D&i Strategy Room 18th back! Diversity and Inclusion (d&i), executed by many foreign companies, are rare in Taiwan. In early November, employees in Google Tokyo, Singapore, Hyderabad, Berlin, Dublin, London and other places stopped to work at 11:10 and took up signs and took to the streets to protest. For long-term gender inequality, but also for the high-level harbouring of sexual harassment and stand up.

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11/1 11:10 A.M., Google employees in Tokyo, Japan, stopped working, picked up the sign and walked out of the office. The sign read, "The rights of employees are women's rights," "enough, Technology", "sexual harassment stop here"⋯⋯ screen to Google Global Division: Singapore, Hyderabad, India, Berlin, Employees at Dublin, London, and California's headquarters also launched a strike at 11:10 local time. What exactly is the campaign of more than 20,000 participants around the world protesting? (Recommended reading:Google detonates gender debate: Less female engineers are born, not sexist? )

October 25--The New York Times reported in a report that Andy Rubin, the father of Android, left Google in 2014 because Google wanted to shield him from sexually harassing female employees. Even after the incident, 90 million of dollars in severance payments were given to Andy Rubin to resign on his own initiative, but Andy Rubin denied the allegations.

Also revealed was David C. Drummond, Google's general counsel, who was blown out of an affair with law executive Jennifer Blakely but was known to the company after Jennifer Blakely was transferred to the sales department, a year after Google asked She signed the voluntary separation book. David C. Drummond has continued to stay in the legal sector and has even become Alphabet's chief legal officer.

Google's cover of high-level sexual harassment has led to long-standing gender and racial discrimination issues floating on the table, making Google employees more dissatisfied before launching a "strike for real change" at 11/1th "The event, each of the people involved in the strike left a note on his desk that read:

I'm not in my position because I'm going to come together with other colleagues to protest sexual harassment, improper cover-up, opaque systems and inappropriate workplace culture!

"I ' m not at my desk because I ' m walking/solidarity with other Googlers and contractors to protest [against] sexual Harassment, misconduct, lack of transparency and a workplace culture-s not working for everyone.

Google employees also made five appeals to the company on Twitter, which "strikes for real change":

  1. Ending mandatory arbitration incidents of sexual harassment and discrimination
  2. Commitment to end unequal pay and opportunities
  3. Report on public incidents of sexual harassment
  4. Provide a secure and anonymous raise process for incidents of sexual harassment, clear, unified and globally inclusive.
  5. Improve the rank of Google's chief diversity executive, enable it to report directly to CEOs and boards, and add staff representatives to the Board

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And their actions and demands were heard at the top. According to the Verge , Google's CEO, Sundar Pichai, sent an e-mail to employees after the protest, expressing support for the protest, while saying: "Employees come up with constructive ideas on how to improve the company's policies and processes , we will listen to all the suggestions and translate them into practical action. 」

While the whole incident exposes Google's inappropriate work, it is gratifying to note that, in the face of a long-opaque system, Google employees have bravely stepped forward in an attempt to improve gender unkindness within the company and advance women's rights, while senior executives are willing to embrace ideas. It is also an important step to practice d&i to provide reflection and advice on the phenomenon and to help the workplace environment to be more friendly and inclusive. (Recommended reading:"legal little common sense" women's workplace inequality? How to protect your rights and interests! )

Next, we'll look forward to what Google will do to enable gender to achieve complete equality!