Xu Xian "#谁先爱上你" The first version let everyone Cold Sweat DC, almost to sell the house debt, under great pressure, how she let the film back to the dead? "I really experienced the blood of the years, every day to copy the heart, crying drink whisky, draw a table to see how to rebuild." On the other side to do what to do, whether I want to sell the house debt. She said, while the memory of the expression still haunted, we also hear cold sweat DC.

"Who first fell in love with him" the script was completed four years ago, was supposed to be a television film, but the budget of the television film tight, the crew hit the "who first fell in love with his" budget table, 8 million, all TV movies can not accept such a budget. "Everyone likes this script, but they are all puzzlement, because the TV movie is the more than 3 million budget, we have to politely refuse us." 」

But Xu Xian that she likes Lu-yuan's script so much, does she want to compromise? "I want to accept more than 3 million of the budget, all the way down, let me like the script, can not achieve the satisfaction of the appearance of the heart?" I don't think I want to compromise. 」

So she decided to put the script on hold for two years, to dissolve their own establishment of the production company, the use of two years, desperately write scripts to earn royalties, earn royalties, and then re-production company recovery, called good friends to invest, "since the TV film can not be achieved, we will take it to the pattern of the film to do!" 」

Electric Copy to Hope May, but May version, Li Lie, Yee Director and producer and other people see Cold Sweat DC, she showed Warner, Warner also frighten back pieces, immediately said thank you again contact. May version no way, had to big revision.

"I really experienced the blood of the years, every day to copy the heart, crying drink whisky, draw a table to see how to rebuild." On the other side to do what to do, whether I want to sell the house debt. She said, while the memory of the expression still haunted, we also hear cold sweat DC.

Later spent eight months of time, re-editing, after 40 large and small version, changed to the current appearance, just asked Warner general manager to see the film again. "I remember the time I called everyone and looked at the figure of the general manager of Warner Stone, and I was shaking all over. As long as the stone always see half stand up, I will immediately cut the belly suicide! "She showed a man ready to go to righteousness expression, did not expect the stone always read the film, immediately back to her and said," Who you are, what you did! "Shi always thought Xu Xian Court re-filmed this film, didn't think Xu Xian court just good to re-cut."

When the movie was released, it went to the back row in November, and the Golden Horse Prize was announced at the time of "who first fell in love with him" in eight prizes. Not to mention the Golden Horse award, even the Taipei Film Festival won five awards, it is unexpected. Golden Horse Award A finalist, Xu Yu court and the cast had to rewrite propaganda of the system works, "shortlisted, can not be enlarged propaganda object, originally did not expect to be shortlisted Ah, also with Shei, Roy Chiu said," Good, got the Taipei Film Festival is over, otherwise we will head disease! 』」

Why is it useful to copy the Heart Sutra and draw the form?

I am really curious to hear here, in the face of enormous pressure and bottlenecks, the heart of the Sutra, drawing forms, really useful? Like the secret recipe, Xu Yu Court voice low, resolute, "Really useful!" 」

"The heart is to let you first vacated, and sometimes we will feel I am afraid, I am afraid, but do not know what they fear." The heart-reading is to get you back to the present, no matter what you are afraid of, go back to this moment. Copy the warp, back to the present, you can easily detect what you are now in the tense what, it is easy to detect the tension is no use, now the problem is what, one by one write down. 」

Xu Xian said, she likes to draw forms, all the way to draw all kinds of forms, to identify problems, conclusions, breakthrough solutions, Solutions, "because first of all, you have to calm down, otherwise you can not see the problem in which side, how to solve their own problems?" 」

She said that it was a package itinerary to copy the heart, drink whisky and draw a form. "The heart is to calm down, drink whisky is to help themselves relax, and then do the form is rational analysis." Repeat the process every day, only to think of a breakthrough never agree solution. 」

The screenwriter was lonely, she was in deep depression

The heart of the drawing form, in fact, she found in the difficulties of the new method. In order to have money to shoot "who first fell in love with him", Xu Yu court in writing the script to make money in the past two years, had fallen into depression.

