Admiralty Screenwriter Xu Xian this time as a film director, "#谁先爱上他的" took the Taipei Film Festival Five Awards, shortlisted Golden Horse Eight.

She wrote the script from the past, and none of the characters were perfect. She said Cheng and green, "hate to die, so domineering, but not cute, cute!" Li stuffy, suppress, love a woman love 14 years dare not speak, go eat excrement! "Hahaha, but you see, we all love Big Brother Ah." "I just want to share with the audience, we all have shortcomings, clinging to become the perfect person, may have no characteristics." 」

Xu Xian not only to be a screenwriter, but also to be a director. Who first fell in love with his comrade in order to do back to "normal" as the blueprint for development: Professor Song Jongyuan, find a good girl Liu Sanlian married, organized heterosexual family, gave birth to a son. After Song Jongyuan smokers cancer died, wife Liu Sanlian (Shei adorn), with the country's son Song, find the husband's lover Jie (Roy Chiu adorn), forcing him to spit out the insurance. In the process of insurance return, Liu Sanlian, Song and Jie three people, a laugh to tears also cry to choke, about love and betrayal, family and revenge, conflict and understanding of the story.

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Outside the preview room, the media are cleaning up the mood of the movie actress, and occasionally a nose-sucking voice. The movie, which is also coming soon, has two directors and two other writers. The origin of the script, from the true story-Xu Xian's long-time not contact classmates.

In this interview, we talk about the story behind the script. Xu Xian, like the family has not met but the most amiable elders, with a warm smile, bring home tea insulation pot, slowly seated, we epigenetic ears and curiosity, listen.

"It was in a friend's long-lost reunion occasion, I met the former monitor, the monitor is very beautiful, talented, I have always admired her." That day, she suddenly picked me up and said, "I'm going to stay at your house tonight!" "I was startled. Later drank a little wine, just know the monitor insisted to come to my home reason, she said, I want to tell you my story, because my life story than your script is also wonderful! 』」

This sentence Xu Xian hearing more, she smiled, "but it seems that my life has not been miserable and rich!" "Also self-ridicule, did not expect the monitor's story really makes Xu Xian court shocked: She witnessed her husband betrayal, object, is a man." For the Xu Xian, the incident was astonishing, and she was not shocked by the story itself. "I was surprised by the look of my classmates at the time, she used very strong, pretending to be cheerful attitude, disguise her sadness, and her in this story of the humble." She said, "I'm not sad at all!" It's not sad! It's all over! "But we are all women, the disguise of women is able to wear at a glance." 」

At that time the scene, has been left in the mind of Xu Xian, she and another Admiralty screenwriter Lu Yinyuan invited draft, to provide this subject reference. "I said, you can also not adopt, you do not use I will also write!" "The results may be Xu Xian, Lu Yinyuan was attracted by such a role, after several months of fieldwork, Lu Dill wrote, is" who first fell in love with his "script.

Xu Xian's rival said: "We and the enemy, the similarities are more amazing

The theme of the script is profound: Comrade issues, emotional blackmail, generation communication, family changes and so on, Xu Yu court originally thought will get a cry from head to tail of the script, a read, did not think it is wonderful realism to make the collapse of laughter, every sentence is very cheap lines, like yesterday to listen to what neighbors said. Humorous packaging, very good entrance. Near the end of the Pingquan cast before the release, Xu Yu Ting said this is just, "I have too many gay friends, not to speak for Comrade Voice, but also do not want to use gay activities to do propaganda or consumption, but hope that through this film, everyone can think in their own position, in the end what problems, resulting in such a comprehensive tragedy." 」

The writer's work, often in self-dialectic, one thing must stand at a multi-angle to re-watch, before writing the script. "An event, eight people involved, all aspects to think about, I often say, the writer is doing a transposition of thinking career." 」

In preparation for the "Who first fell in love with him" that a while, Xu Yu court and partners to realize that Taiwan has a common phenomenon: discuss things, like confrontation, not at this end, is that end. "It was a pity to have blocked the way to understand each other at the outset!" "She can't help moving out of a human experience, for example," Take the simplest thing to say well, we probably all have the enemy, hate it! Once I met a certain love of the rival, I observed her remotely, only to find the sky, we have a lot of similarities between the two! 」

