love for you?What kind of love history do you have?

At the end of last week, the womany and odor libraries and September Cafe jointly presented a five-point tour of love, guided by the Zora (Zola) teacher Tarro Divination, who shared their love trips with Miss Melody, the founder of the founder, Miss II, and the food hostess September Cafe.If you want to know what they share, how can the Tarot cards accurately read out their inner world?If you don't have a chance to talk about your friends, come and see the live broadcast of that day!

1. Love at first

Love may happen in the next second!

Miss 2 believes that love at first sight is very appropriate for love at first sight, and she says that love at first sight is like a moment of light. When you see someone, there is a kind of “ that is ” intuition, " and that is when love is coming!" Living in the present, I believe I also believe in love, that is love at first sight!"

for Melody, the odds of love at first sight are like the dessert that everyone likes. Some people like 10, and some may like only three to five, but she also believes that she will encounter a person who makes her heart feel for herself in her lifetime.

The Tarot Card of the Teacher Zola also accurately divination people's view of love at first sight. As Miss II chose the cards, there was as much as 90 % of the love index.Do you want to know about love at first sight?You can test it, too!

2. Love and love, which is happier?

's see if we're lovers of the same type of people!

Divination, the teacher also reminds us that the definition of happiness varies from person to person. In love, as long as it is a state of mind and mind, it is ideal. Because every love is different, the point is whether or not we can find a balance in a relationship.

As Melody is a balanced lover, perhaps after a few years of life experience, this type of lover will recognize that equality between the two men is the key to sustaining long-term relationships. They also pay particular attention to the interaction with the soul of a partner.

What was surprising was that the two young ladies who were enthusiastic about fire were in love with their own space. She liked to have an independent side, and loved and unloved was not the key to her. The point was that there was room for her.

3. What should be left behind when love is gone?

love is flameout

2, the sadness of parting is often the result of a habit. Because he wasn't there, he was hard to adjust, so it was very hard to adjust, so it was very sad. But sad, I was heartbroken. After the pain, the pain would be helpful to us and help us to understand each other.

Melody also says that emotions are like making a dish. First love, like the first time, is worth commemorating."The first time we cook, we may be able to screw up with less flavor, but we will remember, make progress and grow up next time, so we should thank those who have made us grow!""

How can you rebuild your confidence and let yourself go?Miss II uses the perfect perfect “ perfect ”, for example, to share with everyone how to rebuild confidence after breaking up. In fact, love is to perfect the imperfecties of the two. So the end of each relationship does not mean that you are imperfect, maybe it's just that the person has no idea how perfect you are.

The end of love may only be the result of a mistake in the process, just like the first time you have cooked food, and then you have to add a little more seasoning.

4. Restarting, I want to become a fan in the second half of the year!

of the million people, making you more attractive in the second half of the year

The last thing that Zuo Lara had for us was how to make the peach blosachers change well. Here, the peach blosb can also be an aid of foreign aid and a likable degree.One of the women's priests is to remind you to enjoy yourself as a woman, make yourself beautiful, make good use of women's attributes, more charming!

second lady reminds everyone that they must love themselves, because when you feel that you are charming, you will have a charming breath, and the people around you will find you very attractive!She also offers a good way to practice, that is, to find a place where you like yourself every day. For example, if you really like your smile today, you can write it down and accumulate it slowly, and let yourself love yourself every day!

Ms. Zola finally revealed that each of the Tarot cards responded to his own ideas, and was a picture of his inner projection. Therefore, no matter whether love begins or ends, it should be able to face up to it, find its own way of life and position, love oneself, and live in life!

Talk about the people. The talks want to tell everyone that it is very important to love oneself and understand life, it's very charming!Did you miss this talk?It's okay, next time you remember to share your life with womany and experience love!

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