After 12 months, accumulated 12 close contact with readers, women fans "fan Powder Association" first anniversary birthday party, take you back to move warm scene!

I just love Myself

In every awesome

I just love Myself

Just want to hug and welcome to my world.

-Lu Guangzhong "Love Myself"

I believe that every person who has participated in women's fan activities, you must be no stranger to this song. Women fans of every activity, is to support, companionship as the original intention to start planning, every activity, we hope to have a deep exchange with you. (Recommended reading:"Salon hits" The Other side of the light, not necessarily dark: fearless pursuit of Dreams!) )

In October last year, women fans held the first offline event in close contact with readers-the fan Powder Association, and since then, women have been fascinated by the wonderful fate of the "Powder fans" journey. Today, fan powder has been walking through 12 months, and in October this year, also with the "First anniversary birthday party" as the theme for the fan Powder Association to write a new milestone.

Fan Powder Association held for 12 months in a row, in fact, has experienced two event leaders, from the beginning of the Merci to later Lisa, two people all mentioned: "Fan powder classmate's original intention, is to" leave the stage to the reader ", so that more people can stand on the stage, share their own story. 」

With the story as the carrier, convey the value that the user believes in, and let each participant through different life stories, gain different forces, this is the spirit of the fan Powder Association. After preparing 12 events in this spirit, I wanted to say "happy one birthday" to all the fans in October this year.

On the first anniversary of the celebration, one of the co-founders of the women's fans, Lulu, also attended the event, and for the Fan Powder Association, Lulu also have to say: "Want to share with you, in fact," your most precious gift, is your time ", so we are willing to fix every month, leave time to women fans, share your story This is not easy, I hope that in the future we can also continue to accompany each other, support. 」

12 months along the way, fan powder classmate also accumulated a lot of powder. In the first anniversary of this special day, but also invited to three and fans of the common growth of the fans, respectively, are: Qiao Qiao, Silver, Ariel, bring their own and fan powder encounter story.

Come with confusion, walk with touch

On the chest hanging handsome sunglasses, and the encounter with the Fan Powder Association is in June 2019, "Gender dialogue afternoon Tea" activities. From early summer and women fans together into the winter, the reason to recall their original obsession with powder, is because they have just stepped into marriage, facing the new stage of life there are many doubts.

' I took part in the event with confusion about marriage and also heard the story of the sharing at the event to understand that women's gender role expectations in traditional marriages were at one point feeling moved at the moment because I knew I wasn't alone. At the end of the event, back in my life with the power gained, I also felt like I had become "softer." "Coincidentally, the sight gradually pulled back directly from the ground, as if to say that they are no longer as confused as in the first place."

Gradually out of the confusion, if a sentence to today's event participants, Qiao will say:

"My value is not in how many others identify with me, but how much I like who I am now." 」

Fans of Powder Qiao Qiao

In the form of "small helper of Words", Silver, who was obsessed with women in the "party Talk Talk time" Fan Powder Association Last December, said: "After attending the event, I felt that I had become a better self, and found that it did not take a long time to change." 」

Women fans always want to be able to do more with the reader, find a better self, and Silver is the lovely reader who walks by with women's fans. In the March 2018, when women fans launched notebooks, we picked out the wonderful words of Silver as the cover of a golden sentence notebook, which said, "the words of others will only exert strength when you give them meaning." 」

Silver, which has the power of warm words, is also on the first anniversary of the event, sharing another warm word with you:

"Believe in yourself, the road you have travelled will not be in vain, and the last path will be given back to you." 」

Fans of Powder Silver

There are always a few people, is the pursuit of the ideal on the road will always be in the side to participate in everything, together to cheer up, grow together and thrive friends. Ariel is such a friend to a woman's fan. After attending last year's Gwis Global women's Impact Forum, 525 of the Week I love my festival, a few fans of powder, Ariel admitted: "I learn to value themselves, love themselves, really listen to their own voice." 」

On the walls of the women's paradise, she had also touched Ariel, and she raised her arm to then Elizabeth: "On the way to grow up, we are a person, but we will have family, friends, powder, and even read the same article, with the same values of people, so we can go together, go far." 」

When faced with setbacks, Ariel is still able to face with a positive attitude, she wants to give the fans such a sentence:

"When you feel the pain, you are growing up." 」

Fan Powder Ariel

Well, yes. And women are obsessed with the joy of the powder together to grow together.

We all love ourselves a little more.

The second half of the event, also accompanied by the Lu Guangzhong of warm singing began. According to the time to enter Shen's mind and talk with oneself, we all concentrate on writing active game paper and enjoy this process of exploring ourselves. The space is full of "i just love myself" melody, and everyone's focus on the appearance. I know that from this moment on, we all love ourselves a little more.

On the first anniversary of the scene, we have made a year after the expectations of their own, a fan of powder looking at the paper on their own answer, said: "I hope to become brave, confident people." "Then raise your head and look at everyone and say," I feel strong now, but strong is not necessarily not afraid, just more firm. That's why I hope to be a brave, confident person. 」

This is really an interesting point: "Strong is not necessarily not afraid, just more firm." "Just as we are afraid, we are still firmly moving towards our ideal self, which is strong." In addition to being strong, we allowed ourselves to be braver at the same time, so as to face other challenges.

While everyone is making expectations, there is also a fan of powder said: "For a year later, I do not have any plans." Because I believe there is no plan, it is also a plan. "Sitting on the sidelines listening to me, thinking:" Interesting point of view combo! "Although I have seen such ideas in articles and films, spitting out of the population in front of you is another very different kind of shock."

Dear fans, Thank you for letting me see the expectations, momentum and love that life can have, at this moment I am really happy to be able to participate in this activity, together to share this full of strength, hope, beautiful picture. (Recommended reading: running away, loving yourself )

There's a lot of anniversaries, let's go together.

Kyung Sheng, how can you lose the cake and Happy birthday song? Thanks to everyone who has been with women's fans, women fans also want to tell you that everyone has different colors, different backgrounds, just like the cake in front of you, the balloons behind you, the logo of women fans. We believe that everyone is pluralistic, and because of these pluralism, to make the world a better place.

Thank you for all the powder for a year of company, in the road of life, I wish we can accompany each other around. Fan Powder Association, we still have a lot of anniversaries to live together, but also please give us a lot of advice. Of course, don't forget to take away the birthday present we prepared for you before you leave the game-the exquisite refreshments from Miss Kelly , the women's dessert brand, and wish us the rest of the day, happy birthday.