11/20 is a cross-gender anniversary, which seems to be common to the public, such as staying in a house or homestay, identity checks at voting, going to the toilet and using a dressing room, but these are obstacles for transgender persons.

Do you know what day it is today?

"I just want a normal life, how long do I have to wait?" "In July this year, the wind media reported that the transgender female Sheng Wen, applied to the school to stay in the female dormitory, although the university accepted to communicate with her, but the university did not take care of Ji Xiaowen, still want" she "to live in the" Boys dormitory. "

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"I'm a girl, I want to stay in the ladies" Xiao Wen said so. Physiological sex is male, gender identity is female Xiao Wen, after the doctor's evaluation, began to receive hormone treatment, female sexual characteristics gradually developed. Living in the house, she often feel the strange eyes around her, until late at night to dare to return to the dormitory, the next morning and before we wake up before everyone left the dormitory, long-term liver index abnormal. As a result, she decided to apply to the school for admission to the hotel, prepared a medical certificate for the hospital, and the doctor suggested that the accommodation should be arranged according to Xiao Wen's own gender identity. Xiao Wen has repeatedly communicated with the university, but the school said that Xiao Wen is only "dressed as a woman", and even said that she is "deviant behavior", and even by the instructor questioned "whether it is a man or a female?" "and said to her in his own faith:" I am a Christian, I only believe in the truth, God made man only to build men and women, there is no third category, "which is not only disrespectful to transgender people, but also causes damage to her physical and mental health.

Today is the transgender Day of Remembrance, also known as the anniversary of transgender victims, international transgender anniversaries. On this day, in addition to understanding transgender, we also take you to understand the situation of transgender people in society, and think about what we can do. (Scene of the same field: Gender dictionary | International Transgender Memorial Day)

The transgender Day of Remembrance was established in 1999 to pay tribute to the victims of murders against cross-gender hatred, as well as to raise public awareness and awareness of the violence against transgender groups. It was also launched in memory of Rita Hester, who was murdered on November 28, 1998. Until now, there were still many transgender persons in the world who had been subjected to violence and even death as a result of gender identity. Not only is Rita Hester, most anti-transgender murders still without truth, and incidents of hate injuries are rarely taken seriously and detected, and there may be more cases that have not been seen by society. (Scene: The death of a human rights movement: it is not transgender identity that kills Hande Kader, but hatred )

Umbrella, chairman of Red umbrella, a transgender sex worker rights group, Kemalördek, who is also a transgender sex worker, says few transgender persons can end up naturally. According to the Red umbrella, in 2008-2016 years, at least 40 transgender persons had been killed, and 267 other human rights violations against transgender persons, 7 of which had led to murder.

In Taiwan, although the transgender person is rarely heard of hate murder, but for transgender, discrimination, oppression and so on, still exist around you and me. such as the above mentioned Xiao Wen was forced to stay in the house, voting when facing gender checks, the use of toilets and dressing rooms were called to the police. When subjected to these injustices, violence, sexual harassment, sexual assault, suicide and other conditions, not only the lack of resources for help, the relevant units are not enough attention, so that these difficulties continue to occur and have not improved.

Comrades don't need a friendly toilet that's transgender and doesn't need to be segregated.

Transgender persons also have three difficulties: the replacement of sexual organs, can not be insured, afraid to go to public toilets. According to the Ministry of the Interior, if you want to change the certificate of gender change, both men and women need to produce a sexual organ surgery to complete the diagnosis. The gender group has promoted and advocated for many years, hoping to repeal the executive order, arguing that it is not humane to change the certificate after surgery. Wu Yiting, chairman of the Taiwan Gender Unknown Care Association, also said she had asked 5 insurers, but all of them refused, and once they mentioned that they were transgender, they refused to protect them because the risk could not be assessed.

In Taiwan, a transgender woman has long been afraid to use public toilets outside, leading to uremia and death. "It's really hard to have a good toilet!" "Among the transgender issues, the most obvious is the" gender-friendly toilets ". Transgender persons, because of their gender identity, often encounter many difficulties in going to the toilet, according to their own gender identity to the toilet, will be charged with sexual harassment, according to the biological sex of the toilet, but also face a different vision, or face the risk of "body inspection", sexual assault.

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Gender-friendly toilets, also known as asexual, neutral toilets, do not distinguish between men and women toilets, so that people with multiple gender identity can also feel at ease in the toilet. But there has always been a debate about whether to try to "go to the toilet" or "set up a neutral toilet". Using "self-identification" toilets, transgender people can gain a sense of belonging that is as safe as the average person, but conservatives advocate opposition to sharing, fearing that people will be exposed to the risk of voyeurism or sexual violence. But even if the "extra, independent settings" of gender-friendly toilets, in general, the majority of men and women toilet, transgender people hurry, or need to "specifically" find gender-friendly toilets, such a setting, like the apartheid era of "black toilet." Transgender female Wu Xinn has's pitch pointed out that independent neutral toilets appear to be equal, but not true equality, will "stigmatize" users, users are not safe, but also undermine the transgender interaction and trust between people.

Do you think it's familiar to see this place? It is tempting to recall that marriage affirmative action, which will be referendum at the end of the year, advocates a "separate law" to protect gay marriage. However, whether transgender people go to the toilet, or gay marriage rights, human rights can not be treated in isolation, no matter which ethnic group, are the same as us, are human beings, and live in the same land. Imagine what you would feel like when these things happened to you? (Scene: What is the counter-referendum? Is it not good to have another special law? Lazy bag once told you )

Cross-gender situation education is more important

Although the awareness of gender human rights has gradually moved forward, today's society is becoming more friendly to the gay community, but the understanding and respect for transgender persons is still insufficient. Therefore, there is room for improvement in our understanding of multiple genders, when education is very important. Through gender equality education, children are made aware of the diversity of gender, have a understanding, and are more respectful and tolerant of each other.

The current state of gender education from small to high school covers the prevention and control of sexual abuse, respect for the multi-gender temperament, such as feminine boys, as well as respect for multiple genders, such as comrades, transgender, LGBTQ and so on. In this year's public surrender, the 15th case proposed that the gender equality law should be protected by statute: "Do you agree that the" Gender Equality Education Act "stipulates that gender equality education should be implemented at all stages of national education and that the content should cover such courses as emotional education, sex education and gay education? "It is hoped that with this referendum, the norms of the Gender equality Education Law will be established to help young people shape themselves, to build awareness and respect for others, so that education can implement the campus and make education do not have a personal position to change the content of education."

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Here, also want to recommend everyone this song Wrabel "the village"

A few simple scenes in the MV, "Home and school," are also a daily sight for each of us in seemingly ordinary scenes, but when the protagonist is a transgender boy, how does everything become different?

With 5 days to go until November 24, the day of voting and referendum, to convey our true voice and act on the look of the future looking forward to going home to the referendum! Hopefully, in the future, everyone will be able to share the music MV above, the boy wrote the Rainbow Bird, with the most dazzling and confident, fearless appearance of the self, flying in the sky.