"The writer is very, very lonely industry, is a person to the computer, and his brain work." Even my dog and cat are ignoring me. "She had previously set up a production company to shoot two series, every day with a variety of people work, there are any difficulties, are all resolved together, together with laughter suppression." When she returned to her desk again, she confessed that she could not get used to it. Also at that time, she clearly knew she was a depressive offender.

"In fact, people have melancholy, it is not in a certain regularity to improve, it will become" disease. Better, we'll just say, I was a bit blue. At that time I knew that I was already in the direction of the depression, about a month or two, I do not want to go out, do not want to talk to people contact, I know a bit serious. 」

When she had a friend who gave her two tips, the first one was jogging to release endorphins, and the other was to copy the Sutra. "At that time I do not exercise, feel the shortest best copy, copy every day, after copying, I sit down, let oneself static empty down, gradually feel oneself a block of gas, gradually loosen down." 」

Although, I copy the heart, one side is swearing, said to be a ghost, the world's best someone can be the color is empty is the color, less over there! "We laughed.

After the release, there is power to go to the playground. From then on she gradually develop a habit, feel the time of restlessness, go to copy Heart Sutra.

Golden Horse Award announced the finalists that day, she is still changing the propaganda manuscript, announced that the finalist is 5:30, she changed the manuscript is five, half an hour of the gap is very difficult, her hands began to shake, she knew to copy the warp. A copy of Scripture, the heart is quiet down, do not know the sky has changed, a rise, the sky is dark, she just picked up the phone. The phone's homepage was full of messages, and she saw only one word, 8 (eight Golden Horse prizes). 8 The figure was like hitting her face, and when she saw it, her cell phone hit the table with a bang. "I can't believe it!" "She has big eyes.

The explosion of the mood, she has no time to deal with, "I said with that sentiment, go on, I want to change the draft now!" "To this day, the Xu Xian court, who is rushing to publicize the interview, has no time to talk with himself and take care of the mood."

"It's important to take care of yourself, and that's what I want to share with all the girls!" "She barely breathes, and straight to the point," you may encounter one thing, there may be too many factors in the present, so that you can not talk to yourself, in fact, you have the power, but also the ability to find themselves back to the dialogue. Let yourself go back to the situation, and let the other one stand opposite to ask her: Are you OK? What was wrong with you? 」

Speaking of this, she could not help but emphasize, "must return to the time of their own true emotions, otherwise you will have a little floating, empty." Like I recently have a little floating, I would like to remind myself now, you can not head disease Oh! You now all Halo, is the luck plus a lot of people's encouragement, can not think of themselves as great Oh! Let the two of you talk to each other. 」

Let two different self-talk, also avoid oneself to melancholy of root cause. No attention to the mood, accumulated to a certain extent, easy to get sick. "You may need to cry, but you may suppress to say to yourself, cry what!" You're a coward! You have to give yourself a fair amount of time. It's just crying, what's not working! 」

Kaguan and bottlenecks, it's time for progress.

Xu Xian written The script is very scientific, she used to judge the mathematical method, but also the use of this method of life. Looking back at his path, she summed up a mathematical discovery: "As long as the face of the card, to find the problem point, it must be a progress." 」

"The bottleneck comes when it is painful, but also to be happy, because in the face of it, will certainly progress." It's such a math thing for the script. 」

Xu Xian said that every day when she wrote the script, there will be many small Kaguan and small bottlenecks, break it is very happy, but every week may come a bottleneck, every month there will be a big bottleneck, each script will have a huge bottleneck. The bottleneck is the common military, is really face, face, and face.

"Sometimes, it is the subconscious that you help yourself spot Ah!" She incarnate the woman, a word jian refers to the core, first take her own example. For example, "I may not love you" is very red, many people want her to do "I may not Love you" sequel, even if there is still a story to continue to say, but she does not, "is to set a problem for themselves, will progress." "Subconsciously, she is not content to write love So, and then play another self, showing disgust expression" You write love, I am impatient! "So only" tea says he ", speak two self-dialectical. If the sequel was promised, there would be no later "tea says he".

