"There is no better value than marriage!" Same-sex unions, without the value of marriage between men and women. Ranxinyi, a sponsor of the Love House referendum 10th, said in the debate. Is that so? The 10th marriage definition of the referendum debate, today, two o'clock in the afternoon and a half, women fans for you to do the key text excerpts, and put forward more ideas!

The first debate on the referendum, which began two o'clock in the afternoon and a half today, was debated in a referendum on the definition of marriage in the tenth case, the love house referendum.

The tenth case of the referendum is: "Do you agree that civil law marriage provisions should be confined to a male and a female union?"

The case is debated, the affirmative represents the sponsor of the referendum on the case Ranxinyi (Secretary-General for Stability), and the opposition representative, the Secretary-General of the Companion Union, Jianzhi, 12 minutes per person, each speaking in turn, with the following keynote excerpts.

Ranxinyi First speech:

A marriage, a family, a national decision. I have three children, love my wife and three treasures, today I want to stand up to defend the civil law marriage system, against the state to amend the Civil law marriage system, in the face of such a challenge, I was forced to silence, explain the reason and content we brought up tenth.

Although we are in a democratic and rule-based society, the self-determination of citizens is very important, and many talents in Taiwan society, are these people from marriage? Does it come from the marriage system of a man and a woman? Yes, all from the system of polygamy, which created the value of Taiwan. So we made the tenth public surrender.

Women's obsession: not everyone from a husband and wife of the family yo, many people grow up in single-parent families (thanks to single mother and single father's love and pay ~) also someone in Grandpa Granny raised, someone by adoptive father or adoptive mother to help form a person, with a sense of the grace, return to society. It is precisely because Taiwan has a different court composition, a variety of love, to nourish the diversity of Taiwan's talents, but also learn to a husband and wife outside the family, have more Thanksgiving and blessing:)

Marriage a man and a woman, this is the universal cognition, the basis of ethics. There is already a bill to change the marriage system within Congress. The justices said they could change, but did the people agree? Does the judge have a public opinion base? Can marriage be called a combination of the same sex? If men and women can get married today, and later, our daughter-in-law becomes male, son-in-IAW become female, can you accept it?

Women's obsession: In the past, women were not allowed to vote as a universal cognitive and ethical basis, but the concept of equal rights was gradually implemented in society, and now women can vote and participate in politics, and we look forward to correcting the social basis in Taiwan:)

Women's obsession: The judge's right to interpret the Constitution is based on the Constitution, and is subject to the Constitution, which is actually the highest-order law that the people have set together.

Because the same-sex combination and the nature of the opposite sex are different. Different things should be treated differently. Marriage has his value and meaning. We strongly oppose amending the civil law. Some people say that same-sex marriage is a basic human right. Human rights cannot interfere with you if you have power. Marriage is a basic human right, seven or eight-year-old children are going to get married, you want him to get married? Marriage is not a basic human right, he is a system, is meaningful, is to nurture the next generation of environment and platform. is to guarantee the freedom to marry or not to marry. Rather than the freedom to conclude all kinds of marriage. It's not like you're going to get married, you can change the definition of marriage.

Women's obsession: men and women are different ah, we also have to establish a man's law, women's law? What about having two different sex traits at the same time, or a person with no first or second sexual characteristics? Must all of our laws be subject to sexual identity? and same-sex marriage is about adult gay marriage, not a child's marriage.

The United Nations World Convention also stipulates that refusal to recognize same-sex marriages does not violate the two conventions, nor does it violate the European Convention on Human Rights. Marriage is a system, purposeful and limited. Marriage has a high interest and value, not to satisfy radical personal liberalism.

Women's obsession: it is indeed regrettable that the United Nations has only begun to focus on sexual orientation and gender identity issues until nearly a decade ago. According to Wikipedia , the United Nations was created in 1945, but it was not until December 2008 that it formally touched on the issue of sexual orientation or gender identity. At that time, the EU-led party submitted a statement to the United Nations General Assembly, launched by the Netherlands and France (A/63/635), which plans to become a new United Nations resolution after the vote was adopted; however, the opposition, led by the Arab League, immediately made another statement, stating its opposition. Both statements were open for signature, but the United Nations General Assembly has not yet formally adopted any of the proposals.