It is a sign that you will fall in love with the same person, probably for the same reason. "Open up, we have a lot of similar parts inside, and then I know that she even the zodiac blood type is the same as me!" If it weren't for this guy, we'd probably be the best friends! She opened her eyes and looked really sorry. "Most of the time, we first set up the" You are the enemy "label, so lost a lot of can understand each other, find a resonance opportunity. 」

In her words, I have to think: do we have a common point with the Love Family alliance? Both sides want to protect the love and the next generation, but because of fear and do not understand, let people close communication. To communicate this problem, say it is very easy, do it hard, do everything possible, nothing but hope to create a friendly environment.

Xu Xian set out the extreme rival form: Liu Sanlian, with the husband of male lover Jie, is to be the most easy to understand the feelings, to talk about the multi-oriented Taiwan social confrontation. She throws a tough question, "Do we have to try and think for a bit?" "From the perspective of the person you hate, how does he see the world, what is he afraid of, and how can you talk to him?"

Everyday can't be bored! Life is everywhere.

Although the students of the Xu Xian court provided the source of the story, the characters were not created by the students ' image at all. "Writers can't move real events intact, but with a lot of imaginative remodeling, it's the happiest place to be a screenwriter." 」

Good actors, directors or writers, she says, often have a powerful ability to open their senses and collect material from every moment of everyday life.

"In fact, it's really strange, sometimes I don't want to collect all the way." "Xu Xian court immediately gave an example," I interviewed yesterday, with Shei eat, in a small hot pot, that ring small pot, opposite there is a lady, I eat eat, motioned Shei see that expensive woman, Shei observed said, "This is a role!" "You see, we often save the disk." 」

Xu Xian and Shei Two people, immediately unfold analysis: the appearance of the lady, like a rich three-generation wife, not nouveau riche, "why?" For example, when the clerk came, she told the clerk, "You are 699, you only give me three fish?" "A look at the posture!" Like us, think of 699 there are three fish, said the fish is very good yes! Isn't it? "We nodded in the past with the experience of the pit.

Rich three generations even if the family is luxurious and comfortable, but she will sincerely tell you that our home environment is OK, "because she has no idea what is bad." But the nouveau riche will tell you, come and see our house, the toilet of gold, the refrigerator of gold, this is the upstart. 」

Xu Xian not like sports, but the only thing she likes is jogging in the park in front of the studio, letting her clear the trouble, and by the way burn calories. "Every time I run over there, I can meet the people and events that are so interesting ~ fun ~!" She was amazed by the force. "Every evening running, will encounter FDHs pushing a stroke of the arbor out." I ran the first lap, Arbor saw I would say "Hello, Miss!" "Xu Xian a stroke, like a sudden upper body," and then I ran the second lap, and Arbor would say, "Miss you Beautiful!" "I often say, directed at the perseverance of the arbor, I run five laps!" See if Arbor will stand up on the fifth lap! 」

Even if just go to the park to do a yoga, ears open, you can hear a lot of things, "You can tell, this is the old wife, this is a netizen meet, this is the feelings are about to crack what." 」

She can find wonderful materials in ordinary everyday life and share her urban observation with us. "I like to walk the alley, especially the apartment bars. The bars of every house are different! Today you can look up and see every night from the curtains through the light, some of the color is blue cold, some warm yellow, I looked at, will be a story for each family. Sometimes I hear the laughter from home, I will judge immediately: two sons, a daughter! "We burst into laughter," I just can't help it! 」

All the while, the writers are observing, many characters are saved in the writer's mind, but also because all the while caring about people, no role is absolutely copy, but from a lot of data collection, pinch an image out, because so, people can in the Xu Xian of the character, to find the part that can be projected, and their common point.

