Interview with Lanvece 10 steps Qingshan founder Liuqingshan and woman Fan founder Zhang Wei Xuan, two people talk about entrepreneurial ideal, as if a mountain and sea of the talk. If entrepreneurship is a dark passage, then become that light, illuminate themselves.

He grew up in Alishan, home to grow tea, mountain forest growth, always remember the first tea incense. Feelings of the land affectionate, grow up he is eager to return, instead of planting the land to reduce the burden of orchids, groping to take care of the study, to create lanvece 10 steps of Qingshan maintenance brand. Looking at the light ten steps, is his more than 20 years of hard work, in return for the land, return to Taiwan, return everyone, he is Liuqingshan.

Her first time to detect gender strange, in the primary school, the teacher told her that girls can only be deputy monitor, she did not accept, but firmly remember. University she studied the history department, particularly fascinated by the spirit of printing, the study of gender and the media, she wanted to penetrate her care, she and two friends together to create a woman fan, a hope that women live free, people live like their own media community, she is Zhang Wei Xuan.

In the afternoon, women's paradise, Liuqingshan and Zhang Wei Xuan to talk, such an exclusive interview, like the Mountain and the sea talk, I seem to smell the soil breath, see the tide surging, each has heaven and earth, Common is with the nature of the calm, and the ideal of the firm.

I decided to ask from the beginning, why start a business? (Recommended reading: Women's fans co-founder Chen Yixian: Seven years, we use pop art to talk about gender, from Taiwan to international )

Instead of choosing a project to do, choose a problem solution

"I never actually told myself I was going to start a business. "Castle Peak brother said with a smile," I believe in a word, take it to society, use it in society. When I do one thing I absolutely put in, when I find that I want to fix the problem, I know "I can", so "I do", in fact, is so simple. 」

In retrospect, entrepreneurship is not to choose a project to do, but to choose a problem to face and solve.

Castle Peak elder brother is the son of tea farmers, 96 he loan set up the first orchid factory, the release of Tea garden, hope to reduce the exploitation of land; After 10 years, he groped all the way to complete the butterfly orchid breeding, training, seedling raising, flower collection, sales of one-stop production and marketing; in 10, he expanded horizontally, with Phalaenopsis into the laboratory R & amp; d Extract the active ingredients of phalaenopsis, break into the maintenance market, is to mean 10 steps green hills .

From zero to one, from the city to the mountains, from the manor to the dresser, the road is fast, walking is winding and rugged, smashing money also smashing time, Castle Peak elder brother has a lot of willingness.

"Maybe, start a business except I can, and I'm interested, and I insist, I do." "With a heartwarming thought, so all the hard work, there is a return to Gan in it."

Wei Xuan nodded, talking about starting a business for her, but also close to a life must, is a no design has been taken for granted. Women fan start-ups this year into the seventh year, from a very simple idea, gentle and firm talk about women's awareness, promote the gender Enlightenment for the general public, the process has been difficult, and indeed lay the milestone, become Taiwan's first U.S. State Department invited to visit the female media. (Scene: To the user book 02: Hey, come with us, will you? )

"Entrepreneurship is that you must be responsible for the service, responsible for the product, responsible to the reader, responsible to the team." Every time you make a choice, this choice defines who you are and what your business is. "She said in charge of the word, bite powerful, sincere eyes, responsible for the ultimate, and sometimes push themselves into a desperate way, good hard, but in retrospect there is a taste." "Now I, is particularly enjoying." 」

Enjoy, is to know yourself anyway, has been walking on the road to solve the problem. In conversation, she often felt the mention of her teachers.

Sulimei told her, "Entrepreneurship is what we want to solve in this day and age, and what methods we create to solve." "This has always been with her, entrepreneurship is a positive problem-solving process, of course, can not hide the honest understanding of their own this matter."

Contains the darkest and loneliest side of yourself.

Starting a business is crossing the darkness and having the ability to give yourself light

"Entrepreneurship is not a radiant, but it is a lonely road." "Wei Xuan seriously said," Meet someone want to start a business, I will say this road is very lonely. " "Start-ups have bright face and dark side, people only see the scenery in front of the stage, down the stage, no applause days, only constantly stand with themselves, in the darkest time, remember that there are still drums in the heart." (Recommended reading:"Zhang Wei Xuan pen" Don't be afraid to be that light just because the world is dark )

Women fans start their own business this year into the seventh year. At some critical moments, Wei Xuan said, she really understood that it was not for herself, but for a more ambitious goal. "Our team all say that women's fans are a bigger concept than ours," he said. "She pointed above, as if there were light there. The light had also redeemed her for 2017 years.

In the 2017, Taiwan's emotional turmoil, she also experienced an internal revolution, "probably the darkest year of my life." Really, there have been so one months, I almost feel that there is no me in the world, it does not matter. "She low eyebrows her eyes, and the origin of the low tide is the events contained in Lin.