The EU's proposed declaration condemns all acts of violence, harassment, discrimination, social exclusion, stigma and prejudice based on sexual orientation and gender identity in order to uphold integrity and human dignity. At the same time, it condemns killings, the death penalty, torture, arbitrary arrests and deprivation of economic, social and cultural Rights on the above-mentioned grounds.

On September 29, 2015, 12 UN agencies issued a joint statement calling on Governments to act quickly to end violence and discrimination against the LGBTI community. October 27, 2016, the World Bank appointed the first in the bank's development work, to deal with the lesbian, bisexual, transgender and gender issues of the advisers. September 26, 2017, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights issued anti-discrimination guidelines on sexual orientation and gender identity in the business community.

Civil law was enacted earlier than the Constitution, because there is a very good marriage system, so there is such a stable country. Who destroys the definition of marriage, who is to undermine the value of Taiwan. We love Taiwan very much and want to tell the representatives of the public opinion not to engage in such gender issues, to fight the economy too late, and to undermine the marriage system, and any public opinion representative will dare to continue to do so, and the people would never be silent.

Women's obsession: gender issues and the economy, not squeezing each other, in fact, the more gender and sexual orientation of the country, the economic development is also good yo. Women fans have interviewed British congressmen and female jazz Barker. "Discrimination is a very expensive business," she said. Big businesses are clearly aware that supporting LGBT interests is a great help to the company itself. "To protect the comrades is the most realistic way of capital."

"At the time, affirmative-action Americans began collecting evidence, some from world banks, some from different parts of the United States, and the evidence was that states with same-sex marriages had a far greater economic performance than those that did not. Because they attract the most talented people, they don't have to waste their time worrying about unnecessary things. 」

"If I were a senior manager of a multinational company, would I want to put them in a country that is a stigmatized comrade if I have a group of very serious and outstanding LGBT employees?" Or is it a country that is willing to treat the comrades equally and give the comrades legal rights? "barker this question, I hope you from the perspective of multinational enterprises, the issue of gay equality. Taiwan used to "fight the economy" hanging on the lips of the slogan, but if it is not possible to discuss the specific "what kind of economy, who enjoy the results of the economy", it is meaningless.

This is an important foundation for the stability of the national social order. I want to say again that marriage should be made up of men and women. There is no better value than marriage.

Women are obsessed with: Talk about love, but said there is no better value than marriage, such a narrow hobby, Taiwan is an island, inclusive of all races, together experienced a lot of history, Taiwanese love, is definitely not so narrow.

Jane to Jie first speech:

I am 41 years old, I grew up in a very good and ordinary family, four uncles six aunts, family relations are very close, Grandpa Granny passed away, our family stay by their side to the last moment.

I'm with the girls, and the whole family knows it. Family have a party, they will invite my company to come, but do not know how to call, so, they call her, her name.

The day the chancellor released the Constitution, a whole family of twenty or thirty people, Young together, I opened the door in that moment, my sister shouted to me, "Sister how you come now, you alone, your wife?" "This is the first time that my family has called my partner my wife, and I have waited for this moment for 20 years. We've been waiting for a long time for the gay couple. This ordinary daily story, today, I am on TV to share with you.

You have put forward a referendum in the name of a loving family, but do you really know what love is? According to your proposal, many comrades will be very confused, is it the exclusion, restriction, repression is a kind of love?

You have repeatedly referred to the interpretation of the Constitution, you said that same-sex marriage is not a human right, 24 4 o'clock in the afternoon last May, the judiciary even held an international press conference, from CNN, the BBC, the peninsula television, everyone is celebrating Taiwan finally to protect gay marriage freedom. Taiwan's human rights can finally be based on the international community. It's a pity someone is going to spoil it. The judge declares that the current civil law is unconstitutional, violates the Constitution's equal right and freedom right, requests the Legislative Yuan, must guarantee the marriage equal protection with the sex two people.

What is freedom of marriage? You have distorted the word and played the law in the reason book, and think that if the comrades want to protect, the marriage system should not be used. The freedom of marriage, if it is not protected by marriage, is like guaranteeing Christian missionary freedom, but it cannot be said to be a Christian; it can be a church, but not in the name of Christianity.

