Miss Sports Select quotes that invite you to talk to the body on a regular basis, and you don't pay to please anyone, but to give the body the time it deserves.

Miss Sports Select quotes, regularly empty the next period and body dialogue time, 1.1 points to recognize their ability, improve their limits. What you give will come back to you. (Recommended reading: Fitness, should not be a motivational quote to discipline the body )


I agreed with myself to start exercising, not to curry favor with anyone, I wanted to sweat, I wanted to give the body the time it deserved.

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How long have I not moved? I really can't remember.

Is it necessary to move? As a brain melon every day, always think that the time is not enough for the work of people, has long not remembered their own body.

I want to give back to my body, it deserves the respect. I want to feel its soreness, its scream, its softness, its breakthroughs, and its long-forgotten power.

I agreed with myself to start exercising, not to curry favor with anyone, not to get a seductive figure, I want to move, I want to sweat, I want to give the body the time it deserves.

"Give yourself practice" about the habit of walking on your own

When we are still in the sports novice village, if we can, first do not greedy, from about their own long road to go home to start. Two stops in advance of the bus, an early stop out of the MRT, now the day is very cold, you accompany the evening wind, reclaim the habit of walking on your own.

Article |"Miss Sports" movement is not a fish line, but gives the body the time it deserves


Exercise is a self-rescue, one of the best things you can do for yourself

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When do you particularly want to exercise?

I asked my friend, she tilted her head and thought, "probably when you want to give up, the world is sometimes very complicated, but running is very simple, as long as you continue to move forward, the pain will pass." "Exercise has its rhythm, so that you know how to accompany yourself in due course, through the deep darkness that no one can understand."

You are no longer strong, usually used to desperately, a person running at night, you cry like a newborn child, you no longer resist, do the foot of yoga action, you know that pain and growth are symbiotic.

You are no longer confused, from the breath of spitting, the cycle of holding up a world, you put yourself in it, you know, you can protect yourself, you can redeem yourself.

The article |"Miss Sports" movement is not only to practice muscle strength, but also to practice the effort


Until you learn to accept yourself soft, the body can take you further to the other side.

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"The heart is like the wind, the body is like sand, if you want to know how the wind blows, please observe the formation of sand." "When practicing yoga, I have heard the teacher say such a very gentle remark.

What you're thinking about, what's going on with you, what kind of state you're in, or good or bad, your body will tell you, maybe sweating, maybe pain, maybe chills, maybe it's relieved.

Yoga always takes time, two or three years a year, each of your movements carry the weight of the years, your stiffness is the accumulation of time, your soreness to have their own, you can only be used to boil, there is no way to find Fast.

In front of yoga, there's nothing you can do about being tough. Until you learn to accept yourself in a soft way, the body can take you further to the other side.

The article |"Miss Sports" accepts the present self in order to reach further side


Life is like a load, real training starts when you want to shout and stop

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Fitness about a year, often also wonder, why suddenly like the heavy training, seriously think, perhaps life, rarely like the re-training of such intuitive things-you pay, will return to you, absolutely fair.

The essence of heavy training is to face difficulties, advanced challenges, and accept pain. For example, the new weight, the new combination, the new speed, your pain to shortness of breath, twisted complexion, red face, the body began to gasp, your survival instinct tells you to run away.

You want to say pause, you tell yourself so tired to do, but also think, this weight, the next time will encounter, can not hide, good despair ah.

Heavy training is the pain of reciprocating, not even endless, the growth curve is not the end, probably a special M movement bar. But at the same time I feel that the beauty of it is in the pain, the pain of repetition.

In the gym, everyone has the law of playing with pain, and you should have yours. Life is also like a load, real training, starting when you want to shout stop.

The wonderful thing about the | "Miss Sports" heavy training is the experience and pain


Habit is not based on willpower, but on the continuation of happiness. The real habit is to develop, called addiction.

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Start serious running is also these months of things, night running for more, stars sinking, the wind gradually cool, the huge campus playground unexpectedly quiet, heard a tread of footsteps, clockwise clock, reverse clock, run slowly, flow a little sweat, feel as if the day seems to have come again.

I remember every time the exercise, like to open the two veins of the superintendent, contented, feel very pure clean happiness.

Exercise clearly know that happiness is actually such a simple thing, do not have to seek far, do not spend money, their own body.

Habit is not based on willpower, but on the continuation of happiness. The real habit of cultivation, called addiction, pleasure is a scammed of their own positive trap, bring pleasure, that is, can be addictive, all the people who enjoy sports, know this thing.

Article |"Miss Sports" the real habit of developing, called Addiction