"If girls and girls hold hands, boys and boys play together, be labeled, is not very troubled?" Zeng, a sponsor of the Love House referendum 11th, said he thought gay education would cause trouble for children. But why would girls and girls, boys and boys play together and be considered homosexual by the love family? Gay education is to let children know themselves, learn to respect each other! Women are obsessed with you to sort out the key elements of the 11th referendum debate, and offer more ideas!

The debate on the referendum on gender education began four o'clock in the afternoon today and was debated in the 11th case, the gay education in the sex education proposed by the Love House referendum.

The 11th case of the referendum is: "Do you agree that in the national education stage (country and country small), the Ministry of Education and all levels of schools should not implement the law on gender equality in the implementation of the rules of the gay education?" 」

The case is debated, the affirmative represents a referendum on the case Zeng (Chairman of the Happiness League), the opposition representative, for the partner union representative lawyer Zhangjiaoru, each time 12 minutes each speaker, the two sides took turns to speak, the following is a keynote excerpt.

Zeng's first speech highlights:

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All the audience friends are safe, today very happy in the people to see and everyone report, I choose to use the Taiwan language and everyone report 11th proposal. We found that there are a lot of chaotic phenomena, and our proposition is as follows

1. Protect children from physical and mental health
2. Respect for parents ' right to choose education
3. Support for gender equality education back on track

Women's obsession: What is the right track for sex education? From the experience of the past, people because of the fear, bullying and discrimination, understanding of gay education, is to teach children to know what is a comrade, to recognize the gender, gender temperament, sexual orientation, to erase such content, it is necessary for all children to live according to the gender stereotype of the adult world, is called the right track. Let's take a look at the real country small textbook content teaches what, please read: Country small sex education, let us Open the textbook to see.

The content of the gender spectrum teaches us that children are multi-gender and can choose their own choice of male or female, such content, not suitable for our children.

I gave the textbook example, the content wrote, I was a girl, I found from childhood, I like girls, I do not like my gender, I hope surgery, become a boy son. This kind of content will appear in the textbook, then the child is still growing, with a multi-gender will not bring trouble to children?

Women's obsession: gender spectrum is divided into physiological gender, psychological gender, gender temperament, sexual orientation.

What does it mean to have a spectrum of physiology and sex? There are men and women who have both male and female characteristics. The international Organization for Bisexual studies found that around 1.9% to 4% people worldwide are bisexual (intersex), who are physically incompatible with the typical two-dollar concept of a male or female body, many of which are often discriminated against or physically assaulted because of their lack of understanding of such populations.

What does it mean to have a spectral spectrum of mental sex? The body is classified as a girl because of sex organs, can think in the mind also, own part also like a boy? In addition, some of the soul of the wrong body, but by the social requirements of the physical sex to do the performance, very painful, he can say, I am not my body's gender, can be in the future through a professional consultation assessment, choose a safe way, close to the gender of their own soul?

Sex temperament spectrum, refers to a person's temperament, not only masculine or feminine two kinds. A person may also have a masculine masculinity that is traditionally thought of as a boy, and a feminine scent that is traditionally thought of as a girl.

Sexual orientation spectrum, it is to take children to know, some people like the opposite sex, some people like the same sex, there are people love is no gender, I just like your soul, may sometimes like boys, sometimes like girls.

If girls and girls hold hands, boys and boys play together, be labeled, is not very troubled? There was a teacher in the class survey, nearly 1/3 of the students think they are bisexual, because she may have very good same-sex friends, she thinks she is bisexual.

Women's obsession: girls and girls holding hands, boys and boys to play together, just play together ah, how can be loved by the alliance think this is gay. If a girl because of a good friend, misunderstanding that she is bisexual, in the understanding of gay education, she will slowly know that she is a misunderstanding, or really bisexual, rather than completely avoid talking, let her into the loneliness and darkness. If this is a society that respects each other and does not bully homosexuality, 1/3 of the students think they are bisexual, so what?

The teacher also teaches condom use in education. Multiple genders and multiple passions, not suitable for appearance. In the past 23 counties and municipalities, there were 13 county and city parents protesting. The teaching materials for these gender inequalities should not be introduced. This is the mainstream public opinion.

We should make a referendum on the curriculum, that is, the gender identity, sexual orientation, gender diversity of the curriculum content. Now even the country is small to teach, how to do? I support good gender education, and I am opposed to an age-appropriate gender equality education, especially for the part of gay education.

Women's obsession: multi-erotic, in the love of the family Alliance false information misleading, was rumored adult beast or multi-human sex and so on, love the family union called the multi-lust, in the gender education, the real name is sexual orientation (Sexuality), the discussion is that people may fall in love with different genders, as may fall in love with different nationalities , like people of different races. Also please do not use the age to blur the focus, what age is appropriate? The Ministry of Education, based on the research of educational experience and experts at home and abroad, designs suitable educational content according to different ages, and kills all the contents of cognition and respect by being too young.

