Tonight, let women fan a selection of quotes to you warm, accompany your loneliness, before bedtime to say good night to you.

Women are obsessed with good night quotes and believe in the power of every word. No one needs to be perfect all the moment, and the mistakes, failures and remorse of the past will eventually become a nourishment and a better future for irrigation.


I don't know why we all have to be optimistic, but I like my sad appearance, because I can still shed tears.

Ball Zhung

"When making marshmallows, it's still young, full of a lot of anger, and I feel like I have to change the world." But now, I am a person's creation, the sense of self is deeper, I return to myself, sing what I really want to sing in my heart. 」

Returning to herself is the answer she gave. She said it was a terrible thing when everyone said they were happy on Facebook, because everyone had negative emotions, and if they pretended to be invisible, the mood would grow into a monster.

"I hope to tell you through my own music, I am also sleepy, but I am willing to face it, now we are all at a pace too fast, born in the past era, perhaps there will be no black heart oil presence." People go too fast and want to get more and think they'll be happy to get more. 」

At the moment, I asked the little ball what it looked like to be her "real self." She filed a pen and changed it on the interview with her notes, and I found that it was her usual action when she was thinking hard.

We were silent for a while. Without dialogue, she opened her mouth and said, "I am a man who is not perfect, but who is honest with himself."

Article: leave the comfort of "marshmallow"! Ball Zhung: I'm not perfect, but honest face myself


It is because the pain is too valuable, the memory is too precious, so we have to continue to go forward.

Chen Qizhen

She nestled on the ground, curl her body, quietly look at the snow, not in a hurry to walk, think of Kawabata Kangcheng wrote "Snow Country", through the long tunnel of county boundaries, is the snow country, foal to the island village casually said, "After you go, I will be passing through the days." "If you can, through all the memories that love him, snowy, also stand, is the rebirth of their own."

She closed her eyes quietly, and after you left, I was about to start passing through the days, she said to herself.

Article:"single diary" After you leave, I'm going through the day.


Don't run away. Pain Let it ache, it is best to make it very painful, you know that kind of pain. Life experience is good and bad, you have to try to feel.

Cai Jianya

Do not feel that they have no choice, Tanya in the face of the most setbacks is such a choice: "First put themselves deeply into the wound, do not escape." Pain Let it ache, it is best to make it very painful, you know that kind of pain. 」

"The good and the bad of life experience, you have to try to feel, that is the message of the universe to you, just embrace it." 」

Next, Tanya think the important lesson is "talk to yourself":"I often can't sleep in the middle of the night, holding a blank sheet of paper, all the messy thoughts are written down, no matter embarrassed not embarrassed stupid. As long as you write it, at least see what you're thinking. Suddenly it seemed as if something had been put down in my heart that I could go to bed. 」

In the face of pain and happiness, she is not afraid of fearlessness, Tanya said before their own fear of pain, pain on the run to escape: "I later feel that life is like this once, why painless?" The more I live, the more extreme I don't like the grey area. 」

She said a word to make life's predicament clear, why painless? What she was looking for was a taste, so the bitter sweetness had to take in it.

Article: evolve into a better person for yourself! Interview Cai Jianya: No one owes you a Wonderful Life


We all have shortcomings, admit it, be a perfect person, maybe we have no characteristics.

Xuyuteng Court

"Who fell in love with him first" this play, there are many characters each other stand and character opposites, she said, no one is particularly difficult in the creation, "because you know, the composition of people are actually the same, we are a bit selfish, treacherous, greedy cheap, rogue, just the proportion of the combination is not quite the same AH." 」

She winked, making people feel like they were being seen through.

"Someone is a little more rogue, and we point at him and say," You scoundrel! "Some people are particularly selfish, for example, I have a friend, every time I go to dinner, his wallet is always the slowest to pull out, a time I am particularly hot, want to wait for him to take out his wallet, see his wallet has been not to get out, card there has been to talk about other topics, I said, first get the wallet out! Why would I see her slow out of her purse? It's because there are times when I get stingy, too. 」

Xuyuteng said she had a theory that when you would find someone else's faults, you would recognize them at a glance because you were so familiar with it!

"Every time I see someone solemn scolding another person, I pinch a cold sweat for him, thinking to myself, do you want to go back and check, you do not have this part, otherwise you can not recognize it." 」

The starting point of Xuyuteng observation is never a critique. "There is no perfect person!" "Xuyuteng said very seriously," I like to see my shortcomings. "

Article: interview with Xuyuteng court: Admit the shortcomings of the loveliest, perfect person has no characteristics


Life is bitter and sweet, although very decaying but very memorable, you have to gracefully accept these stool.


Gentle acceptance of all the things through their own lives, such an attitude, but also reflected in the wangruolin of the emotional view.

The two songs in the new album 〈sabrina Don ' t get married again!〉 and 〈if you Say come in to me〉, the way of expression is very different, but I vaguely see for the love of the girl feeling unapologetic. I look at the front of the answer is always short, look a bit cool Wangruolin, she talked about what is the appearance of love?

As usual, she overturned my established imagination of her, talking about love, she gave me a smile from the heart, "talked about a few relationships, those mature adults of the emotional view and practical ideas, I did not learn at all." Love, for me, is imagination. 」

Wangruolin said, after several years of groping, she felt that love is to cherish. Cherish the moment of love, when you begin to fear loss, you have lost the pleasure of enjoying love Ah!

"Experience the high tide of life, when you can use the" bow to these things "attitude to face, with a" curtain call "mentality to feel. Whether your life is in comedy or tragedy now, you can enjoy it with a calm attitude. 」

Article: interview with Wangruolin: You have to be elegant and accept the stool in your life