Interview with Chen Yingxun, head of public affairs and marketing at Standard Chartered Bank, the road to deformation, she walked eagerly, walked firmly, in the face of the uncertainty of the future, she said learn to simplify things, the trouble of time to pursue the things you want to do! She will share her true story live at the 2018 Global women's Impact forum .

How to enter the workplace for many years, still maintain momentum and enthusiasm? How do you not fear the first step of change when your life feels stagnant?

"Simplify things and reduce the time you have to worry, and you'll have more time to do what you want to do!" 」

What's so complicated about doing what you want to do? In an interview with Chen Yingxun, head of public affairs and marketing at Standard Chartered Bank, she responded to the anxiety and uneasiness of young people with a warm but firm tone.

Has been a reporter, has also jumped to IT, insurance industry, now is in Standard Chartered Bank, do their love of public relations marketing. Gillian's way of deformation, walking firmly, walking eagerly, she wanted to tell all the people lost in life: Do not be afraid of deformation, as long as you are willing to take a step.

You have the capital to do it, to give yourself a chance to fall

When Gillian first entered the workplace, he worked as a journalist, went deep into Cambodian slums, and was only able to squeeze into a small bed, crowded with mosquitoes, and opened windows to smell the stench, a very different world from Taiwan. That shock experience made her realize that, as a journalist, although it was possible to write truthfully about other areas in need of assistance, so that more people could know, but if she could stay in the enterprise, she could become a bridge and connect more resources to give back to the community.

So the reporter did three or four years later, she decided to switch runways, into the enterprise deep ploughing, IT, insurance have been, in the middle there is still a brief return to the media, did financial programs. In the past, when jobs were changed, Gillian said, this is also a problem that young people often encounter: "The company is not happy to stay, do you want to leave?" 」

"It's Try and Error." Young fall, can soon stand up, you have the capital must do, must let oneself have the chance to fall. "Do you want to leave, look at yourself, evaluate first, and then act." There is not much to consider, no matter how much will only let oneself go forward, so consider two things is good:

  1. Is there any emotional support?
  2. Is there a financial burden?

Suppose you failed today, do you have any emotional support from your family and friends? How long can your financial situation support yourself? If someone supports you and the economy can support it for a while, then why not? Just let go and do it. Gillian laughs, rather than take a table to do SWOT analysis, it is better to simplify things, will worry about the time to pursue what you want to do.

Simplify things and take the time of trouble to pursue what you want to do.

Gillian Chen

Listening to her relaxed tone, I can't help but ask, in the face of the variability of career, you have had anxiety and do not adapt? "Curiosity, if it's all there, will feel like there's something to learn every day," she said. "What is the time for anxiety? The look of Gillian sitting in front of me was as warm as the Chiko, and she had too much to know about knowledge and the world.

Learn to think, and the same thing will have different results.

Gillian does not give up, enjoy the changing personality, let her walk on this deformation road happy. For her, working conditions, titles are just appearances, a lifetime of pursuit, but to do what you love.

Before coming to Standard Chartered Bank as head of public affairs and marketing, Gillian was the general manager of other international companies, and some people would ask, from the general manager to the head of the public affairs and marketing department, is it not to return to the front line again? "Frankly speaking, at my age, I want to do what I feel makes sense." It's important to be happy. "she replied. (Recommended reading: happiness, is to do meaningful things!) Facebook CEO talks about life and new media )

Whether it is the general manager, or the head of public relations, each class of positions have their own loveliness, but also have different growth, but the pursuit of life will change with each stage, thousands of back, Gillian found himself still eager to become a bridge, serial enterprise resources and society, put resources on the needs of people, and she now as a public relations, The head of marketing is playing such a role.

The public affairs and marketing office that Gillian is currently awaiting is responsible for the marketing, television advertising and public welfare activities of Standard Chartered Bank, such as the largest marathon event in Taiwan, the Standard Chartered public Marathon, which has entered its 5th year, with a maximum of 29,000 contestants this year, and invites the visually impaired to join each year. Let the visually impaired can participate in the marathon of the blood and moved.