Zhangjiaoru Keynote speech

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Hello, ladies and gentlemen, I am Zhangjiaoru, speaking on behalf of the Partner Alliance, stating the genuine objection, in the past we have false opposition to the statement of objection. You often receive false messages on the line group communication software, which is the situation of sex education, rumors lie everywhere.

They pass the wrong message, the third-grade primary school condom, the primary school four-year teaching masturbation, the small five-teacher pluralism behavior, the Ministry of Education has been clarified by the official documents, there is no such content. A healthy debate must be based on the facts.

I am also a mother, but also parents, constantly receiving false messages, with the spread of panic, the anxiety of the parents of the world, I look at the children feel very helpless. I want to say, give the child a chance to give gay children a chance to be safe from bullying, an opportunity to understand differences, respect different, respect others, give all gay parents a chance to see their children grow up safely. It is also for non-gay parents to avoid worrying about their children's chances of becoming bullying.

What is the definition of home? Only a man and a woman set up a family, is the family? Gay families, divorced families, parents separated, foreign new residents, families with disabilities are also families. My twin cousin is posthumous child, has never seen her father side, they are women's home, but also I have seen one of the happiest family. My cousin wishes to convey to the group behind you that the family definition is not only happy unless you are stamped and approved. Home is love, trust, sad when mutual trust, happy when sharing with each other, your name is called Love Home referendum, the definition is very narrow, exclude other people's family.

Have you really seen what the current education teaches? Have you ever read the instructions of the Ministry of Education and what are you going to delete? What are our current gay education teaching, you know? Gay education teaches: There are different people in this world, they are very good, all have the right to grow up safe and healthy, spread rumors fake news, teach anal sex, bestiality, sex posture are untrue rumors, or gay teach penis vaginal Union, that is heterosexual sex, this is to count to gay education head?

Is this the so-called character education, with smear and false data?

I was in the university class, said the gender equality education Law of the legislative background, there was a child, called Ye Yongji, he was classmate ridicule Sissy, classmate bully, dare not go to the toilet, because as long as go to the toilet, students will take off his trousers, he likes knitting, cooking, singing, this story is here just, Because Ye Yongji's life, only to 15 years old, he once went to the toilet, never came back. He passed away in the toilet and died.

We also have another interest and Ye Yongji like the light of Taiwan, his name is Jason Wu. He likes to play dolls, to make clothes for dolls, I and Taiwan students say, if that year Ye Yongji classmate, have the opportunity to accept gay education, teachers can talk with children, who said boys can only have masculine temperament, perhaps Ye Yongji story will be different.

Sex education and gay education are all things for us. The day after the class, a boy called me, he said, teachers, you are not going to take the MRT home, I can accompany you to the intersection. I looked at the boy, he thin small, voice than I was fine, I was actually driving to school that day, but I told him, "You accompany me to the MRT station," I think, if you can accompany him on this section of road, also full of good. On the way, he didn't tell me anything, we didn't say anything, so we walked to the MRT station. Last week I was on the road to receive a gay mother sent a leaflet, content that my child is not a monster, not a pervert, he is the average person, to let her go to the streets, I am really sad.

Ye Yongji's mother once said, "My child is gone, I can't save my child, but I want to save someone like him." I am also a mother, Ye Yongji mother's words, listen to a mother's ear, I can only use the heart to describe, we also want to how many sad mother, lost many lives, can understand respect others. Give our children a chance to survive. Don't be fooled by rumors, not stirred by fear, every life is precious to us. Cast a disagreement vote to let children belonging to sexual minorities have the opportunity to grow up.

The sponsors are also invited to stop discrediting gender and gay education. On the 11th referendum proposal, cast a vote of no vote, so that all children have the opportunity to be treated well.

Zeng Two keynote speeches:

The referendum proposal is aimed at gay education as a multi-gender, multi-sexual disorder. It is not against gender education or the discrimination of children of a minority. I am also a father, I have no less trouble than you. The parents ' opinion support, is not I casually can use the rumor to be able to stand out, why we do not admit that the textbook problem.

Women's obsession: In fact, in history, we see many rumors come true mobilization force. For example, during the World War II ethnic cleansing, the Nazis alleged that the Jews were genetically dirty races. It is important to confirm the source of the information.

Parents are concerned that the education of gender equality is reduced to liberation education, and I oppose an age-appropriate education. We advocate respect for the rights and interests of homosexuals, respect for their life and property security, education rights, but oppose the promotion of homosexual culture in the country, put into a variety of lust and content. Students of different genders should be respected for their character, life and family education through the most appropriate approach.

Women's obsession: Why do you know and respect comrades, will always be interpreted as promoting homosexual culture, teaching multi-person or bestiality, why a talk about homosexuality, love Home union automatically confuse these into a group it. To dispel such confusion and misunderstanding is exactly what comrade education should teach. Because there is no such educational content in the past, so the people who love the family union today will have so many misunderstandings and fears about homosexuality, and what we have to do is hope that there is no fear of the future because we do not understand it.

