Seven out of the day, there's a lot of romance to do with him!

Did you ever have a dream to wear a couple's clothes with a loved one, but fear being laughed at by friends and relatives?{\fnCronos \fscx75\fscy75\1cHFF8000 {\fscx75\fscy75\1cHFF8000 {\fscx75\fscy75\1cHFF8000 {\fscx75\fscy75\1cHFF8000 {\fscx75\fscy75\1cHFF8000 {\fscx75\fscy75\1cHFF8000 {\fscx75\fscy75\1cHFF8000:Do you want to come to the most romantic Valentine's Day?Let South Korean couples teach you how to get rid of the impressions of lovers' old fashions and put them on the most fashionable Valentine's Day!

same and different Han-flow couples are most blind

On the streets of Seoul, the most often seen of couples in a couple of tTT lovers.For South Korean couples, the couple's clothes are like their love manifesto the world's biggest voice, and they are completely embarrassed and embarrassed to put on a couple's dress.From hats, glasses, clothes to shoes, as long as you want the accessories you want, South Korean couples can turn it into a blinking lover's lover.In South Korea, it's not like a lover wearing the same clothes as a couple costume, a successful couple must combine the fashion sensitivity of the costume, and in the same pursuit of the same thing, it is astonish to show that the couple can be so charming!

Seven-day Couples STEP 1: South Korean Man's Love Fashion

You want to master the sweet essence of Korean lovers, first let's start with a Korean passer-by first!

hats, glasses, down vests to shirts, is this a sweet Korean 100 % for a lovely Korean lover!

Couples fashion tips: Even if you wear the same clothes, you will never be ashamed of self-confidence!

A pure and pure student lovers in love with a loving couple

Even if a child is born, the Korean will not forget the love of love.

-day lover assembling STEP 2: Wearing a couple, the main character of the Korean drama is

Speaking of Korean love clothes, how could you not mention the Korean dramas of the sweet and bored movie?In this phase, let's start with the love of the classic Korean dramas, the sweet time to wear it!

< A man >

Empress Empress Men > screen lovers Liu Ha-na and smart apartment, sweet-deductive casual wear!Through the subtle mix of yellow and blue contrast, even those with the same style can pass through different sweet flavors!

Korean < A gentleman's character >

The most recent Korean drama < of the character > inside , sweet, young, male, male, female, and Cui Jun are also full of pink tincers in the car heroes' rescue of the beauty of the bridge! It's also red + white, with stripes T-SHIRT and knitting with different styles, you can get rid of the same sense of common sense.

Korean Variety show < We are married to , the popular imaginary couple Sun Jiayou and Zhao Quan are also wearing a sports complex in the wedding edition of the wedding dress. Use indigo colors and dark blue to match with similar colors, so that it is not a problem to let the side move sweet.

Whoo!At last, at the end of the above, the of the house, Wang Shizi, of the estate, is at the bottom of the .

Not only did magnolia and princes travel through the love of time and time, but it was also moving. The combination of the white upper and the pale colors of the two people at the press conference makes people feel like a prince and a princess in the real world.

Did you see Zhang Dongjian look familiar?Yes, it is the character > of gentleman, but this time it is the turn of the male and female lead characters to demonstrate that they are wearing a lap!

You want to learn to look like a couple of different couples with different tricks: the same color scheme, different styles, and materials. Isn't it felt like it's all blue, but just as long as you quietly work on a style and clothing material, it's just a couple of eyes lit up!

Whoo!Is this a a secret garden ?Ho Chiu-yuan and Hyun-bin successfully deduces the love stories of the chief executives and small children in the show! The cool elements of the black and white movements can actually be sweet, as long as there is love.

-night Couples STEP STEP 3: Actions not as good as action!Buy a stylish couple

There are several famous online vendors in Korea, such as LUVandLUV , STYLE STOCKER , which not only have novel design, but also a variety of styles, ranging from T-SHIRT to swimsuits, and what you want to get is in the selling yard!A friend who is interested in buying can search for Korean lovers through Taobao or Chemoor auctions to buy a sweet memory that belongs to you and his.

In addition to shopping, it is also very interesting to look at the love of the Korean market, MODEL, to create their own couple's experiences, which are also interesting and interesting

Let's take a look at the couple's clothes on the Korean online store!


is as cute as your boyfriend's loose T-SHIRT!The blue shirt, isn't it so sweet that you make the screen before it?

What!I don't even have a couple of pajamasEven at home, stylish and sweet


Isn't this the most popular long skirt this year?With the same pattern, the use of long skirts and T-SHIRT different styles can create a sense of fashion!

Gray + Pink, Fashion lovers are really intoxaty!

The lovers who love water are blessed!Come on, lover swimsuit, beat the sun with your passion!

See so many South Korean couples, do you think it is no longer so difficult to dress up couples in fashion?

No matter the same color scheme, or the same color scheme, as long as you have confidence and find the most suitable model, I believe you can all be a star in a couple's dress with a bright star!

womany Seven Hotsell

Do you have trouble with the procurement process for lovers of Korean websites?womany has two recommended couples, and let you and darling him be a sweet and zero distance!

novize pair of lovers short T T

novize Beethoven

Finally, do you want to spend less money on wearing the most cool couple's clothes?The womany editing group recommends a DIY self-made couple, which ensures full effect and saves the purse!The most money-saving couple in the world

Guest!Come on!Is it a unique style that is not both money-saving and designer-style?

Happy Valentine's Day

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