When you're depressed or you're mentally dismal, do you like to have a sweet meal?It is believed that eating a sweet meal can improve the spirit. In fact, there is a hidden crisis!

There are often people who say, "When the talk doesn't work, it will get better if you eat the sweet spirit."It is not nonsense to eat a sweet meal when the spirit proves to be a good one.

It is a good practice to increase the serotonin in the brain when it is not working, or is in a mild state of depression.The fastest way to do this is to ingest the carbohydrates.When eating sweets, or rice, bread, and so on, the blood sugar level rises.In order to reduce the value of elevated blood sugar, insulin will be used to increase the force of serotonin to help.As a result, the main function of insulin is to produce a protein of the body, in addition to reducing blood sugar.Because the raw material of the protein is amino acid, in the process of making the protein, the amino acid is consumed by the amino acid.

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In terms of results, the proportion of tryptamine is increased because other amino acids are reduced, so that even if you don't eat animal protein like meat, you can increase the proportion of tryptamine by eating sweetmeat (carbohydrates), and increase the amount of serotonin in the brain.

This is one of the mechanisms for eating sweets to boost the spirit and improve the depression.However, careful consideration will find that the amount of tryptamine in this mechanism has not increased.All along, it is only because of the consumption of other amino acids, and the proportion of the chromite acid is increased to a relative increased state.(Extended Read: [North Dessert for dessert] Science and Technology Building!for dessert coffeehouses

So, sweetmeat is only a stimulant.This is a very important point, even if it is able to cope with the time needed to restore energy and improve the shape of depression that is not sustainable.So, if it is easy to rely on the experience of "sweet food," then the consequences would be unimaginable.

It will also be explained later that the severity of the negative effects caused by the excessive intake of carbohydrates is far more serious than we thought.Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to stop the "abuse" of stimulants.

The neurotransmitter in the brain, such as serotonin, can fundamentally improve the symptoms of depression, but cannot increase these neurotransmittance substances if they are not efficiently fed into the brain.Therefore, the first prerequisite is that proteins are to be fully taken uptake, and they are animal protein.

However, light is not enough, and it is important to think of what to eat together, and to further improve the efficiency of the absorption.It's just impossible to eat meat and eat with big mouth. The key lies in the way the carbohydrates are ingested.

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The principle of ingesting a carbohydrate is a "small amount".In a sense, please use "as a"!That's the only point!? is ingested by standards.If you decrease the amount of carbohydrates, the value of blood sugar will rise slowly.The amount of insulin secreted by the body would also be appropriate, without excessive consumption of the amino acid, which would make the proportion of amino acid of the protein being picked up better.

In other words, this allows tryptamine to enter the brain more efficiently from the blood brain barrier and turn it into serotonin.(Recommended reading: Ambure and Therapeutic: Low Insulin Catering Act, away from Obesity Three Principles