Homophobia stems from people's indifference to issues, which is why there is an "International Day of The Show".

The annual 10/11 and 10/12 international boxing day was established in 1988 by psychologist Robert Eichberg. The purpose of the International Day of The Cabinet is to awaken the attention to the rights and interests of LGBTQ plus.

Why is there an International Boxing Day?

The organization that initiated the day believes that it is important for individuals, as a matter of politics, to come out to their families, friends, and colleagues (in a safe situation).

They believe that homophobia often grows in an environment where people avoid talking about gay issues and do not know that they have gays around them, and that once people find that their loved ones have always been gay, it is more difficult to continue homophobia or hostility. (Recommended reading:517 International No More Homophobia Day!) Love regardless of gender, I love your soul )