Children in the school was bullying reasons have Bais species, tall fat thin will be bullying, good grades will be bullying, instilling complex sex knowledge, not equal to respect. A lot of children will be confused. What we support is that sex education is back on track.

Women's obsession: there's nothing wrong with bullying for thousands of reasons, but we can reduce one of the major bullying types. Adults who do not have the opportunity to receive sex education, because the growth process is not related to education, more prone to be confused by misinformation, mistaken for homosexuality as AIDS and human bestiality, or Lenovo together, these erroneous ideas, really hope that through the right track of the understanding of gay education, the end of our generation.

When I was four years old, my father died, I was a single-parent family grew up, my mother to take me, in that time to life is very difficult, so please do not use our rejection of different families to attack us. There are boys because of the feminine temperament and be scolded sissy, or girls running the first to be scolded man, this is not possible, we oppose, because this is bullying.

Women are obsessed with the press: But why still have to ridicule "sissy, man" phenomenon appeared? Because children do not know, boys do not have to be masculine, girls need not necessarily feminine. Therefore, education is not to teach children to shut up, but to tell them: why there are different people, the child will know it is natural, naturally learn to respect.

I would like to tell Zhuang and the audience in front of the TV, we are not to exclude different families, we must pay attention to the education of our children. We do not want to exclude people of different gender traits, we emphasize that China should not implement gay education. The Ministry of Education is not as clear as textbooks. What children are learning is what they see in class.

Women's obsession: hope that the children are good, respect each other, our goal is the same, but to erase the understanding of the education of the comrades, it is absolutely impossible for children to understand and then respect the purpose. When the love of the Family alliance with AIDS, Human Beast and many P association, become a group concept of monsters, how can we respect their imaginary monsters?

Zhangjiaoru's final statement highlights:

Everyone in front of the TV, I still want to say, the sponsors do not understand what is the gay education, did a very wrong interpretation. The sex spectrum is taught because boys do not necessarily stand in the masculine spectrum, and girls do not necessarily stand on the feminine spectrum of the end. Don't use liberation to scare the parents. Bombing with a constant amount of information and propaganda.

Love Home Alliance statement and dissemination of propaganda, really irrelevant. The textbook is a review mechanism. It is not censorship, but the total deletion and prohibition, which is deliberately ignoring the child of a gender minority, the existence of transgender children.

France was forced to clarify the French Association for the collapse of gay marriage. Belgium has passed same-sex marriage for 15 years, and for 15 years, Belgium's association with Taiwan has also stated that their society has not collapsed, but is moving towards a better and more pluralistic society. After the adoption of the marriage, Spain also said that it would enable us to create a better society.

Please see the suffering of our comrades and teenagers, and the parents who are worried about the comrades ' children.

I think of my primary school classmates, the results are very good, always the first place. Uniform skirt is always wearing sports pants, dress is also very neutral, every time the teacher in the hair report, in addition to announce the first place, by the way add a word, "if more like a girl is good." His mother always said, "He is not a girl like Ah, what is the use." 」

Last year, when the chancellor released the Constitution, I just had a baby, and just at the confinement center, she came to visit me and told me, "the judge told me that we are the average person." She said she had studied hard since she was a child, because as soon as she opened the textbook, the adults would forget to review her dress. I apologize to her, countless of them review your dress up, criticize your moment, I was present, as your friend, I never know to help you speak, I am ashamed. She said, "Our time in the past, this era is not the same, so you can not give up sex education, gay education, if there is a teacher can tell me, I am not a monster, just say once, I will keep in mind, then in the process of growth, I will not be so lonely, helpless, there is no way to breathe feeling. 」

The day she walked, I went to the baby room to look at the newborn child, each small, fat, red face, I think, our next generation, should be more fortunate than their mother generation, will not repeat their mother's ignorance of the mistake, because the school will teach them to respect different people, see differences, Completely ignoring the fact that China's small comrades exist.

Gay education is not to teach people to be gay, but to know: gender has a lot of appearance, each look is very cute. We want our next generation to live in an age of tolerance, seeing differences, and respecting differences. And not in the age of no gay education, think oneself is very polite, noble character and decency, but let ignorance hurt friends and classmates, such regret, hope to stop in our generation.

Gay education does not teach people to be gay, in an age of heterosexual education, if education can change sex, in theory all comrades should be taught heterosexual. The argument that gay education teaches people to be gay is a way of inciting panic. Homosexuality is not a disease, you do not know him, how do you respect him. In 1994, the North a female two gifted students suicide, they said before the death, life is very hard, the nature of society is not suitable for us, our lives so insignificant, in the community will not have any impact. In 2011, the gay children who committed suicide in Lujiang state also said that his life was too small, even if it disappeared, would not affect society.

What kind of society have we created to make children think that the nature of society is not suitable for them at all? Is it not important for children to think that they exist?

Audience friends in front of the TV, for categories to exclude other families, neglect the lives of others, deliberately wipe out the gay existence of the Love House referendum, please cast a three different Italian votes. Let us say no to discrimination, classification and exclusion, so that every child of a family deserves to be guarded. Thank you.