarily what they really want, but rather low in order to meet the needs of the people around them." 」

"But in fact, no one takes the knife holder to you, wants you to do so, the cycle of all things, finally return to oneself body, everybody should undertake and enjoy own choice." 」

At this moment in front of us Xu Shanning seems particularly happy, because she does not panic 30 years old, but more solid walk every step, not waste good may, do not give up understanding themselves.

Article: Tiffany Ning and Mr. H.H 30 years old: for their own courage to let go


You have to recognize who you really are and who you are to love who you are.


From me to us, two people have the ambition to say together, the compromise is very important, Janet feel that compromise is not to give up, but to see each other life rhythm different, willing to work together in harmony when fast slow.

George said, "The secret is:" Nothing is yours and mine, but ours. For them, love is not to lose themselves, but to find their desire in each other, Janet said: "You have to love yourself, it is possible that someone loved you, you have to recognize the true who you are, others will love the real you." 」

Two The answer is not set, but a tacit answer to a "from me to us" process. Many people say that two people have a husband and wife face, maybe love makes them like each other's appearance love, we are not always lucky, like the couple also after many missed to meet each other, I asked another time, you will love each other earlier?

Janet Smile said no, maybe they are going to experience so many wrong scenery, will come to this brilliant section of the road. Love So, life is the same, so live, like that short 50 days of the Antarctic journey, in the unknown, live their own color.

Article:Janetxgeorge: Into the comfort circle of love, jumping out of the stratosphere of life


Lack of angle is not bad, you should be in harmony when you can melt, you have the principle of not be changed, it is necessary to persist.

Wu Kang Ren

Wu Kang benevolence has a kind of upright trait, but he laughs that he has done too many tasks before, what bad things have not seen before.

I see. Wu is a citizen who is always sensitive to society, not shy of expressing his position, willing to go to the system of collision. Perhaps Wu Kang Ren never felt that he was an idol artist, he focused on his role outside the actor, but also to consolidate the edges and corners of the character, he said: "At the age of 30 I thought I was grinding off the edges, and later found that my horn is more sharp." 」

Wu Yuenen then drew a picture, describing himself as a cube, nearly 30 o'clock was ground into a cylinder, and now 33 years old, he formed a rounded corner and in the shape.

Wu Yuenen said round things look very comfortable, but there will be no personality, now he can still hold his own time, he would like to use angular shape to embed the world, Wu Kang Ren Smile said he is a cynical taboo people, often have some "don't like" things let him want to speak aloud.

He said that such a person, like the Ye Jiande in the "Anesthesia Storm", would resent the imbalance of the system and get up against it, saying: "Sometimes the" normal "you see is not necessarily correct, but because everyone is so, we seem to be so. 」

Article: lucky to be abused by drama! Interview with Wu Kang Ren: "Harmony is the way, the lack of angle to let you succeed."

You're just going to challenge the insecurity, and you can make something different.

Zhang Junning

Zhang Junning is a good student who grew up under the system, she said: "I am not very smart, nor too many ideas, but there is an authority and norms in my mind, did not do on the conscience." 」

When she was a child, she did not know the link with the world, followed by the system of Pesach moment, until meet the actor career, only to find that they have a different place.

We all thought Zhang Junning live freely, but perhaps we can not imagine, shoot "white giant Tower" that year, Zhang Junning only 23 years old, applause came too fast, she was too late to know herself.

"I did not want to miss any opportunity, each play can be too important, but forget how to live life, also forget the original performance of the nutrients should come from life." 」

Article: be a happy woman man! Zhang Junning: 33 years old, fearless is my greatest tenderness


I always feel very ordinary, but I have been reminded that you are very important to me, that is enough.

Cheer Chen

Back to his own, Kee-Zhen said the "Sun" This song is written to like her, feel very small people. In 07, she moved out alone, felt complete loneliness, wrote songs, felt like the sun burning in the night, guarding the night city.

"The sun may not know that he is important, like I always feel very ordinary, but has been reminded me that you are very important to me, that is enough." "At that moment, Kee Zhen smiled as newborn baby, clean and transparent.

I looked at her, thanks for this two hours, feel gentle grow out of form, warm your senses, so you can tell yourself, I also have the ability to do who's sun.

Article: interview cheer Chen: Do not be a flat label, to be a three-dimensional people