The death of a life, painfully let her ask herself, women obsessed with hard work for so long, is not at all useless? She tangled her mission, doubted herself, felt sorry for the team, dared not let others know, and what was like death in her heart.

One day five o'clock in the morning, she lost sleep all night, sitting in the living room meditating, suddenly feel as warm as light. Sunrise did not reach, but feel filled with light, hugged, forgiven, she constantly shed tears, learn to forgive themselves, learn to believe, learn to find the answer in the heart, the sky is not bright, this experience is close to God's spirit, like some missions doomed.

This is the magic moment of starting a business ah, she has a good sense of purpose,

I know the bigger goal is to serve people and I have to do it.

Zhang Wei Xuan

Wei Xuan's story, is to lead themselves through the dark passage, know the ability to give themselves light, Castle Peak elder brother's story, then back to the source to find the answer, broken pupa and born.

He said he remembers the childhood of Alishan, grandmother like to find him to pick tea, at that time there is no artificial cultivation, but also just spread wild mountain. He was naughty during his childhood, always shouting thirst, and her grandmother picked up the tea buds and asked him to include them in his mouth. At first he bit bitter, and later, the more he felt, the more he thought that he was thirsty.

It was the first tea in his memory, and he felt that the mountains had love for him. When you grow up, you can never find the taste back. He stepped on the mountain forest, only to see the habit of agricultural law, chemical fertilizer, herbicide on the tea tree great damage. He was so distressed that he decided to release the tea garden and devote himself to the cause of phalaenopsis, flash eye for more than 20 years.

From the tea industry to the cultivation of phalaenopsis, although the technique is different, for him, is consistent, learn to recover the relationship with the land, feel and live with each other. At first also nothing, do not do, to learn ah, to try Ah.

Taiwan is located in the subtropical zone and is the northernmost boundary of the butterfly orchid distribution. Alishan, 2000 meters above sea level, Castle Peak elder brother's Orchid Garden, received the sun blessing. At that time, he went to the orchid shed every three or four hours to stand guard, the five senses open, feel the light moisture and temperature, he wanted to know what Phalaenopsis likes, each butterfly orchid is like his son. He was deeply moved and wanted to make phalaenopsis seen by more people and take them further afield.

Back to the source of nature, he felt there was another, more peaceful answer there.

Syntao is also a reward, to the community to leave some real good things

I say your stories are very graphic, especially natural images. Women fans and 10 steps green hills , such two entrepreneurial brands meet, have faith, spark, also have plans, want to do something good for Taiwan. They had a tacit smile.

We talk about a phenomenon in Taiwan, the market, full of poison oil, poison rice, poison milk powder, toxic drinks, it is difficult to distinguish between true and false, people are unfamiliar with the truth, also dare not look forward to. How much has also heard, a lot of peasant friends, a dish to eat their own, a dish to sell people, Qingshan elder brother to this has sighs, "only look at themselves, regardless of others, such a society is not healthy." 」

What should a healthy society look like? "In fact, it is very basic to put it bluntly, is to treat their own heart, to treat others." 」

He went on to say, "tea or orchids, to society, to society, I want to love themselves and love this society." All are consumers. I don't want consumers to spend money as fool, so I tell myself that things have to be done really. 」

He has a sincere heart, but also witnessed the strength of the mountain forest, so I believe that from the beginning of the transformation. Good source, good planting, good production, good raw materials, good products, from the original mountain forest direct delivery, can start a maintenance revolution. What he thought was nothing more than to give people the best things. "I believe that a lot of things we can't solve because the more we live, the more we deviate from nature." 」

And the role of a woman fan is to choose the right thing for the consumer and help to do it well.

Syntao is also the word, is Wei Xuan father gave her the words. Business is not a sin, businessmen are not equal to unscrupulous, business success should not be a bad thing. "Even business should give back to the community through great success," he asked. When we can bring contributions and progress to society, we will establish a new standard of civilization and business definition. "That said, she has ambition, Castle Peak elder brother frequently nodded, so there is cooperation, two of all want to do things well brand, want to leave the community a little real good things."

"We are imagining, what kind of people will" cherish "sincere, cherish someone for you to spend time, youth, strength, to find an answer. "When a brand like this comes up, it's not just an industry, it's an effect," Wei Xuan said. We will believe that doing the right thing, doing good things, is very valuable. 」

Castle Peak elder brother smiled and added, "Yes, if you do a thing, you can love yourself, you can love others, how happy that is." "To give consumers good things, very real things, difficult process, just leave it to us."

If you do one thing, you can love yourself, you can love others, how happy that is.


