In the 2018, the BBC's Hundred women, awarded to those who fought in their daily lives, accepted themselves and the unjust system of hitting the world with the softest and most indomitable gesture. Everyday heroes, do not have to save the world, you just have to save yourself, you can become an influence.

November 19, the BBC released the "201,800 Women 2018" list, this year selected women from 15 to 94 years old, from more than 60 countries, from the international business elite to war girls, each glittering in their own position.

BBC hundred women, awarded to those who fight in their daily lives, are the most likely to make the world see better: Iranian drivers who travel around the world alone, 45% burn models, people with albinism standing in the sun, college students who resist verbal sexual harassment, and wheelchair girls who flee 5600 of kilometres.

These five women bravely broke through the predicament, with the most gentle and indomitable posture to accept their own, impact on the world's unjust system. Everyday heroes, do not have to save the world, you just have to save yourself, you can become an influence.

Maral yazarloo-pattrick--woman can be a driver, too.

Maral Yazarloo-pattrick is an Iranian fashion designer and a motorcyclist. She had traveled the world on motorbikes, challenging restrictions on Iranian women not being allowed to ride motorcycles in public.

Photo |@maralyazarloo

Maral recalled his exposure to motorcycles, which he moved to India from Iran 15 years ago in order to study for an MBA, when his classmates did not want her to take a motorcycle, so they decided to own a motorcycle, and she became the first female driver in India to own Harley. After that Maral gradually became interested in motorcycles and now has a different car: Ducati Diavel, Harley Nightrod Special, BMW F650GS.

Maral began her motorbike tour in 2017, from Southeast Asia, Australia, the Americas, Antarctica all the way to Europe, and back to India in August, "I admit I broke many social stereotypes and proved that nothing is impossible." And humans/women are beyond imagination full of power! 」

Humans/women are beyond imagination and full of power!

Maral Yazarloo-pattrick

Maral's motorbike travel breaks through the social norms and barriers that Iran has set for women, and can reach the world if you want.


Svetlana alekseeva--My scar is a weapon.

' I've always wanted to be a model, but some people say there's no way to stand on the stretch table because of the scars on my body. I thought later, if I could be a graphic model, why would I need to stand on the stretch table? 」

Svetlana Alekseeva is a Russian model with 45% burns to his body. It was hours before her mother found her daughter, who had suffered severe burns and fallen to the ground, because he was on fire in her upper body because of playing with a lighter. (Recommended reading: Her burn confession: 70% Three degree burns, 100% finishes life marathon Courage )

Svetlana so lying in the care of several months, and mother since the daughter sent to the hospital, has not come to visit her. After being discharged from hospital, Svetlana's mother made more fun of her scars and even tried to drown and cut her with a knife while helping her daughter wash her hair. The court later awarded Svetlana to the orphanage without putting an end to her suffering--svetlana after which she was sexually assaulted. The series of blows left a great deal of trauma in her mind.

But Svetlana's model dream did not disappear, she met the current partner Andrey on the Internet, opened the road of planar models.

Yes, I don't meet the criteria, but that doesn't mean I can't be a model.

Svetlana Alekseeva

"On the contrary, when people talk about a model that can accept all parts of the body, it (burns) can attract attention," he said. 」

Picture |@o2her

From the fire, domestic violence through, Svetlana strong will has not been destroyed, these tribulations seem to be for the achievement of the moment of their own, and those fire kissed the skin, under the camera, such as flowers proud to hold. "Embrace everything in your body and you can become incredibly tough." "svetlana Alekseeva proved the matter with his actions.

Thando hopa--I don't want to hide my difference anymore.

"You're white, aren't you? 」

"No, I'm black." 」

"Oh, then you should be adopted." 」

"I didn't get adopted." ' I took off my hat and let him touch my hair before he knew I was really black.

