"Never forget to face your true heart." "With this belief, 2019 of women are obsessed with the birth of books, even if the world is chaotic, we will accompany you to find the courage to continue to face."

"Really fake?" 」

"False." 」

Do not know from when, false news, False truth, false news like bacteria spread, spread, distributed in every corner we have never thought of. From "The truth of the political character burst red", "speak directly to live the Lord is loved" and other phenomena reflect that the society wants to be real, also look forward to the truth.

The simplest thing to do is to see change, to start with yourself. And the woman is also thinking, if you can and the reader, in life to remind, bettering themselves, to be a real person, that must be a great thing.

But how do you remind yourself in your daily life? How to put "real" firmly in mind? We think that last year's popular "Women's obsession" is the best place to show "real" work. A hand book allows us to write the real mood, to express the true self, to obtain the real life trajectory.

So, in 2019, the woman's hand book came back with the truth that we all needed.

Would you like to listen to the 2019 play with time Book of the Birth of the heart, and women fans to expand the new 2019?

Truth-based, female strength supplemented

Women are obsessed with the basic work of the team, that is, the truth. And to represent women who are obsessed with your hand account, of course, you want to keep a good record of the real mood, so the first to take you to see the 2019 hand account three highlights:

  1. Paper Large Yiu Jin, choose 68 pounds of Japanese Hagawa paper, pen writing ink.
  2. Internal page format optimization, the use of blank + square + Golden sentence notes page, writing more flexible and free.
  3. Featured annual Theme color, Hillside + light gray, wish your 2019 vitality, growth and flourish.

Remember the cleverness, the British movie star Emmahuasen? She had said such a word:

If you believe in equality, you're a feminist.

Equality, is the real after the pursuit of the next goal, and women are fascinated with the hope and you will be real in life, and to the goal of equality, down a new Year forward. So this year's hand-book designer--peng, on the back of a real-based "female image" pattern, want to pass "do the real you, is the most beautiful best you" concept. (Recommended reading: no longer with the defect play hide-and-seek, love the most real self )

With real-life pacing, we want to make every user feel comfortable and comfortable. Therefore, in the main color selection, the designer Peng chooses the combination of hillside color and light gray. Peng said: "Hillside and light gray in the color science is neutral color, does not represent any gender, so every gender use is not abrupt. 」

Suitable for each person in accordance with their own pace, habits, not with the default position, is a woman is hidden in the hands of the book, Want to give you a gift, and you want to say: "We always support you to become the most real self."

Seize the time in the busy, feel the real flow

Play with time these words, for women fans team is to play with the times, learning to effectively master the time and scheduling priorities. Peng has a different interpretation of play with time.

Like the rap group Night Cat Group "Donkey" lyrics sung: "Step on the steady, the real feeling every steps." I relax and travel through time. "It's Peng's imagination of play with time, a laid-back attitude, a busy life, a moment to feel real, and time to live happily together!" (Recommended reading: don't squeeze the time!) Develop a good efficiency "stealing time" technique )

When you get along with your time happily, women fans always want to do more for you. So on the page, there are different women's statements every week, hoping to accompany you through every moment of your life. Cheer you up when you meet a challenge, and when you have a reward. Peng, in particular, recommends a gold sentence from the new well 123:

"Everyone should think about where they want to be free."

"Some people may obey social perceptions or family members, make involuntary choices, and suppress their own hearts only to feel pain." If you can try to think about the freedom you want, slowly try, one day can smile from the heart, with an open heart to feel the world. "peng with" The experienced "posture Smile said.

Back to play with time the original intention of the book, in fact, is to want to work with you across the challenges of the management, through the hand of the play with the spirit of times, to share with everyone, so that we grow together, effective every day.

And in 2019, added "real" as the subject of the book. Women are fascinated by their expectations, and encourage you, in the process of playing with time, do not forget the most real self. We will accompany you when you need to find the courage to continue to face the world, and you must remember to face your true heart.

Of course, it is also very welcome to find Peng recommended gold sentence hidden in which page oh, together with the real trend 2019 (laughter)