Women's fans work with Netflix, and in November, a variety of social issues came to you, and through these six selected social issues, you might think more about current events.

In the November, various social issues came to the fore, such as the upcoming marriage affirmative action, the Tokyo Olympic proper referendum, and the simultaneous county mayoral elections.

In the face of a series of voting, election information, if you are a little breathless, there are many anxieties, doubts need to be relieved and answered, this month, women fans and Netflix cooperation, a selection of six albums recommended to you. There are wonderful original albums, as well as shocking documentaries on topics such as social class, technology issues, current news, feminism and human rights ... all kinds of discussions that are closely related to society. (Recommended reading: Five women's power documentaries to get women to tell the truth about themselves )

As social citizens, we all have the right to speak out and understand the pulsations of current affairs, and through these six selected albums, you may be able to have a more different perspective and thinking about the hot issues of the moment.

"Elite Killing Elites": When people are divided into classes, who can decide right and wrong?

After an earthquake, Spanish local councils sent students from the affected areas to different schools. Three of blue-collar teenagers, after entering aristocratic schools, have led to a murder because of a dispute with wealthy students.

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School is like the epitome of society, the class in society, the gap between rich and poor in the Netflix this original Spanish album "Elite Kill" one by one presented. When civilians appearing in aristocratic schools are involved in murder, in the face of questioning and suspicion, right and wrong should be decided by whom? Unarmed civilians, do you have an equal right to speak?

When gunpowder and fire touch each other, there is only one ending: explosion.

"Elite Killing Elites"

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Black Mirror Mirror: The inevitable hidden worries behind technology

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Since the first season of the 2011 broadcast, "Black Mirror" has been very popular with the audience, each episode of the role, background settings are different, to the dystopian story, satire human dependence on science and technology derived from the human nature and social problems. Real-time communication software, virtual world fascination, ransomware virus events, has been highly discussed in recent years AI artificial intelligence, network monitoring ..., science and technology convenience is beautiful, people and people closer, the world is getting smaller, but when we loudly praise science and technology, behind the hidden worries, but also we must ponder. (Recommended reading: British divine drama "Black Mirror": When memory can be recorded, what is real? )

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In this world, we are all busy with life, it is easy to ignore the real side.

"Black Mirror Mirror"

The fourth season of Black Mirror will return in December this year, taking you to see different tech stories in 90 minutes. If you like to choreograph compact content, it is highly recommended to reflect on the human nature of the technology film. If you are a fan of the United States, you can not miss such a classic good film!

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"The formation of murderers making a murderer": it is the entire judicial system that needs to be upended

An original Netflix documentary, "The formation of murderers," which is no less shocking than a drama film, took 13 years to record in detail a dramatic criminal lawsuit.

At the age of 23, Avery was sentenced to imprisonment for two counts of rape and attempted murder, and after serving 18 years, Avery was acquitted and able to return to the back of time because new DNA evidence was overturned again. Thinking that the law had finally returned to Avery's belated justice, I did not expect him to be accused of murder again and sentenced to life in prison. What the hell is the truth? Is Avery a murderer or not?

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If I had said what they wanted to hear, I would have been able to go home.

"The formation of the murderer making a murderer"

After reading this album, we can reflect on the environment we are in. Rape, sexual assault frequent storms, the public and victims yearn for the truth, and the judiciary is anxious to give social account, which is likely to ignore the human rights of suspects. In the pursuit of justice and truth at the same time, we hastened to find the person in charge, find out the murderer, over and over again with public opinion to convict people, catch the wrong person, we quickly grasp the next blame. (Recommended reading: The pusher of a non-differential attack: The oppression of gender roles and the definition of success )

The emergence of a miscarriage, you and I may all be promoters, how to avoid? Perhaps before we find the truth, we should let go of our anger, calm down the context, not really sure, do not easily comment on the attack.

"Reporter brings you to track follow this": Straight behind the scenes of the world's anecdotes

What does hip-hop music have to do with gangster ecology? Sex droids are really just erotic stuff? is the electric scooter environmentally friendly?

The popular documentary "reporter brings you to track", created by Netflix and Buzz Feed, explores social issues through just 15-20 minutes, taking you straight to the scene behind the reporting team, with disturbing patriarchal issues, as well as quirky online trends, Then there's the gang problem mentioned above.

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There are short anecdotes on TV, and perhaps you can get a more comprehensive answer through this series of documentaries. With interesting and vivid themes, you can also learn more about the big things of the world in your commute time.

The future will pop out of the stupidest places and pop out when we don't expect it.

"The reporter brought you to track follow this."

"Under the lens: the old days of feminism and the present feminist:what were and the thinking": Girls all over the world should unite

Netflix's original documentary, "Under the lens: the old and present of feminism," records how women break the cultural rules of obedience from an early age and gradually accept themselves as women. In the 1977, Cincia McMadans, a photographer, believed that women had changed their appearance because of feminism, and that her photo collection, "Emergence," captured the age when women's consciousness was on the rise. The documentary also looked for women interviewed in the concentration of photography, comparing the development of culture and feminism today.

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We were taught from an early age to be a good girl, to behave like a girl, to speak like a girl. But as a woman, as a self, isn't it "good"? With the evolution of history, women's consciousness is gradually rising, women are beginning to work, have the right to vote, participate in public affairs ... but gender discrimination still exists in society, we need to work harder and unite to resist stereotypes.

If you are feeling inferior and anxious about being a woman, we recommend that you see this film in the hope that we can all regain our confidence, courage and pride as a woman.

You can do a bunch of things in the wrong way, and they end up getting right.

"Under the lens: the old days of feminism and the present feminist:what were and the thinking"

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"Home Bodyguard Bodyguard": The country and the people, who can be sacrificed?

The plot film "Home Bodyguard" tells of a soldier who once obstructed a terrorist attack, David Bade, who was assigned to the Royal and VIP Protection Unit of Scotland Yard to protect Home Secretary Julia Lia Montagu after he was discharged from the army. During his mission, David discovered that Julia was the main figure who sent herself away to the sand, causing a shadow in her heart, and how should he deal with his inner struggles?

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The home bodyguard has six episodes a season, with a bright and compact plot, set in London shrouded in terrorism, when the Home Secretary was eager to pass a bill to monitor every move in people's lives. Is the privacy of people around the "right to privacy" and "national safety" sacrificed for the sake of the country? When the government strives to preserve the safety of the country, who can protect the rights of the people?

These plots do not always come from the outside world, and some are internal persecution.

"Home Bodyguard Bodyguard"

In this film, in addition to the struggle of the internal affairs of the Interior, in fact, you can also see the human heart is very real portrayal: The human heart is unable to only use the word good and evil, each has its own ideals and persistence, standing in different profit points, and sometimes conflicts, and these depictions are similar to the environment we are in, facing the voice of We can all create dialogue with a more open heart.

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The six Netflix albums recommended to you speak of the justice system from a class issue, as well as political events from human rights. In the face of the 11/24 referendum, there may be anxiety, unease and doubt, and I hope you can find emotional exits and more oriented thinking about social events from these six sheets.