Such conversations often take place in a black man with albinism. Thando Hopa, from South Africa, is a model and a lawyer and social movement. Because of her albinism, she had to avoid the sun from a young age to avoid burns to her skin, but in order to make herself look the same as the public, she chose not to wipe the sun, not to wear a hat, or even to conceal her poor eyesight due to albinism. And Thando's parents gave her a lot of space to encourage her to talk about illness and accept her uniqueness, which allowed Thando to learn to live with albinism in the future and be proud of herself.

Thando as a model, actively through photography, advertising to encourage other albinos out of the "shadow", do not need cosmetics to hide their skin color, because you are unique, create your beauty, do not need to hide in the home every day, wipe sunscreen out of the outdoors, you can also enjoy life. (Recommended reading: Albino photo collection: I am the child of the moon )

"My parents used to say to me," You're the most beautiful child I've ever seen! "... when I grow up, I come to realize that" beauty "should not be what I hear from other people's mouths, it should be up to me, I can decide my beauty. 」

"On the first shoot, I began to move towards" acceptance "and" enough ", more aware that my boundaries were constantly extending to the extension. I do these things (taking pictures) not for myself, but for the girls who have always felt that they are "not enough." The truth is that we are all enough, as long as we believe, the world will believe! 」

"Beautiful" should not be I heard from other people's mouth, it should be up to me, I can decide my beauty.

Thando Hopa

Picture | Source

Marie laguerre--It's time to tell everyone that women should be respected

In July this year, a film by a man beating women on the streets of Paris drew public criticism. It was Marie Laguerre, who was wearing a red dress in the film, who bravely stopped a man who verbally harassed her and asked him to shut up, fought the man ran out of control and punched Marie and slapped him hard.

The whole incident led the community to pay attention to the incident of sexual harassment on the streets, the court then placed the man in prison for six months, and France also stated that legislation would be passed this fall to punish sexual harassment on the streets.

"There have been incidents of violence against women around the world, and it's time to take to the streets and tell everyone it's not normal!" "marie said in an afterthought interview.

It's time to take to the streets and tell everyone it's not normal!

Marie Laguerre

Many people will think that verbal harassment is not a big deal, it is not worth saying in particular, some people will even feel patience is good, which is why women clearly feel uncomfortable but choose to be silent. If society chooses to tolerate it, people will see it as a constant and, more often, as a compliment to women, and should be happy to accept it. But the truth is that women have the right to say uncomfortable and get the respect they deserve!

Marie's move has inspired more women to speak out and fight for the rights they should have!

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Nujeen mustafa--All suffering is an adventure.

Across the border between Turkey and Syria, a group of refugees squeezed into a small smuggler's boat, spent up to 14 hours sailing to Peiraievs, Greece, before taking a bus through the Serbian border with Hungary ⋯⋯BBC reporters to shoot, caught a 10-year-old girl in a wheelchair in a refugee group, and when she saw the camera, Showing an incredibly bright smile, this picture shook the world.

She was Nujeen Mustafa, who had been in a wheelchair all her life because of cerebral palsy, and had launched a 5600-kilometer flight with her family when war broke out in her hometown. In such a difficult situation, fear that every time you close your eyes is to farewell to the world, afraid of the pace of the moment, are walking towards death, dust has buried the hope of every fugitive, but when Nujeen Mustafa face the camera, she always with a smile, from the heart of joy.

"Everything I've been through will be over, and I think all the things I've met are big adventures!" 」

Nujeen Mustafa recalled the past crammed into a boat full of 30 people, with the children crying around him, only to keep smiling, "You should fight for what you want, so yes, it's a journey to start my new life!" 」

You should fight for what you want.

Nujeen Mustafa

Refusing to see himself as a victim, nujeen Mustafa gazed into the future with pure and firm eyes.

Five of everyday heroes, who refuse to be the victims of the eyes of others, get up and fight, embrace the uniqueness of being women, and erect their beliefs to flip the world. Take a closer look at their stories and you will find that influence can be defined in this way.