11/20 is the international transgender anniversary, which is expected to arouse public attention to transgender persons today. We have to know: everyone has the right to decide who to be. Transgender, not mental illness.

International cross-gender Remembrance Day

Originally in memory of the transgender person Rita Hester, who was murdered in 1998, the International Day of November 20 was a cross-gender anniversary in order to keep the cross-gender community under constant violence.

What is transgender (transgender)?

According to Wikipedia, transgender people's gender identity or gender expression is different from the gender they are assigned to. Some transgender people will choose to implement sex reassignment surgery to achieve gender identity and physical appearance is more consistent with the appearance. In addition to transgender men, transgender women, transgender may include gender queer/non-conventional sex, pan-sex, fluid sex or gender-free. Some definitions classify the X gender as transgender.

Transgender people may identify themselves as heterosexual, gay, bisexual, asexual, or refuse to have a label for their sexual orientation.

Transgender is not a disease, nor is it an interest or choice that the person concerned can change or give up. Handbook on the diagnosis and Statistics of mental illness (the Diagnostic and statistical Manual of Mental Disorders,ds, published by the American Psychiatric Association) M) is the most important diagnostic manual for mental illness in the world and has removed gender identity barriers from the manual.

A friendlier environment for transgender persons:

The death of a human rights movement in the Hande: it is not transgender identity that kills Kader, but hatred

The Grand Cross-sex dormitory of the observatory: I'm a girl, but I'm forced to live in a boys ' dorm .

The open letter of the transgender person resisting rape: I was sexually assaulted, not I deserved it.