Women's fans select quotes to give you warmth, kiss your loneliness, soothe your sorrow, gently, accompany you through tonight.

Women are obsessed with good night quotes and believe in the power of every word. Marriage affirmative action on this road, there are disputes, there is abuse, but please do not be afraid, 11/24 Pingquan cast us together embrace the rainbow, let the definition of love expand again. (Extended reading: Half a century of marriage affirmative action history: Will this be the first year of affirmative action in Taiwan? )


Look directly at your own lust, a person can feel happy. Do not necessarily have to have a relationship with sex, such as embracing their own sexual desire, looking directly at their own sexual desires imagine to imagine, that is to make people feel the most basic happiness of the thing.


Society's imagination of the body is always poor, we can only pretend to be innocent on the screen, idol nudity is better than the AV actress's career line, heterosexual kisses may be much safer than other passions. With regard to lust, why can't we be magnanimous and not admit that I use the dating APP?

"Look straight at your passions, a person can feel happy." Do not necessarily have to have a relationship with sex, such as embracing their own sexual desire, looking directly at their own sexual desires imagine to imagine, that is to make people feel the most basic happiness of the thing. 」

I asked HUSH to talk about his imagination of "different," saying: "Everyone is different. There is a paradox in it: When everyone is different, everyone is the same. 」

"In the case of high school wear uniforms, when everyone has to wear the same uniform, you will see a lot of people hands on the feet, do not pin individual needles, change pants, those small hands and feet are different places." We can't use uniforms to make everyone look exactly like people, and this society doesn't allow you to be a different person, it's just that they want you not to be so special. 」

Not the same no good fuss, but there are always people who can't wear uniforms, small crowd in the small crowd, in the face of different, we have more dimensions of understanding? This is everyone's subject.

"Know why you're proud." "It was a time when HUSH signed for a fan, and he knew that the fan's sexual orientation was a reassurance to him, and now he gave it to everyone who was flustered by his" strange ":" The focus is on knowing, cherishing and guarding the qualities you deserve to be proud of, in order to be complete with yourself. " 」

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Whether religious or non-religious, we talk about the word love, love can be regardless of national boundaries regardless of color race, but why do you want to split the gender? This is very absurd.

Chi Jiawei

Chi Jiawei, Comrade affirmative action, a claimant in the constitutional interpretation of same-sex marriage in Taiwan.

In 1986, he came to the Taipei District Court Notary Office to request a civil marriage with another male rejected, after more than dozens of years, continued to work for comrades and marriage, and contributed to the May 2017, the Lord Chancellor published the interpretation of "interpretation No. 748", declaring that civil law does not guarantee that same-sex marriage is unconstitutional, a major milestone on the road to affirmative action.

In response to the November 24 Pingquan, he wanted to say to everyone: "After the Court of Justice released No. 748 last year, some anti-fellow Christians thought it was the end of the world." If the counter-referendum is lost, hopefully they will stop thinking it is the end of the world, because the earth is still turning. 」

"Marriage affirmative action is a very natural, normal, general behavior, do not think of it as a torrent." 」

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Because I have suffered discrimination, I have learned the same. All the bad things that happened to me taught me to learn the same thing.

Ellan DeGeneres

"I decided to be honest with myself and to express honestly who I was. Strangely: those who, because they like my humor, suddenly do not like me, just because I also want to be myself. 」

Allen became the first female comedian to come out of the closet in the United States. Because of the constant ridicule, coupled with the cancellation of the original show, she was seen by the industry as a huge example of failure.

' No one wants to get close to me, I don't have any brokerage companies, I don't have any job opportunities, I have nothing in an instant. "She whispered to countless TV managers to give her a job offer, but the station believes that people will never watch her show again.

In 2003, she returned to the stage to open the "Alan Dizeni talk Show," which Allen said made her more empathetic and cherished her audience.

"Most comedies are based on teasing and consuming others, and I find that this is just a huge bully." So I want to demonstrate one thing: you can be funny and kind at the same time, and you can make people laugh without hurting the feelings of another group. 」

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The play can be played again, but one can only live once.


In an age when it was only worthy of good friends, Zhang Guorong offered a euphemistic confession of long feelings. On the show, Zhang Guorong's ex-girlfriend Mao Shunyun asked about his love, Zhang Guorong lightly said, "I like him, just because he is good." 」

Zhang Guorong's car number, is specially selected, DC339, Cantonese in the "Tang Zhang Long Long." He believed that he was in the absence, and that the relationship would last. After his brother left, Tanghed's days were full of remembrance. Time flies over more than 10 years, and it took him a long time before he was willing to fall in love again.

Every holiday, he did not forget to wish his brother Happy, he remembers his birthday, miss his favorite Christmas, see the flowers open, he wrote, "Spring should be very good, if you are still present." "Lovers are not present, Zhang Guorong is not absent in memory, the world always remember that firm holding hands."

In that completely taboo year, still closed Hong Kong, there is such a pair of lovers, convinced of the hand of the son, and son old, that hand, no longer let go, horizon, until the end of the world.

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Your perfection is a bit difficult to understand, does not mean that the world can not be inclusive.


I asked Lukai to say a word to these injured people, saying: "Your perfection is a bit difficult to understand and doesn't mean the world can't be inclusive. 」

Lukai sighed, and it sounded like it was coming from the abyss. I asked what was wrong, and she said, no, feel it.

"This is what I said to myself, when I write songs I also always tell myself, do not feel that there is no place to belong to me, there must be, there must be a place to let you live." 」

Lukai said: "You are not alone, when you feel that the world has no place to accommodate you, this time, in their own hearts to find, good for themselves, think of a garden, to irrigate, to fertilize, the heart will become more and more powerful." 」

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