When the younger generation is holding the bottleneck, she often says to them, "Congratulations!" It means you're making progress! "Sometimes she hears other writers saying that there is no bottleneck in writing a script in her life," she thought. "Oh, my God, you haven't made any progress in your life. "The bottleneck is the inevitable stage, life is also."

A mother without love: emotional blackmail is a two-way lasso and cannot move

"Who first fell in love with him" the main role in the film, in fact, is also facing the big card of life. Take Shei as an example of Liu Sanlian, she has a lot of emotional blackmail son Song, such as I do for you ooxx, how can you do this to me. Many of the scenes in the film, can let the audience hook the experience of their own growth: no longer corporal punishment for the children's generation, how to let children according to their own imagination "live Well", many parents do not know other methods, the emotional blackmail this trick.

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For this reason, Xu Yu court because of the role of shaping, Taiwan's mother role has a lot of observation, "I actually found that the surrounding will be emotional blackmail mother, are not love their mother, feel that they do not deserve to be loved mother." She explored the existence of these mothers ' lives with a sense of loss. "These mothers want to prove their existence, so for the children to pay too much, she in other areas, may have encountered problems, some part of their own not to be fulfilled, so began the emotional blackmail." 」

"So I said, love yourself is not a selfish act." Xu Xian said, first of all their hobbies, learned will be appropriate to pay, that kind of pay, will not push people to want to escape.

Xu Xian no children, but with the elder sister to study in Taipei two children live with, care also accompany them, probably also has nearly 20 years of time, the process of giving love to make her feel very happy, because do not seek return, but constantly harvest nephew niece's love, also let her feel very cute ah.

Once a person is lovely, the heart is soft and elastic. She often wanted to work with young people, saying that it was not rigid. "Who first fell in love with him" is a double director, another young director is to shoot the MV origin of Xu Zhiyan, his input, let the film has a musical and smooth rhythm.

Working with young people, there is also dialogue and communication, such as the re-edited version of the film to add illustrations, Xu Zhiyan had thought it was blasphemy film, Xu Yu court told him not to worship the form as God, not afraid of the vision of the film, the character is the core of the story, the best form of the character story, is the best form.

At this time, Xu Yu court began to use mathematics, analysis of the film structure and high tide wave line diagram. The light of the café is very warm, the sky is fading out of the window, between the cold and the heat, the rationality and the sensibility, the calm science and the impulse enthusiasm both Xu Xian the court, synthesizes the cold warm spectrum both sides characteristic and the mood, we have such profound drama story can see. Also in the process of watching, really shabbiness yourself with the environment.

Editorial PostScript:

Photo Editor Yuting Two years ago, he followed a woman to another editor Mia to interview Xu Xian. The interview ended, in the empty café on the second floor, the left of the two of us, while clearing photographic equipment reset side chat, I asked Yuting Xu Yi and two years ago what is the same, and what is the difference?

Yuting said, "The same place, is the Xu Xian court has been for girls around 30 years of thought, two years ago, she also talked about many 30-year-old girls anxiety and issues." The difference is that I felt this interview, she shared more about life, about how to get along with herself, maybe she found more ways. 」

Xu Xian, like predecessors, life on the road of the elder sister, aunt, while in the project to open up their own, do not forget to share the experience of struggle, care is still on a sea of swimming swimming, the more think, the more she and the goddess of the dragon figure overlapping together.

This weekend, I will also come to copy the heart of the Sutra.

Xu Xian Warm Gold sentence

Sometimes we think I'm afraid, but I don't know what I'm afraid of. Go back to the present, calm down, and you'll be able to spot what's on the nerves before you can solve the problem.

Xu Xian Court

You have the power and the ability to get back to your own conversation. Let yourself go back to the situation, and let the other one stand opposite to ask her: Are you OK? What was wrong with you? Give back the mood at that time a fair.

Xu Xian Court

As long as the face of the card, find the problem point, it must be a progress.

Xu Xian Court