Women's obsession: Jane to Jie put forward an example, the purpose is to try to think each other, perhaps can understand the referendum 10th proposal, is unreasonable.

The use of fraudulent deeds, not two days a day, before the debate began, we stopped a farce, the spiritual food hall to apply against the love of the house referendum office, trying to stand in my position, to debate with you. If it weren't for our real-time debunking, when would the democratic farce go?

A while ago, some comrades were tricked into making love home referendum propaganda film, not to mention, in the collection of the sign-up phase, the number of illegal joint deeds, clinic workers come forward to accuse of being asked to copy medical records, the boss asked staff to sign love House referendum signed otherwise, we dare not speak, the final count of the number of affiliates, unexpectedly found on You say these people died during the joint sponsorship period, but it is confirmed that the elected officers in front of us know that these are the people who died before the start of the petition. Can the deceased be a signatory? Taiwan really can not be this fake and false news, 2017 wind news repeatedly false news, even the Ministry of Health must constantly come to clarify, France and Belgium in Taiwan Association, all must press to refute wind news reports. What is the origin of the media that falsified the news? The direction of the media, belonging to the Taipei Truth Church, the Secretary-General, is the love of the referendum two cases of the lead person Zeng.

If you really believe in what you say, why should you deceive your conscience, lie about it, or even violate the teachings of religion, what is the purpose? You can't stand the comrades standing with you on the same footing, I regret that you regard love as a slogan, blocking the same-sex marriage, has gone to lose morals, unscrupulous, I ask you to stop disinformation, harm comrades, gay families and caused chaos in Taiwan society.

1124 When you get a public vote, please vote for 10, 11, 12 disagree, do not agree to disinformation, deception, discrimination, segregation, do not agree with the next generation of life in a lie.

Ranxinyi Second statement:

If I remember correctly, I should have met for the first time today, and I was surprised that she called me a liar and said I was unscrupulous. This makes me feel very sad, the leader learns that does not care, the success is, the more close to your person the more respect you, that is the most important person. I also hope that Miss Jane will have more love to express so that we can debate rationally.

We all act in accordance with the law. Truth is the more the argument, the application of the opposition, originally is good faith, do not let society create confrontation. From the perspective of Miss Jane, everything is not good, and I encourage her to look on the bright side. In addition, I do not know about these application units at all.

I am very happy that she met very touching things at home. I must say, I am also very happy to hear, you can actually live this life now, we must return to the rational discussion. Some gay friends in Taiwan are already married, open the note of gay partners, some protection is not so complete, but gay friends love, our country will not intervene and intervene, but from the classical liberalism, Taiwan is very friendly to gay friends, but comrade friends hope that the State or the state court, to give institutional protection, This is another problem, we do not arbitrarily change the power of civil law marriage, this is two things, can not be confused.

Women's obsession: Why the protection of same-sex love, not as heterosexual love? Civil law marriage, in the early period of the Republic of China, is actually to let the male can concubinage, the Civil law marriage modification, certainly is not arbitrary, but must return to the Constitution and the equality spirit explanation.

Gay friends can uphold human rights and the rule of law, precisely because we have a stable marriage system in Taiwan, so from this point of view, we must care for marriage, so we will have 12th proposal, the civil law, other than marriage protection. I also have gay friends, but today we are talking about institutional issues, the same sex with the opposite sex, essentially different. So may need to Miss Jane and comrade Friend can understand that this system has the original intention of design. Fact is not called discrimination, we oppose discrimination and bullying, but also cannot because the system of marriage is limited to a man and a woman, must be forced to accept the same-sex can also be married to the concept of marriage.

Women's obsession: gay friends can raise the rule of law because Taiwan is a country ruled by the rule of law rather than a country of rule by man. Besides, why do women have to marry a man and the state has to give marriage approval?  Why does a man have to be a woman to organize a family? Why force people to accept the marriage system can only protect the concept of a man and a woman. Obviously the same marriage, but to another special law, and the United States during the apartheid period of practice, black people to wash hands can, but can not use the white wash table, what is the difference?

