Turn on TV and newspapers, often see the occurrence of stealing filmed, and in addition to their own prevention, what can we do?

On October 4, South Korea's fourth anti-poaching rally, tens of thousands of South Korean women took to the streets to protest, demanding that the government crack down on poaching. The number of poaching crimes in South Korea has increased from 1,100 in 2010 to more than 6,500 in 2017, and between 2012 and 2017, 10,006 of 201 of those arrested for poaching were men, while 98% per 20,006 of the victims and 000 were women.

On the other hand, the poaching incident is also constantly staged, almost daily can be seen in the news report, coupled with the rapid development of the network and technology, these steals film was maliciously outflow, in the search engine into the keyword "Taiwan", "steal", the emergence of a large number of pornographic sites, although difficult to distinguish pornographic sites " Stealing the film "is not a real steal, but it also shows that the" steal "has become a means for interested people to satisfy their lust and voyeurism.

The incidence of poaching incidents is extremely frequent. Photo | Liberty Times website screenshot

Why would there be a "steal"?

The act of stealing is derived from the desire to peep. Freud Voyeur as a disease, from childhood to sexual curiosity, if repressed, grow up will become a voyeur of desire and motivation, the undefended person as the object of Peep, voyeur from which to obtain satisfaction and irritation.

And voyeurism also extends the performance of power, poaching behavior can be traced up to 1900, British police filmed social actors with hidden footage, when the "steal" was seen as a means of controlling society. "Steal" has not only control the society, in the entertainment gossip news or magazines are also common, coupled with the title is more smell to arouse reverie, will use such words, such as: Caress, honey spray, small room, crazy earthquake, etc., in order to increase its publication sales and point reading rate, not only to meet but also enhance people's desire to pry, has also had a negative impact. Often voyeurs have a greater social power, such as mass media or news magazines. The collective voyeurism of entertainment media has developed the public's belief that voyeurism is reasonable, and the public has become more and more fond of snooping and has lost the ability to judge right and wrong. (Recommended reading: girl, don't be a model student of the patriarchal system, let the World Bully you )

At this time you can also talk about "male gaze" (male gaze), Huang Hairong (2007) in the "male gaze and pornography" article refers to "gaze", not just pure viewing. Men's way of viewing with desire, by watching the female body to obtain visual pleasure, the female body is converted into symbolic code, the loss of subjectivity. Such a way of viewing and the display of power, as early as the "look at the way of seeing" in the western traditional oil painting, until today's film and advertising, real life constantly meet the desire to peep (Scopophilia), formed a view of social culture, men become " I can see "the character, and the woman is forced to be the" You should be seen "role.

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Is there no "law" to steal?

At present, the relevant norms of the film on the dissemination of steals (closed activities, speech talks, etc.) are as follows:

  1. Article No. 235 of the Criminal Code: the dispersal, transmission or trafficking of obscene words, drawings, sounds, images or other articles, or the blatant display, or the use of other persons for viewing and hearing, for a term of imprisonment of up to two years, a criminal detention or section or a fine of less than 30,000 yuan. The same is also the person who, with the intention of distributing, broadcasting or selling, manufactures and holds the preceding words, drawings, sounds, images and their attachments or other articles. The attachments and articles of the first two words, drawings, sounds or images are confiscated without asking whether they belong to the prisoner or not.
  2. Criminal law 第315-1条: a person who steals the undisclosed activities, speech, conversation or body privacy of another person by recording, taking photographs, video or electromagnetic records without cause shall be liable to a fine of up to three years ' imprisonment, criminal detention or less than 30,000 yuan, but this is the crime of telling the theory, so the victim needs to tell him that the police are able
  3. Criminal Law 第315-2条: The distribution, transmission, or sale of pre-theft recordings, photographs, videos or electromagnetic records, including the exploitation of places, tools or equipment for the convenience of others for the purpose of such acts, which may be punishable by up to five years ' imprisonment, detention or section or a fine of up to 50,000 yuan; As such dissemination, transmission, or the act of trafficking infringes on the benefits of personal law and seriously affects the tranquillity of social life, so it is a crime that is not told, so as long as the facts of the crime are established, the police unit can investigate the investigation.

Although there are relevant laws, but in fact most victims will choose not to prosecute to protect their privacy, once the prosecution may let the event come to light, such as the News newspaper report, will be attached to the relevant film or photos, but by two injuries and public opinion of the trial, netizens even began to find the original file and load point. Not only that, a lot of photos or films stolen, uploaded to community platforms or pornographic sites, etc., netizens began to download, spread and share, through the spread of the network, to completely eliminate the file is not easy, and according to "web547 Report Hotline network non-pornographic whistleblower hotline Taiwan YPTP "experience, steal the forum is mostly set up in foreign servers, the formation of domestic inspection units in the investigation of difficulties, and this for the victims of physical and mental spirit is a serious injury."

On July 17 this year, the Women's Rescue Foundation published the draft regulations on the prevention and control of private images against individuals, in response to Taiwan's "dissemination of private images without consent", which were sentenced mostly under the laws of the criminal Law on the crime of spreading indecent articles or the crime of intimidation against safety, and "defamation" It has no deterrent effect on the perpetrator at all. The Women's Rescue Foundation has also called on, in addition to strengthening police prosecution, legislating against perpetrators and protecting victims, that in the face of this type of crime, WOC calls on the community to "four non" principles--not to read, not to download, not to share, not to condemn victims, and to reduce harm to victims. (Recommended reading: law Little common sense: In the case of stealing pinhole snaps how to do?

What else can be done besides the draft legislation?

Seeing the continuous emergence of theft of filmed in the community, people can't help but worry about the toilet, dressing, bathing, accommodation and other privacy security issues. In addition to using steal detection equipment, we can also check the room space items, such as sockets, hooks, mirrors, murals, key holes, etc., whether there are holes or unknown reflections, but also by reducing the brightness of the room, so that the stealing equipment can not be clearly photographed. Besides, what else can we do?

In addition to replenishing or amending the law, the mass media, in reporting on the theft of filmed by the community, have led readers to peep with the perpetrators by making it clear that "poaching" is a crime, rather than through titles and words. In addition, entertainment news should also reduce the subject matter of poaching, so as not to strengthen the culture of spying on personal privacy. Yang Cong, chief physician of the psychiatric department at the General Hospital of the armed forces, said that the deviant behavior of the steal was due to people's curiosity about sex, but if it lasted more than 6 months and affected life, it was sexual deviation, and patients with sexual deviation should look for appropriate ways to relieve the pressure and seek the assistance of a physician.

Through the occurrence of poaching incidents and subsequent cascading effects, such as the outbreak of poaching incidents, can be found in the message or discussion area, many people respond to " Kneeling on the original file ", or discussing the victims rather than reviewing the poachers, has left the victims extremely fearful, showing the way the community as a whole treats the gender, and the social education of the individual's right to privacy and gender equality has yet to be strengthened. Therefore, in addition to the constraints and deterrence of the law, we should also see the psychological and educational aspects, but also from their own, refuse to read the articles and films that incite snooping, the symptoms also cure the root, correct the ethos of society from you and me. (Recommended reading: Witnessing a date rape, she chooses to broadcast live instead of reporting it )

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