The 17th time between d&i strategy! Diversity and Inclusion (D&I), which are executed by many foreign enterprises, are seldom discussed in Taiwan. Let's take a look at how Taiwan's Microsoft has created an inclusive and diverse workplace from employee spirit and welfare.

Last week, women were fascinated by the highlights of Microsoft women in Tech's activities. As one of the technology leaders, Microsoft launched D&i for more than 20 years, 9/6 Thomson Reuters announced the world's most diverse and inclusive of 100 companies , Microsoft ranked 16,d&i index of 74.25 [Note 1].

In fact, Taiwan's Microsoft has also been looking to start from its own, the workplace trend to introduce Taiwan. Next, let's take a look at how Taiwan Microsoft is working from the staff spirit, welfare, and external actions to create a career that allows employees to develop their talents freely, and also hopes that Microsoft's actions can be used as a reference for companies.

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The ideal workplace that Taiwan Microsoft is striving to create

In Microsoft Women in tech: 10 inclusive guidelines to build a d&i workplace environment , Microsoft Shares 10 inclusive guidelines for companies, and these 10 guidelines are not rigid dogma, but a culture that encourages every employee to speak out and to make their voices heard. Make employees believe in personal value, believe what they do, can find new and good changes for the company. And these 10 inclusive criteria, the implementation of the company to the grassroots level.

In addition to the entrepreneurial spirit, Microsoft also starts with welfare policy, allowing employees to freely master the pace of work and not work as a criterion for judging performance. So employees can flexible commute time, each month to choose a day at home independent work. Maternity leave, paternity leave, adoption leave and home care leave together for up to 36 weeks, and this benefit applies to anyone: single, divorced adoption, multi-family ... (Extended reading: Eight days marriage leave five days paternity leave!) North Municipal protection of gay workers ' rights and interests )

The benefits are non-gay/heterosexual, and Microsoft's multifaceted inclusion is truly a policy. In fact, Microsoft started supporting same-sex marriage in 1989, and Michael Karimian, the Global Microsoft Human Rights Program manager, said:

"While we cannot influence all aspects of lgbtq+ employees ' lives, we can create a workplace environment that is passionate, respectful and inclusive – a place where they can play their skills." 」

"Businesses must provide equality for their employees. 」

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This support was in conjunction with the time, in 2012 co-founder Bill Gates donated $100,000 to boycott the referendum on anti-gay marriage. So every occasion for lgbtq+ to sound, they were never absent, such as the Taiwan Gay Parade, which ended this year, and Microsoft took its employees along the streets to brighten the Rainbow's pride.

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Training for Taiwanese talent

Some of the foreign companies we've seen in the past, Google, Apple, Twitter, Facebook⋯⋯, and so on, will choose to work with nonprofits, sponsor funds or venues, and offer less representative groups the opportunity to invest more in the STEM sector, such as Anita Borg, Black Girls Code,Girls who code,Code2040. And Taiwan's Microsoft is not lagging behind in nurturing talent:

Held Ada Fair Technology Forum to release 300 jobs

The Ada Fair Science and Technology Women's Forum, which just ended in March this year, invited the women Role model into the technology industry to share the mental process of investing in STEM, as well as working with companies to release more than 300 technical fields and prioritize them for women.

Coding Angels Workshop, breaking gender barriers

In response to the "hour of code" event initiated by the United States , Taiwan has held "coding Angels since 2015. Women's Programming Workshop ", with female college students as the target group, lead them to learn the programming language, arouse more people's interest in the program, break the barriers built by gender stereotypes. Over the past three years, more than thousand people have attended this workshop.

Taiwan, which is not familiar with the concept of d&i, may be able to generate these thoughts through the actions of Taiwan's Microsoft: Are you in a business that creates enough open space? such as the courage to ask questions, free expression of opinion, whether employees can affirm self-worth? For example, believe that you can bring about change for the company, planning your career in this business.

A diversified enterprise should keep each employee's personality and way of thinking, create the "open thinking" space, and make each person become complementary. When the enterprise can arouse the enthusiasm of the staff to work, it is possible to let the enterprise go longer and farther. (Recommended you see: to User book 02: Hey, come with us, okay? )