Same-sex unions, without the value of marriage between men and women. But this does not mean discrimination, hope comrade friend can understand.

Gay friends might say, why can't I get married since I love each other? Love is ethical, there are brothers, couples, not love can be married, do not confuse. We ask the Chancellor to refuel. The Chancellor has a low level of trust. Taiwan's public opinion Foundation has conducted a survey, and the lowest level of trust in the Taiwanese people is the chancellor, who must nose clean and you are out of line with public opinion. Before the Chancellor's interpretation of the Constitution is to explain marriage as a husband and wife, what is the benefit of doing this now, why not try to become the first country in economic development?

Jane to Jie last speech:

I would like to tell you that the traditional definition of marriage has been changing, in 19, when the marriage was a husband and wife more than a concubine. 40 years ago, were we married in such a way that the sexes are now equal? No. 40 years ago, the wife made the money, all the husband all, the child belongs to Mr. All. The traditional family has been changing all the time. Marriage should be changed to equality between men and women, the value of which we must stick to. What we are doing now is to make the definition of marriage, from gender equality to sexual orientation, and certainly not to destroy family and marriage, but to allow more people to establish marriage and family equally.

Gay can't get married, I think you worry is comrade can't childbearing? Many same-sex couples around me, many are breeding children through artificial reproductive technology, the judge also said, civil law marriage chapter, does not stipulate that heterosexual marriage must be based on fertility as an element. Why do gay men get married, and fertility becomes a condition? The oppressor has proved himself right by pseudoscience.

In 19th century, women fought for college, and male-based scientists produced papers that said women had a smaller brain capacity and refused to take a woman to college. Blacks said they wanted to abolish the black-and-white racial prohibition of intermarriage, then the United States Justice said that God made the Earth, divided into five states, the color of the different, it is necessary to let everyone do not mix. It is in this historical error that we have come all the way, and the most common language that oppressors use is: different, can be treated differently.

Are there differences that can be treated differently? is not there is a difference, so discussion wait? Between men and women, Han and indigenous people, because of different, so the difference treatment, is reasonable and should it? No one has said this now, because sexual orientation is unconstitutional, and the Chancellor has given a clear argument.

When the oppressor never says to the oppressed people that you are not worthy of being treated equally, he will sue the oppressed and give you the right, but you cannot be equal to me. This is the case with the American apartheid era.

Blacks have to go to different places to drink, to pee, to go to school. It does seem to have everything, no discrimination, but from what we can see from history, black women working in space agency, obviously capable of excellence, it takes dozens of times times to go to the toilet, just because the bathroom next door writes this, "only for whites".

"Do not come to marriage, I give you a special law is good", this is called false kindness true discrimination. Zheng Lijun, Minister of Culture, said yesterday that since civil law had become a source of unequal rights, we should have civil law.

I must apologize to you for the last time I spoke, and I am not treating you as a scapegoat, but also ask you and your organization not to regard comrades as scapegoats, and the opposing camp that you represent is really quite often done.

On the road to get Love Home Alliance leaflets, write the fertility rate down, divorce rates, all to blame comrades, this is clearly heterosexual doing. Now, there are thousands of gay couples waiting to have children. I also ask you, do not use false information, put everyone's line to explode. These AIDS messages have been repeatedly clarified by the CDC.

What is the relationship between a disease and marital rights? In all heterosexual homosexual groups, lesbians are almost equal to 0 of the AIDS prevalence rate, so do you want to approve a lesbian marriage first? Not so, HIV, is not to pick sexual tendencies, so do not blame comrades. To solve the AIDS problem, we must teach the right and safe sexual attitudes and sexuality.

Whether the family is suitable for children, mainstream psychology studies have shown that heterosexual families and homosexual families, in academic performance, personality development, life adaptation, there is no difference. The children of a few gay families do not want to grow up in this family, there are a lot of heterosexual children, also do not want to grow up in the original family, personal struggle for freedom of the history of blood is always stained. In the United States, when apartheid, schools to abolish black children to school, U.S. President Eisenhower ordered the army to protect black children to school.

Stop gay marriage, isolate comrades, will only let the tragedy continue to occur, please spare our society, 10, 11, 12 cases, please vote do not agree, thank you.