The Constitution of man is the same, we are all selfish and treacherous petty

"Who first fell in love with him" the play, there are many characters opposite each other's position and character, she said, no one is particularly difficult in the creation, "because you know, the composition of people are actually the same, we are a bit selfish, treacherous, greedy petty, rogue, but the proportion of the combination is not quite the same AH." "She blinked and made people feel like they were being seen through.

"Someone is a bit more rogue, we just point at him and say," You scoundrel! "Some people are particularly selfish, for example, I have a friend, every time I go to dinner, his wallet is always the slowest to pull out, a special fire, I want to wait for him to take out his wallet, see his purse has not come out, stuck there have to talk about other topics, I said, first put the wallet out!" Why would I have seen her slow out of her purse? Just because sometimes, I can be stingy. 」

Xu Xian said she has a theory, when you will find other people's shortcomings, recognize it at a glance, because you are too familiar with it!

"Every time I see someone else sternly scold another person, I have to pinch a cold sweat for him, in the mind, you want to go back to check, whether you have this part, or you can not recognize it." 」

The starting point of Xu Xian observation is never a critique. "There is no perfect man!" "I like to look at my shortcomings," Xu Xian said earnestly.

We are too easy to be a perfect person, thinking that only the perfect is lovely, worthy of being loved. Xu Xian said that when she was a child, she practiced ballet, very thin, petite, in order to study the ballet stopped, the body began to transverse and straight to the development of continuous expansion, immediately fat up. "Later, have been very want to go back to childhood was praised by everyone" looks like a doll, very cute Oh! "The appearance. 」

She said that fat is the most visible to the naked eye, the most easy to be labeled as the shortcomings of the community, in order to make a perfect person, she has been losing weight, a long time later found that weight loss is really not happy, even if successful, she also found that others praise instead let her uncomfortable, "I need more, is actually my praise, and put myself a horse." 」

"The shortcomings of the form, and the inherent shortcomings are the same, are our characteristics." "If I look very pretty today, I might be too busy to fall in love and change my boyfriend, so I don't have time to write a script." 」

God has closed a window for you, and will open a door for you. Because she was not confident, she developed another way of self-confidence, such as being good at observing people and making the script more and more mature and interesting.

"But in character, if not to face the shortcomings of character, not to confess, it will never be happy." 」

She asked, "You will have a friend, she is very stingy, but one day she confessed to tell you" because I am stingy! "But I think she's cute?" "You dare say, I like you!" The same can be proven, when I know their shortcomings, put myself a horse, I will be more like myself. 」

Some shortcomings by the tutor or social vision suppressed, does not mean that there is no, Xu Yu court from the previous writing script, not a character under is perfect. "Cheng and green, hate to die, so domineering, but not cute, cute enough!" Li stuffy, suppress, love a woman love 14 years dare not speak, go eat excrement! "Hahaha, but you see, we all love Big Brother Ah."

"I just want to share with the audience, we all have shortcomings, become a perfect person, maybe we have no characteristics." Accept your shortcomings, but you will be measured, hide that part, but the more easily expand. 」

Interview Xu Xian: I also have anxiety, I will copy heart, drink whiskey, draw form

Editorial PostScript

Xu Xian's interview, I chose to share it with the reader in a way that is almost verbatim. The reason is that she too can tell the story, many tell the details, it is difficult to choose to delete. In the interview writing process, there is also a subtle sense of religion, I like believers to transcribe what she said. She has traveled many ways, and she is not bored to share it with others, through theatrical works, and through the form of interviews.

I hope this interview will also be some part of you, whether it is open up new thinking gaps, transposition, healing, or encouragement, picked up some of the words worth keeping, so that we can continue the long road, or happy to cross the next step, also counted merit perfection.

Xu Xian The choice of gold sentence

Many times, we have set up the "You are the enemy" of the label, so lost a lot of can understand each other, find a resonance opportunity.

Xu Xian Court

You will find other people's shortcomings, recognize it at a glance, because you are too familiar with it!

Xu Xian Court

What we need more is actually a compliment to ourselves.

Xu Xian Court

We all have shortcomings, admit it, be a perfect person, maybe we have no characteristics.