An interview with international photographer Leslie Kee, who launched the out-in-camera program from Japan, took a stand in Taiwan, photographed hundreds of LGBT amateur and made the world hear LGBT voices. If the world's malice is too harsh, then close your eyes. Close your eyes, you love me without sex, will only be feeling.

Leslie Kee This guy, a little crazy.

He is a superstar Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Faye Wong, and the Queen of Hamamatsu, a photographer, he has issued "Super Stars by Leslie Kee" photo, to "asia is one" as the theme, invited Asian King diva Nicholas Tse, Gong Li, Jolin, Takuya Kimura, Ann Namie and other people involved in filming, jointly for the South Asian tsunami fundraising.

The Singaporean-American photographer, who stood on the stage for countless superstar palms and applause, decided to walk into the crowd from the stage. He said he had a desire to shoot 10,000 LGBT people willing to come out of the cabinet within five years, eager to use photography to make the world see LGBT. He launched the out-in-the-picture project from Japan to Singapore, a station that came to Taiwan.

Woman fan partner in the interview Leslie day before, had to go out in Taiwan shooting scene, we stand behind the studio, looking at Leslie, handheld camera, methodically guide the amateur model posing action, the most beautiful posture, under his camera proud bloom.

Interview that day, Leslie a full black appearance, hearty to greet us, holding a bottle of green tea in hand, opening remark and everyone shouted "just mobile phone is missing, good risk to get back to ⋯⋯" compared to yesterday in the filming scene of him, at this time Leslie appearance, like a very full of play heart of the Big Boy. "

It's hard for you to imagine such a vigorous person, from going to Taiwan to get off the plane, to start a nonstop plan to shoot more than 200 LGBT people, until 3 in the morning of the interview. Obviously all night without eyes, interview, talk about LGBT, talk about the plan, his eyes, as if there is no end to burn enthusiasm.

Leslie Madness, lies in willing to put down the international stage into the crowd, is willing to ideal running around, knowing that the road ahead of the thorn full cloth, still willing to charge the Beatles.

When I think of LGBT, I first think of Taiwan

In 2015, Leslie's out-in plan was launched from Japan and toured in Tokyo, Fukuoka, Osaka, Sendai, Kyoto and other fields. 2017, he went to Singapore to continue filming, these two locations in the Leslie, each has significance.

He left Singapore to study in Japan at the age of 20, a hometown and a place to nurture him and grow up in photography. I asked why this station would choose to Taiwan, Leslie said he remembered very clearly, in March 2015, after the plan to shoot a 100th person, the brain suddenly had inspiration: why not for Asia?

Having experienced the openness of the European and American countries to LGBT, Leslie looked back to Asia and saw countless souls tied to worldly vision, thinking that perhaps the camera on the hands was the key to the LGBT yoke.

"I first thought of Taiwan, because Taiwan, the whole of Asia Rainbow Pride did very successful, very tasteful." So I want to do this thing for three years. "Through the message of the circle of friends, Leslie deeply felt the enthusiasm of Taiwan to comrades." And this passion, also in the filming scene embodiment: The same day participation in the Taiwan program of LGBT people, like family chat with each other, the scene is very happy shooting atmosphere. (Recommended reading: Out inTaiwan Photo Story set: Let people love in the way they want and get protection )

Yes, on that day, not too big a studio, surrounded by such a group of people, they cross the world of suspicion and fear, into love.

Close your eyes, all beings are equal

In Japan, Leslie admits that at the time of his own vision of the comrades, is a group of people who behave in a feminine manner, but also because of the silence of the Asian countries on comrade issues, so that the LGBT people are difficult to appear, imperceptibly shaped the stereotypes of the comrades. Until he traveled to the United States to develop, see the U.S. and Europe's LGBT people bravely show themselves, Leslie only to find that comrade is the people, each has its own characteristics, can be very gentleman, can be very punk, may have a strong ability to work, as a good leader, and no one will be because of their own gay identity, and feel social pressure.

This is why the Asian Tour so far, shooting more than 2000 people, Leslie photos of the person or single white yarn, or hold a lover in the arms, each posture, the only constant is that everyone is closed their eyes.

All said that the eyes are the window of the soul, the world is because of its judgment of the value of people, so Leslie choose to use black and white, so that everyone close their eyes, black and white in the world, no discrimination, no difference, all sentient beings are equal.

"When you see a person's eyes, you start to compare: The person's eyes are particularly beautiful, this is a little sad, that looks uncomfortable ... but if you close your eyes, everyone is consistent." "leslie in the mood, but more is pity. Then he stood up and approached the photo of the man. Looking at the moment he was surrounded by hundreds of black and white photos, I think his body is so small, the strength is immense.

If the world's malice is too harsh, then close your eyes. Close your eyes, you love me without sex, will only be feeling.

For Leslie, every shot is a fate, despite the need to shoot hundreds of people a day, he will still spend two or three minutes before the filming, the time to chat with everyone: "These are small stories, but also let me know, these Chinese as comrades, how to live every day, (know) their hard, or your own ideals and goals. 」

I think this is also why Leslie photographed, so have a memory point, a single step, or flirt, he can always capture the most true appearance of people. Remember when a woman's partner went to the scene of the filming, one of the amateur models said to us, Leslie the side that he didn't want to see, and that side, closer to the real self.

We told the story to Leslie, who "wow" and happily asked us to point out the model. Then he smiled and said, every time with a model to look at the preview, will be special to ask each other how they feel, often see them moved, feel that everything is worth it.

I can understand that you don't accept LGBT

"When I went to the United States, I looked at a person and no longer looked at sex. "A person's value is never distinguished by sex. Leslie just arrived in the United States, on the road to see gay partners, will feel very cool, very special, but in fact, in retrospect, love is no ordinary thing. Just love, but you happen to have sex with me.

In the face of people who cannot accept comrades, Leslie does not want to blame him because he believes he can change his mind, and others can learn about LGBT through their eyes and even through personal contact with comrades. Leslie chooses to render more people with silent power, so that opponents know that this society can have more love, more tolerance, to accept a person to show the true appearance.

After studying in Japan at the age of 20, he received a lot of help from Japan, both in study and career. So the out-in-the-picture program, for LGBT, could be a conduit for sound, and for Leslie, it was when he felt the strength of his own body.

Speaking of which, he mentioned 11/24 of Taiwan's marriage Pingquan, saying that he hoped that the photos taken in Taiwan would bring some good luck to the referendum. (Recommended reading: Outin taiwan| referendum, should not be used to determine the classification of people )

Ah, unknowingly also photographed three countries. Leslie, then began to count: 1500 Japanese, 200 Singaporeans, 200 Taiwanese ... I look at the day and night not close eyes, but almost burning life to take photos of the Leslie, can't help but think, perhaps to make the world better, so that everyone can live more themselves, is the need for crazy people to do crazy things.