Slow value, transparent heart, the source of mountain forests in Taiwan

10 Steps Castle Peak believes in slow value, which is rare in the contemporary age of the rate of everything.

Castle Peak brother said, "I know this society, sometimes unhappy will be eliminated, everyone has to grab fast." But I particularly hope that the cause has the value of truth, goodness and beauty. Uphold the heart of goodness, we pursue the United States, research must do a bit, the product to have a good degree to launch, of course, can not be fast, I want to slowly deal with and treat. 」

He such as every link, quality control, extraction without alcohol, after strict stimulation testing, in order to improve stability, so that sensitive skin is also shared; empirical medicine, through human clinical verification, product good or bad, to their own more severe than anyone else, but also must be slow. (Recommended reading: Taiwan staff brand |lanvece 10 steps Green Peak: In the change of the generation, do not forget the first heart of the People )

Wei Xuan smiled and said that women are obsessed with 10 steps of green Hills , are natural pie. "Some things have to be water to the channel, we will not dig the canal, and will not take other people's water." The slow time, is the responsibility and attitude to the things at hand, is the need for such a time, like a tree to grow, a flower to open. 」

Here's the head, there's time for someone, and there's time for the mountains. Phalaenopsis contact with natural sunlight, air, humidity, absorb the essence of mountain forest grew up, and then through the laboratory plant extraction, sent to consumers, have decades of time and mind.

Wei Xuan said, think about the land image, we say Mother Earth Motherearth, in fact, very negative strength. In Yi Jing, the earth and the sky is yin and yang, "The land is too quiet, quiet until we often forget it." People stand on the ground, look up at the sky, will forget that they are borne by the existence, without the earth, we do not even have a foothold. 」

Down-to-earth, back to nature, to thank the fundamental, in fact enough to give birth to a lot of power.

The birth of products, from the source of respect for nature, from the slow thinking and research spirit, from the transparent and sincere heart. Castle Peak elder brother said that the product he insisted on using a transparent bottle, but also hope that he got from the butterfly orchid moved, can be sent to the hands of consumers in its original manner.

The woman fan and 10 steps Green Mountain want to do, is the consistent thing. Wei Xuan said really, "so the story is not written out, not made up, is down-to-earth out, can be examined, are true." "Because it's real, it can be very transparent."

I know, we're going to take this world.

At the end of the interview, I asked the last question. Have you ever thought about your own differences before and after starting a business?

Castle Peak Big Brother smiled so cute, "I grow old, but the mentality of the more young." "There is gratitude to oneself in the words," looked back at the hard work, around a big circle, it turned out that we did such a lonely thing. But at least I did not stand where I was, did not hesitate to do, but to do, to their own account. 」

The longer you get older, the more you know that the definition of success is all you give. The real success for him, is to choose to do, and achieve something, can return to the community, this road is to the mountains to give thanks. Good risk really to try, like look forward, long journey, finally see the first sunrise, if you choose another, this lonely entrepreneurial road, or willing. (Recommended reading:"Zhang Wei Xuan pen" greatness is not a result, it is an exercise )

Wei Xuan thought about it, using turbulent water to compare itself. Start-up before and after the same is the source of living water, the heart of the care, the investment in things, the enthusiasm for the world. The difference is where the water epidemic is, sometimes high, sometimes around the low, sometimes in places she never thought she would.

Her fingers crossed the table slowly, "when women are obsessed with standing on the stage of the world, I am extremely humbled, because I know where my source is." And when I am very low and very low, very afraid, I will not be afraid to lose hope, I know I'll eventually return to the sea, I am not alone. 」

That's the picture of everyone almost closing their eyes, she said. "I used to be a little spring, and then I became a sea, and I knew that we would ride the world." 」

This is a mountain and sea dialogue, from the source, the last want to say is to believe. Believe that they are an important part of change, believe that Taiwan has its beauty, believe that Taiwan has the conditions to shine and heat in the international arena, and as long as we set out, we will always be on the road to solve the problem.

Edit PostScript

I'd like to say a picture of the first five minutes of the interview. In fact, I think, that is more to lay a person's character.

Castle Peak elder brother suit into the interview room, from the briefcase, respect to take out a deep visit to the answer draft, hand transcription, he wrote a dense word, all is the mind. He waist straight, straightened his collar, and had the expectation to look at me and prepare to tell the story. At first glance, I saw that he had respect for his career, and he opened his mouth again, and I knew he had faith.

Wei Xuan before the visit, just finished an important conversation, for the company's partners, I also, honest to point out, to be a leader, have to do something. Emotional conversion, we into the interview space, she smiling with the castle peak Brother Warm greetings. As a leader, carrying a variety of roles, shuttling through different time and space, nothing more than hope to take the team further. This interview to tell the truth is not good to do, I almost Wei Xuan hand pulled up, she has seen my most green period, I witnessed her this way like climbing to the top, she has been her own, has been willing to surpass her own.

I was content to write an interview.