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There is always a kind of person in the team, do not have to talk, stand there, can settle people's panic. I want to be obsessed with women, and that person is Tanya. In the jubilant office, she had a serene and steady charm. The meeting opened its mouth, whisper, but with a firm and indomitable faith.

She is also mobile, flowing in the various Lab, where need assistance, she is transformed into a different form, in different forms, supporting all partners.

On the day of the interview, Tanya sat in position on time, but the business was still not finished: "Give me another minute." ' She said, her voice was still gentle, and her hands were typing fast. I answered well, buried in the keyboard, but from time to time to peek at her a few eyes.

Then the brain thought, if the last interview in the marketing PR Julie is fire, then Tanya should be water bar.

When you meet a challenge, all you can do is face it.

Tanya's business card title is cool, writing is not a COO, CFO, Cto⋯⋯, but Transformer (deformed), like Transformers, this is where she is obsessed with women.

I think this title can well be reflected in what Tanya has done. During the start-up period of women's fans, Tanya worked as editor-in-chief, Community editor, marketing, COO, business leader, CNO. In addition to internal operations, there is also a need to expose women to logos outside the network, such as idol dramas working with women's channels. Even in the women's erotic website Blush Red just set up a good year, writing, different industry cooperation, Tanya have been responsible. She smiled and said that when FB caught 18 ban is not too strict, blush red can also run a fan regiment.

Today's Tanya, in addition to being the Leader of Service lab, is still leisurely swimming in various Lab, fields, from solo to teamwork, by digitally examining the results of every action of women's fans, and setting goals and strategies.

At first, Tanya also thought he was in multiple positions, but gradually, there was a shift in her mindset. For example, as the leader of service lab, she actually struggled a few times with a non-procedural background, but she began to think: to be the leader of service lab, what else could she do without the skills of an engineer?

She took herself out and looked at her position: "I'm not just the editor-in-chief, I'm not just a marketing planner, I'm not just a service Leader, I'm co-founder, and as a co-founder, it's inevitable and appropriate to change between the various roles." "I stared at the Tanya of the words, the eyes, fearless."

She likened the company to a house, if the house to be stable, the beam must be stable, and Tanya as a co-founder, must understand the status of each beam and column. When she found that some beams and columns were moth-eaten, not all the effort to take care of the pillars, but with a big picture, the overall housing situation to think: Assuming that the goal is to cover the 100 floor of the house, now 50 layers began to shake, she should draw up what strategy, to each pillar to help cover the 100 floor?

Not everything is chosen to do it yourself, but to help the team grow together and integrate the talent and resources needed by women's fans. (Extended reading: enthusiasm makes you go fast, sense of responsibility let you find a group of people to accompany you far away)

I heard Tanya laugh about the seven years of doing things, thinking changes, but the heart is amazed unceasingly. I asked, have you ever been afraid in this cross-cutting process? Then I began to think about how she always being unflappable in every group meeting. I didn't expect her to say that she would be terrified no matter where she picked up her new position and carried out new things. But the reason why I look stoic is related to personality and attitude.

"Anyway, there is a challenge, is to face, escape will not be resolved, crying will not be resolved." "She thought for a moment," I may still feel very exploding sometimes, and then I will moderately find a way to make myself express. " "Or will the elves come down in the sky to help? Tanya quipped.

When team mates are strong enough, we can go far away together.

I thought Tanya could be as fish in every field, but suddenly she said, "communication is my shortcoming." 」

I looked at her Leng Leng, except to be surprised that she was so honest with herself, and because I could not see that it was her shortcoming, like last year Gwis, this year's media tech press conference, Tanya had a calm performance. But she had an easy tone and talked about the challenges she faced when she was "communicating."

For her, the creation of the system is a context, logic to follow, but in communication with people, as a child because of hard work, but fell, so that she began to deal with interpersonal relationships fear. And because of that, she didn't even go to places where there were many people before, and as long as she could buy things online, she wouldn't go to the physical store.

And the fear of communication, let her gradually develop the "one person work" habit. Before the creation of a woman fan, she had failed leadership experience, at that time for the team members did not complete the task, because feel the communication trouble, without saying carried over to do, rather than understand why the team members can not do.

Hold the idea of "do the fastest yourself", not only let oneself work overtime every day, the team members can not play the ability and contribution, this kind of practice will only lose both. Until the creation of a woman fan, began to do business, pick up the Leader, Tanya only try to clarify the reasons for rejection communication: escape, because not good at. In the face of things that are not good, it takes a lot of time and effort, and she doesn't want to spend time on things she's not good at, so she chooses to deny her ability to communicate.

Later, in working with the women's fan team, she gradually realized the importance of communication, if not to face their own short board, the company will always be able to stay in a certain range. So she spends a lot of time groping, taking communication lessons, and learning with different partners. Communication failure doesn't matter, then try again, and the most important thing is to learn the experience of each failure and find the way you can get along with the short version.

"I've been learning to let go for seven years. "tanya tone suddenly put very light, eyes over me, put a good distance, like looking at the future of women fans:" Our ideal is very big, dream is big, back back, there are definitely a lot of things to be carried out, when things more, you do not division of labor, must be finished. " 」

Women fans have always believed that "a person walks fast, a group of people go far", and this is teamwork, but also Tanya in women fan the greatest study. She practiced hard, let herself go, and made everyone on the team fit for it. (Extended reading: Workplace Adult Learning: The job of having a great share of the work "good partner", is a valuable lucky )

"I want every team partner to be strong enough, and when everyone is strong, we can do great things," he asked. "tanya said softly.

Tanya is a willing to face the challenge of people, the opportunity to come, catch on, always try their best, and the team to run far away. The road always has ups and downs, but it doesn't matter, pat off the dust and stand up again, she can still be gentle and firm to the front.

In the process of starting a business, it is a romantic thing to meet a group of companions who adhere to the ideal.