She has heard a word about marketing PR: "What the financial, business, and human departments have to do is clear, and the other things you don't know where you're going is that the marketing department is in charge." 」

To take a serious inventory, marketing PR To do things are very complicated, but she said it also makes more fun! For example, in cooperation with the Down's foundation, the launch of Down's baby painting calendar, 2019 Standard Chartered Public Welfare road run, more combined with credit cards, so that consumers enjoy more feedback ⋯⋯gillian one by one fine count. Every activity to her hands, there are endless play and potential.

Work is to have Fun,enjoy Your life!

For work, Gillian has an inexhaustible burning enthusiasm, how to do? She told me that since she got into the workplace, she has interpreted her work as "Career." Unlike "Job", "Career" is zhi industry, is to follow their own life. Anything you do now, put your name on it, and as long as you think about it, work won't just work, but be full of fun, and it will be carried out in earnest. So in the workplace environment for more than 20 years, Gillian is still full of enthusiasm, all the time thinking: This thing can also do how to play better?

Why do you find work fun? Because don't think of it as work, but what you want to do. When you think so, there is infinite creativity, infinite possibilities.

Gillian Chen

' I'm looking forward to tomorrow before I go to bed every day. "gillian looked eagerly and said," It's hard for you to imagine, isn't it? It seems incredible, there is no Monday Blue, because I have too many things I want to do! 」

Fearless, enthusiastic, bold, positive, in the conversation with Gillian, I deeply felt these traits and energies. Some people might say that it's not easy to do what you like. But Gillian's way of thinking was exactly what enabled her to find a lifetime of ambition.

Gillian raises the story of being a rookie reporter for example: At that time, Taiwan's IT industry was just beginning, journalism is not very familiar with the IT industry, and there is little will to run this line. And she just came back from the United States, see a bit of IT trends, she smiled and said, speak White is to pick up people do not want the line, but the predecessors are willing to cut off, they also take it as an opportunity, take good grasp. Later, she did get a good chance-interviewing the wafer surrogate godfather Zhang Zhongmou.

A lot of people in the workplace will encounter such a situation, why do I have to arrange the trip? Why do you want me to pour water? Why do you do all the chores yourself? But on the other, a lot of things in the invisible, but also to establish their own image. The result depends on the mindset, the same thing, and you can create better results for yourself.

Learn to follow and take on more opportunities, and you'll find the fun of a job. And Gillian is convinced that it is only by doing what he likes that it is possible to have influence.

It is only by doing what you like that it is possible to have influence.

Gillian Chen

If you are not interested, no matter what task you receive, making it will only be a dogmatic result. People the most golden eight hours a day, on the contribution of work, if you feel that the workplace is not in line with expectations, why not create a new direction, brave deformation?

Go find what you like! To do the love, the energy emitted by the body, will continue to render, affecting more people.

Be Fearless Fearless

Speaking of bravery, Gillian finally shared a story: In the past, women were not allowed to run marathons, and the first female runner,--kathrine Switzer, appeared in the 1967 Boston Marathon, which was very meaningful, and despite the obstruction of outsiders, she was still reluctant to give up and run the full journey. (Extended reading: The first woman to run into a marathon )

Kathrine in an interview: "I know that if I abstain, no one will believe that women have the ability to complete a schedule of more than 26 miles." 」

For Gillian, the so-called fearless, is to know that the runway of life will eventually have an end, it is better to throw their own unapologetically into the things they like, do not because others block and give up. After listening, the partner present smiled and touched to get goose bumps.

This year, Gillian is a speaker of the women's Mystery of the Year: the "gwis Global women's Influence forum, and she is particularly keen to bring this fearless spirit to the scene to share with you.

On the runway of life, think of yourself as a Kathrine, run down with a fearless spirit!